3 Dec 2016

Asim Jofa Winter Luxury Shawl Collection Catalog 2016-2017

 Warp yourself this winter with the warmth of Asim Jofa's Luxury Shawl Collection 2016/17 Catalog.
Featuring the magic of stunning digital prints with high exquisite and intricate detailed embroideries on viscose and twill fabrics.  This winter shawl collection makes your cold winter nights a reason to meet and greet with friends and family to flaunt your striking style. The perfect balance of east and west along with creativeness have made the dresses simply awesome and outclass. You can achieve the perfect look for your winter soirees with AJW luxury shawls. The rich embroidered dyed shirts front, sumptuously adorned embroidered shawls and cambric dyed pants with hints of printed  border makes for a look that is utterly divine.

Asim Jofa Winter Collection 2016/17 Luxury Shawl Dresses 

If we talk about the exactness of the catalogue of Asim Jofa Winter Shawl Collection 2016, then  you will be overwhelmed with each and every detailed designs which are carved sharply and  finely upon the sheer and royal fabric of twill viscose, digital viscose, cambric and organza, molded in the form of  short shirts with fancy trousers. The outfitter has aesthetically and tactfully chosen  the right ornaments such as pearls, motifs, golden threads and sequins to complement the brightness and decency of the elegant colors of blue, orange, red, pink, aqua a slight  difference from the recurring scarlet shades. Asim Jofa Luxury Shawl 2016/17 Catalog will surely  suffice your wish of getting wrapped into such a trousseau which could literally make you the lady  of the occasion.
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