March 2017
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Baroque Spring Summer Collection 2017:
This summer if you want to enjoy carrying such designs and colors which would give you a stylish look with sophistication, then you should choose Baroque Premium Lawn to get your desires fulfilled. Serving the nation since long, Baroque is one of the brand which has introduced lawn as a stuff for clothing and also impart some new trends and designs in the lawn fashion. Apart from this, Baroque has also been the sponsoring brand for so many programs.As always rendering the best to its customers, Baroque Fashion is continuing its quality work and has recently launched its newest and exclusive series of articles, Baroque Lawn Collection 2017.

This 3 piece wardrobe collection contains long embroidered lawn shirt with chiffon sleeves along with embroidered trousers and chiffon dupatta. The note-worthy features of this catalog is that the colors are neither too bright nor too dull so that they are balancing each others effects. The hues are dull but the floral

Orient Textile Summer Lawn 2017: Orient Textile Mills is always on the cutting-edge of style and Innovation, offering its loyal clientele of fashion-savvy women a
Plethora of options to enhance their wardrobes with beautiful and Versatile “looks”. Orient textile mills endeavor to take lawn away from the mundane, And into the realm of high fashion. With this edition we embark on. A new look for our lawn catalogue, transforming it into a veritable
fashion periodical. Elegant ideas from the myriad of designs offered To you will hopefully become your “go-to” style bible.
The quality of our fabric is unparalleled. We make immense efforts With our yarn and weaves, working only with the highest quality of Egyptian and pima cotton and jacquard for ultimate elegance, Comfort and ease.
This Orient Spring Summer Lawn 2017 season, Orient also ups the ante with More ‘fresh’ style revolutions. Being cognizant, we are sensitive to the needs and comfort of our customer and have hence cultivated a state-of-the-art technology that makes her ‘feel’ and ‘look’ both Comfortable and confident. Finally, but definitely not less importantly, we are extremely proud to have the lovely Mawra Hocane featured in the Orient Spring/Summer Collection 2017 Catalogue, who is easily relatable with her pretty girl-next-door looks

Sana Safinaz Spring Summer Collection 2017: Sana Safinaz has hit the highways to sky with its upcoming and all time favorite lawn statement, Sana Safinaz Lawn 2017 for this summer spice. Excess and access are two distinct terms used for different scenarios, but indeed they are directly reciprocating their meaning for each other. This is so because as when we have access to something for so long and so much, hence we start to have that thing in an implicitly excessive amount. Nonetheless this very access and excess game makes us fed up from boredom. Just take one instance in our daily wardrobe, if you are well-off enough, thus you can afford to have as many dresses as you can, means access, and having your wardrobe full of apparels, comes excessive will lead you soon towards ennui, despite having fondness for clothes, finally the circle is complete; boredom. But here is one solution, classify your trousseaus with different cuts and stitching, do not go for repeating the same texture, print, color or design, otherwise you will get perplexed or perpetual perhaps both at a time after having identically droning lines. Other than this you can find such these versatile draperies only in the catalogue of Sana Safinaz Embroidered Lawn 2017 Vol-1, substantially this year’s most adored collection.

Sana Safinaz Summer 2017 Lawn Catalog

Perforated with the hands of aesthetically sensed artisans, each article in Sana Safinaz lawn collection is a masterpiece in its own kind. Bold plus fine floral and absurd chisels are blended nicely with imaginative tints

Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry is the new name in fashion industry; But she is the designer who made an huge impact on audience only after launching her dedut collection.Last year Kiran Chaudhry joined the fashion industry with her chiffon collection and got tremendous response. Even the second volume of Anaya chiffon was another hit by Kiran; and now after setting a trend of introducing trendy yet sophisticated formals Kiran Chaudhry is back in business with her Lawn collection. This is a very different collection of Kiran Chaudhry, in which she has shown her feminine side very beautifully. Anaya Lawn 2017 catalogue features only 10 articles and every article has its own designing theory. Detailed Embroidered Lawn shirt are paired with digital printed silk and chiffon dupattas. Moreover she combined thread embroidery with light digital prints to highlight the work. Mostly light and appealing shades are dominating the collection but the addition of prominent digital printed dupattas is adding colours to the dresses. From mint green to yellow, golden to sky blue, a wide range of perfect summery hues the part of the collection. 

Anaya By Kiran Chaudhry Spring Summer Collection 2017

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