June 2016
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 Here we are with another captivating collections of the festive season that will add some more decent variety in the festive collections. This is another eye catching collection of Faraz Manan;s Signature Lawn 2016 that comes to show with a blend of banarsi and elaborately woven jacquard for the festive summer season. Faraz Manan presents a variety of fabrics; soft fine silk and a definite crisp finish of lawn along with silver brocade and opulent embroidery. Faraz Manan's modern fashion has echoed the styling and designing of the bygone eras, The period of royalty; just like the royals chose to go for nothing less than quality and extravagance. Faraz Manan Festive/Eid Collection 2016 takes you to a journey beyond borders among beautiful architecture and baronial bungalows. Lavish hues that symbolize a spring garden woven into intricate patterns and light

Maria.B Festive/Eid Lawn 2016: This Eid it is assured that you will have a brilliant variety of clothes to enjoy wearing, as the designers are all set to make you go confused of what to have in your closet what not to have with the mouth watering and divergent attitude within the one and only lawn Jamawar. This summery Eid you will have an indecisive vintage as well as contemporary range of sartorial expressions. From crepe to shrugs, from churi-dar pyjama to cigarette pants, from nearly toe length kameez to above knee length shirts, from caot style open shirts to coati chic traditional shirts, from palazzos to straight trousers, from anarkali frocks to angrakha designed flawy shirts with multiple panels, under a variation of assimilated embellishments. Thus you may have a cocktail of style, elegance and multiplicity this in all the dressing respect you find must have this Eid-ul-fitr. But rest is assured that Maria B has come up with such voguish apparels in her limited Eid collection 2016; Luxury festive Lawn collection 2016 will get hand in hand this Eid for its breathtaking display

BUY Maria B Eid Lawn 2016

Lilac, violet with the contrast of indigo, shimmery off-white, aqua blue and all primary pastel shades are when

Are you got done with your Eid shopping? Yes! But I must advise you to reconsider as Mina Hassan has again made a hit with the twosome collaboration with Shariq Textiles, presenting Mina Hassan Eid Lawn 2016 by Shariq Textile. Recently getting spotted with her luxury limited edition of chiffon niche, the artisan is once again going to surprise her wearers with this festive season’s 2nd launched alcove of embroidered fantasy encapsulated in the lawn organza with the intricate delicacy of requisite charm. There are been fewer clothing labels or fashion designers which have got a number of decades to get acknowledged and recognition among the market and after a long time they finally got amicable success to earn fame amongst the people. Nevertheless, Shariq Textile is such a second to none fashion brand which has been unbeatable since the first year it started in the first place. Appreciation takes a long to be attached with a name in the age of competition but but in the case of Shariq Textiles. Dealing in its own franchises of Feminine, Mahae and Rabae, Shariq Textile is also working for the designer of the fashion world summit, as Nomi Ansari, Ayesha Chattor and Mina Hassan. As for this Eid it has decided to role the dice with Mina Hassan’s outstanding capsule of luxurious outfits seems like the jewels of feminine aura; Shariq Textiles’ 3 piece fancy Lawn Eid series 2016.

Mina Hasan Festive/Eid Collection 2016 Buy Now

Stunning shades, pastel etches, sheer lawn, chiffon and jacquard fabric, according-to-today’s trends vibrant silhouettes of cigarette pants, embellished sleeved and sleeveless shirts with dominantly heavy dupattas are

 Charizma Embroidered Eid Lawn Collection 2016 is a supple range of ensembles that will add more fun and happiness to the upcoming season of festivities. This eid capsule collection has been meticulously created to give you a refreshing break from the mundane fashion so that you can re-write your own vogue stories in style. Charizma Eid Lawn Collection 2016 includes Sophisticated, ladylike ensembles with style and glamour injection that will transform your looks within seconds. The balanced concoction of old and newest patterns such  as geometric patterns and floral looks tame in this elegant charizma eid lawn 2016 range. 

Charizma Exquisite Embroidered Lawn 2016 for Eid Ul Fitr

This festive Eid season it is time to look and feel your best so that you can glamorize your wardrobe with clothes that are perfect trendy, chic and fashionable. Now no more do you have to compromise on style while playing hostess or attending parties in this hot weather. Enjoy the celebrations in style. 
 I am the owner of she-styles and here are we giving you a good news that we open another online shop in order to give you more facility. Now you can buy your favorite dresses from our shop http://www.shop.efashionstream.com

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 The Zainab Chottani Formals 2016 By LSM Fabrics capsules are majestic, uber feminine and romantic collection produced from [premium pure chiffon and silk with five designs in two colour ways each. The voluminous silhouettes - kimono sleeved tunics , poncho and kaftans are accented with vintage barque and Victorian floral and artisan embroidery; subtle sequins; intricate cut work and end noyed with colourful digital printed pure silk dupattas are ideal for Eid celebrations and the upcoming festive wedding season.

Buy Zainab Chottani Festive Embroidered Chiffon 2016

To offer myriad choices and versatility to you , the beautifully embroidered dupattas in the Eid formals collection can be easily transformed into and worn throughout the year. As wide ranging wardrobe staples, including sheath gowns, voluminous capes and flared skirts. We are sure you will enjoy wearing and reveling

So Kamal Festive/Eid collection 2016:
Welcome this Eid-ul-fitr with the rivet clothing bay from So Kamal timeless portfolio, So Kamal Eid Collection 2016. Women always get the opportunity in one or the other to buy something for them as the styling options, in terms of accessories, dresses and other accoutering stuff. And it is the festivals and occasions, which support their luck aspect in doing the same exact thing. Such events leave them a plat form kind of thing to show up with a manifestation of their mesmerizing individuality. Apart from weddings and parties which are more than common in our society, Eid is the happening when getting fully and well dressed up is mandatory and is the part of ritual processions of this merrymaking episode of revelry. Thus by making the hay out of sun shine, So Kamal is also launching its festive oriented regal collection in the enduring plus alluring niche of So Kamal Unstitched Luxury Lawn 2016.

BUY So Kamal Eid Dresses 2016

Covering the distance of almost half of a century in its journey, who would have thought that Kamal Industry could become a trend setter pioneer in Pakistan’s textile’s industry and transcending its roots beyond the

Be the first to be exact with you Eid wardrobe with the discriminating recess of Ethnic By Outfitters Festive Collection 2016. There are lots of freedoms we have in order to live an independent life, for instance, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of information, freedom of voting, freedom of migration, freedom of choice and expressions BLA, BLA, BLA! But what about the freedom of clothing and styling, where does this lies in our life? One must be bestowed with this right as his or her born right, from abaya to a jeans, from an ankle length kameez to a strictly fit-some  stitched top, from brocade to chiffon, from jacquard to a third class voile. These are the personal choices what a mature and decent adult individual has to make as privileges. No one is entitled to make restrictions or cynically taunt them, but rather the personage should also consider the ethnic values of the dressing code his or hers culture has set, thus must not transcend these limitations being a responsible and sensible entity. And such dressing attitudes of indigenous coyness are being offered in the loop-wholes-free festive capsule of Ethnic By Outfitters Luxury Eid Dresses 2016. Featuring the up-to-the-minute tailoring incorporation, the designs are fabricated upon the fine quality lawn, jacquard, net organza, and chiffon in particular. Ethnic By Outfitters Embroidered fancy unstitched lawn Series 2016 is a façade wardrobe impeccably etching the gentle classical brushing

Sobia Nazir Eid Collection 2016:
In the sweltering heat, the spring season has got reincarnated in the classical alcove of Sobia Nazir Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2016. The designers have got a really serious and sensible taste in floral inclusion in her portfolio. Almost every artisan works with the today’s designs in floriated impressions of prints owing to the fact that conceivably this incised genre could get more likable and encouraging response from the ladies. As in the popular poetic culture, a substantial volume of almost every poet’s and poetess’s odes, the flowers imagery has been employed as a metaphor and likewise as a simile to express the feminine beauty, delicacy and gentle coyness. The same, the flowers are the correspondent receptors of the gaze they receive from their audience, thus make people go hypnotized with their fair patterns of colors and drafting, seems like ripples made by the pearl dropped in a crystal clear water. Flowers, colors, beauty, designs and ladies, in this rhetorical subject, the summary can be imparted within the single syllable of fashion and where there is fashion, there is Sobia Nazir and where there is Sobia Nazir, there is always been her latest forthcoming couture Sobia Nazir Luxury Eid Collection 2016, featuring the tempting allure of celebratory orientation of Eid-ul-fitr.

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Revolving around the urban plus classic silhouettes, Sobia Nazir Festive Luxury Wardrobe 2016 is night

Firdous Embroidered Festive Collection 2016:
Summer season has more like become the season of lawn and fashion and this vogue exquisite spice the house of Firdous Fashion brings to you the charming niche of Eid festivity, Firdous Excelencia 3Pc Embroidered Exclusuive Festive Collection. Pretentiousness is the key motif of the ladies behind wearing lavish and pompously embellished apparels to exhibit a virtual charisma of their self being. Gilded fineries, pearly adorning, striking shades are the redeeming attribute of such a wardrobe, giving an edge to the sheer feminine enchantment. Festival and occasions are those special moments for the ladies where they can harness their aura which an eye catching drapes. Firdous Fashion revel catalogue of 2 piece dresses and 3 piece statements unravel the same spirit of liveliness in the beautiful statement manipulation of Excellencia Eid 2 piece Collection 2016 and Excellencia Eid 3 piece series 2016.
Excellencia Eid 3 piece series 2016 features the contemporary unstitched legacy of Firdous remarkable stitching and aesthetic contemplations, while Excellencia Eid 2 piece SS’ 2016 is the mix and match of existing modern styling and clothing trends. Embellished shirts, lighter as a quill chiffon dupattas are the matchless choices you can opt this Eid-ul-fitr with the classy tagged Firdous Excellencia Eid Collection 2016. 

BUY Firdous Excellencia Festive/Eid Collection 2016

Embroidered Trousers and festooned middle and knee length shirts are becoming more likeable for the

Eid is a celebration of purity and inner beauty that we achieve by doing good deeds over the month of Ramadan. This beauty and purity is put to light when we adorn ourselves and join in on the festivities. Kayseria’s Eid Collection for 2016 thus bases itself firmly in Purity of fabrics and charm of embroideries and embellishments in intricate cuts, fine stitching and hand finishes. Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2016 features wide range of festive dresses for your ladies and cute little young girls, including pure lawn of the Egyptian and Arabian verity to their star cast of pure fabrics. Kayseria also presenting for the first time, embroidered chiffon in ready to wear version to bring you joy and make a wardrobe preposition that will be hard to miss.

BUY Kayseria Pure Spirit Eid Collection 2016

Another delightful  addition to the Kayseria Festive Collection 2016 catalog is its ready made collection

 Everyday is a new adventure, to discover the world is to discover yourself. A stunning personality of clean and neutralizing colours clears your path and steadies your stride, encouraging you to radiate the best. This festive season live a life full of joy and fused with inspiration by adding Sapphire's Festive/Eid Lawn 2016
Sapphire has become one of the most selling fashion brand of Pakistan; Unlike many other brands, Sapphire articles get sold within minutes. As an online store we consider Sapphire to be the favourite brand of young generation. Sapphire's products have been the symbol of undisputed quality in the textile field for decades. In over a year's time, Sapphire has established itself as a high quality fast fashion label in the clothing, accessories and jewellery. The quality of fabrics, materials and the originality of their style has made Sapphire become pone of the most acclaimed house hold name in fashion brands.
Sapphire invites you to spend this summer reveling in the luxury of their fabric and the magnificence on their designs, all at an affordable price.

BUY Sapphire Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2016 Online

This season's festive collection of Sapphire features wide range of 3 piece embroidered dresses that are filled with extra cooling hues, nature inspired prints and beautiful details of intricate embroidery. Apart from 3

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