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Alkaram Winter Collection 2016/2017 Vol-1 Rangon ki Dunya Catalog

Alkaram's "Rangon ki Dunya" Winter Collection 2016-17 Vol.1 inspired by the rich heritage of different cultures across the globe,
this winter collection showcases patterns, weaves and designs from a mélange of influences, spanning the bazaars of Marrakech, Mughal music halls, Oriental spice markets and leaf-lined parkways of the Northern hemisphere. Alkaram’s flamboyant collection encompasses modern, ethnic and floral motifs, making it a global muse. This winter season alkaram studio come along on a journey of magnificence and a celebration of global sophistication.

Al karam Fall/Winter Catalog 2016-2017 Volume-1 with Prices 

Alkaram winter dress catalog carries linen, twill viscose, silk velvet, cotton karandi, Pashmina woolen shawl, khaddar, cottel, and many others thick and warmth fabrics, But the main 6 (six) categories of  Alkaram latest fall/winter magazine are...
  • 3 Piece Resham Linen Collection
  • 3 Piece Silk Velvet Dupatta Collection / Twill Viscose
  • 3 Piece Pashmina Woolen Shawl Collection / Cotton Karandi
  • 3 Piece Resham Twill Linen Collection / Twill Viscose
  • 3 Piece Cottel Linen Collection
  • 3 Piece Cotton Karandi Collection
  • 2 Piece Collection

 Al-karam Winter 2 Piece Collection 2016-2017 Vol-1

The vibrancy of bright orange maple leaves, red-bricked walls and the beginning of winter provides the inspiration for this collection. It's a cultural fusion of the west and Pakistan, with ethnic patterns and sophisticated floral designs. This collection includes 2 piece suits in resham linen digital, cottel linen embroidery, cotton karandi embroidery and cotton karandi digital fabrics.

Alkaram 3 Piece Pashmina Woolen Shawl 2016 for F/W

 Synonymous with quality, Pashmina Woolen Shawls are the last word in opulence and luxury, with a timeless appeal that transcends modern preferences. A signature of alkaram's Premium Collection, the 3 Piece suits feature Pashmina Shawls with central Asian and oriental patterns, influenced by traditional motifs.

 Al karam Winter/Fall 3 Piece Cotton Karandi Collection Vol.1 2016-17 

A unique aspect of eastern culture is a mix of simultaneous diversity and harmony. This is reflected in the vibrant, contrasting colours of this collection, while the lattice borders pay homage to the ubiquitous screen panels of the region. Karandi, originating in the Subcontinent, is the fabric of choice here. The collection comprises 3 Piece Cotton Karandi suits, featuring dazzling prisms and geometric, combined with exotic embroidery and Chinese lattice borders.

 AlKaram Studio Winter Resham Linen Collection 2016 Volume-1

 An infusion of elegant, arabesque patterns with geometric designs, these prints draw from the architecture of the region and the visual tapestries of the life in bazaars. With the mixture of printed and embroidered 3 piece suits in flawless Resham Linen, this collection features a mix of intertwining floral and damask patterns. 

Alkaram 3 Piece Resham Twill Linen Collection for Fall/Winter 2016-17 

Reminiscent of a late afternoon stroll, catching the last sunrays, this collection harks back to a world of glamour and luxury. Featuring 3 piece Resham Twill Linen suits blended with intricate floral embroidery and detailed borders, this collection is as indulgent as they come. 

 Alkaram Vol-1 Winter 3 Piece Silk Velvet  Collection / Catalog

Drawing inspiration from the very first step inside a perfumery, filled with the evocative scents of flowers and essential oils, this collection features an assortment of designs, combined to create stunning patterns. The three piece suits in this premium collection feature Silk Velvet dupattas with a fascinating blend of hues and designs to capture the attention.
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