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Gul Ahmed Chantilly de Chiffon 2015 Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 2

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2015 Volume-2: Summer season is about to come and we have just said the farewell to the winters. As the summer season has shown up, women are desperately waiting to visit the lawn outlets of different brands. Being women, we all know that summer is the season in which light and bright colors are more preferred than dark and dull ones. This is so because light and bright colors are the feastful sight to our very eyes, especially in the scorching heat of summer, as they sooth our eyes and do
not absorb heat. (Check Gul Ahmed Summer Collection 2015 Vol 2 below.) Taking the factor into consideration, the brands that are manufacturing lawn are now coming out with the series of radiant and pleasant light toned colors in lawn. These days, the colors like turquoise, aqua green, violet, light pink, grayish tone and above most the family of white is commonly “in’ in all the lawn collections, not only lawn but also the chiffon is the center of every lady’s attention. Thanks to the designer brand the lawn has become the royal stuff for clothing. Past one decade, lawn was considered to be such a stuff that was only for the middle class, but now the ladies from elite class are dying for filling their wardrobes with lawn. The credit goes to the brands like Nishat, HSY, Taana baana, Kaiseriya but above them all, yes how can forget Gul Ahemed, the pioneer of lawn fashion in Pakistan.She-Styles feels proud to revel the Complete Catalog Of Gul Ahmed  Chantilly de Chiffon 2015 Vol-2.

Gul Ahmed Summer Catalog 2015 Vol-2

Gul Ahmed  Chantilly de Chiffon 2015 Vol-2

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2015 Vol-2

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