May 2016
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The month of Ramadan-Ul-Mubarak is just about to start, Most probably the first fast will be on 5th June in Pakistan. As this year Ramadan is starting in the start of June that is why mostly people are preferring to their Eid dresses and other accessories bafore Ramadan. Apart from public , our designers and fashion brands are also trying to disclose ad much collection as they can before 5th June. So mark your calendars for 4th June as this day will bring unlimited numbers of designers lawn and festive dresses. Many big and small fashion icons had declared 4th June as the launching date if their upcoming collections.
From Maria B Mbroidered to Ayesha Zara, Sapphire, Elan, Firdous, Baroque Sahil Embroidered and Maha Festive/Eid Collection 2016. Right now She-styles is exclusively going to reveal the worth sharing collection of Shariq Textiles
This festive season Shariq Textiles has introduced a very special collection of Designer Lawn dresses that

 The much awaited Nishat Linen Eid Collection '16 is finally here! Het ready to shop for right on trend festive designs: from unstitched lawn suits, ready-to-wear kurtas to kids and menswear to make this eid a one to remember.Choose from a wide range of designs whose inspiration vary from tropical foliage to vividly painted sunflowers to modern architecture. The options for modern dressing this eid are many, As NL has brought the most luxurious and worth buying collection of the season. Nisha Eid-Ul-Fitr 2016  articles are perfect to set new trends and to save you from the heat.

As we all know Eid and fashion are timeless subjects. Often difficult to pin down and always open to personal interpretation, good style manages to be both transcendent of fashion and absolutely of the moment. Nishat Linen have put together some sensational looks, which will be difficult to resist. Vintage stories, floral elixir, lacy lace, bright whites, gold fever are just some of Nishat Linen Festive/Eid Catalog 2016.

Have you given a head start to your Eid shopping? Not yet? Then no problem you still have time to wear Khaadi festive orientation of Khaadi Eid Collection 2016, a transfixed plus eye-catching encapsulation of lawn and chiffon fabrics. Eid and its festivity starts to spruce up way before Ramadan coming. People start thinking about what their Eid wardrobe should be look like, the style, designs, color, stuff and the matching accessories and footwear, absorbing the revelry and welcoming enthuse of the lunar calendar’s mega event. Matching accessories, that is right, has always been an integral source of accouter. Mere makeover and nice clothes cannot just augment one’s individual chic; rather it is the chic which is imparted from the accessories which enhances the charisma even more so. Intimidating radiance once comes through the adorned earrings, necklace, rings bracelets and other

 Sana Safinaz Formal Wear 2016: Lavish and pastels shade appeal everyone, specially in the season of festivals and summer these kind of shades look extraordinary because of its cool and soothing look. In our previous collections of Eid-Ul-Fitr Dresses we have seen many colours , styles and designs of lawn dresses; but today we have brought a very special collection of festive season that speaks the language of richness, style and class. We are talking about Sana Safinaz Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2016 that will launch on 27th of this month. Let's have a quick review about the newly released catalogue of Sana Safinaz Formals.
This year's collection of Sana Safinaz for Eid is very different from the others as well as their own previous collections. This year Sana Safinaz has introduced the  most trendy, modish yet easy to wear lawn dresses that are designed specially for the festival parties. We can not wear sheer and thick fabrics in summer season that is why Sana Safinaz has used such fabrics in embellishments to give the articles formal feel. Sana Safinaz Luxury Formal Wear 2016 for Eid includes 6 classic designs of formal wear and each design is available in two appealing colour ways.
Instead of producing the same and common shades of summer Sana Safinaz has brought an amazing change in colours and it has introduced some very interesting and different hues. Such as Pistachio green combined with beige colour along with matte gold garnishing is looking perfect to be the part of your festive closet. Moreover many such colours are the part of Sana Safinaz Eid-Ul-Fitr Catalog 2016
For booking and further details please contact us at 00923453043179


Behold the mind-blowing etches of Satrangi Festive/Eid Collection 2016. Fashion is not all about looks, style, or attitudes of clothing; it is in fact a genre that is based upon the fundamentals of variation in these attitudes. Fashion trends never remain static; rather they keep on altering from time to time, making people more raring to go for adopting these changing vogues. Despising recurring patterns, we are fond of accumulating a varying range of clothing outlooks, make us more contemporary and fashion savvy. Since, this is not the stone-age we are living in, where the only option of capsizing our body was to wrap up leaves around us, this is the 21st century the modern of all ages; here we have millions of ways of covering our body with civilized fashion and trendy, necessarily. But also, discrepancy in fashion may not prove to be timeless or all time favorite as in case of many cuts like patialla shalwar, gher wali shalwar, palazzos, jump suits and many more, are now hardly seen on sight. Hence the

No matter how tough weather conditions could be; Our festivals will never loses its charm; because we always celebrates our holy festivals with full of zeal and zest. As this year Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr both festivals will come in the month of June and July that are considered to be the most heated months of summer season. But still the preparations of Ramadan Ul Kareem and Eid are on its peak. Local markets are filled with festive dresses and our fashion brands/ designers have already started introducing their Eid dresses catalogues so everyone can buy their favorite articles before Ramdan. Today one more prestigious fashion brand of Pakistan has introduced its Luxury lawn collection; It is none other than Rungrez who has made huge name in fashion mareket because of its different and appealing designs.

Rungrez Eid Ul Fitr Collection 2016

The spring and summer collection of Rungrez was a massive hit, it was sold out only in few hours; and it would not be wrong if we call Sapphire and Rungrez to be the hot selling collections of spring season. Anyhow this newly introduced collection of  Festive Dresses by Rungrez is also very attractive and different. Once again Rungrez has introduced the perfect summery hues that can grab our attention in a very single glance. Moreover the application of floriated prints have given soothing feel to the dresses. Rungrez

Festivals play an important role in our lives, It not only gives us a chance to be happy but also to meet with our such family members and friends with whom we could not meet in daily life. When we plan to meet with our such loved one's then we try our level best to look pretty. As the festival of Eid Ul Fitr is just about to come and many people are thinking how  and where they will spend their festive days, what they will cook and most importantly what they're going to wear on the big day of Eid. Markets are full of festive dresses but because of extreme summer it's getting very tough to go out for shopping. But we should say thanks to our fashion icons who are offering trendy and comfortable articles for Eid along with home deliver option. One of them is Tina Duran. Yes , Don't be surprised as one of the most dominating name of formals and Pret Wear Tina Durrani is all set to real her first ever collection of Festive Lawn 2016 by Al-zohaib.
Al-Zohaib has surprised everyone when they announced that they are going to introduce their festival collection with Tina Durrani. Tina Durrani and Al Zohaib have introduced a master piece catalog that features the most appealing and chic inspired attires for ladies. Tina Durrani Eid-Ul-Fitr Lawn 2016 catalogue consists of 18 rich and decently designed capsules of lawn that are perfect to be the part of your festive formals. The magical hands of Tina Durrani has given a new dimension to lawn dresses by adoring them with extra fine embroideries and modish cuts. Moreover Tina has brought such soothing and pastels hues that will

For all the fashion maniacs, there is an importance announce to make and this is that now you can enjoy this Eid-ul-fitr at its full with Mina Hassan Designer Eid Collection 2016, a limited but is strongly supposed to be most celebrated Eid alcove ever in 2016. Eid-ul-fitr is not merely a festival to observe or a religious custom which is supposed to be performed; rather it is a spirited season in which we are bestowed with all the happiness. Engagements finally happen, two hearts get tied up in the marriage vows, and someone chooses someone for him/her-self, precisely love is in the air. Everyone wants to look impressively startling for their loved ones, thus chooses the best apparel with stunning accouter. Well as a matter of the discourse we are sharing, the dazzling and adorned outfits do seem appropriate for the time like these. Since, these glittering drapes enhance and illuminate your façade, thus make you conspicuously spotted. And I have such that forte, furnished with fantabulous trappings of expensive motifs and embroidery, Mina Hassan Chiffon Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection-2016, a second to none niche in front of which not any of the collection can stand.

Buy Mina Hasan Eid Collection 2016

A limited Eid fancy wardrobe is a resulted creation of the teaming up of Mina Hassan and Shariq Textile to beat any other compilation of trousseaus. The fine quality chiffon fabric from Shariq Textile and talented yet brilliantly aesthetic hands of Mina Hassan have surfaced the regal chiffon organza with resham thread works,

Adorn your very being this Eid with the consistently amazing festive couture of Warda Eid collection 2016. Eid is a one of a kind festival which lasts almost for a week or so. The revelry is endless until or unless the full zest and zeal is on the sneak peak and till the every single person is done catching up with all his or her acquainted dear ones. Catching up! Means going out from one’s home to another’s and thus for doing so you need to look at your best as off course it’s Eid, a grand moment. Subsequently, you are needed a presentable attire that can enhance your persona with lure and buoyancy. 3 official days of especial feasts and the rest for day outs and recreations, every occasion needs its thematic outfits, displaying its significance. So one must get all the updates of what is keep coming for the Eid Catalogs and which is getting more coverage from the audience, hence you can get the best of the season. Rhetorical to the Eid Celebrations, say Get, Set, Go! For Warda Lawn’s Eid-ul-fitr marked printed lawn niche Warda Eid Lawn Catalog 2016.
As the kurti tailoring instance is much going contemporary these days, henceforth, Warda Eid-ul-Fitr Unstitched lawn catalog 2016 encompasses the exact symmetries of the modern cuts, suits every set of

After unraveling its fantabulous niche from the tag of Pret, Thredz has hit the highways to sky with its upcoming and all time favorite lawn statement, Thredz Unstitched Lawn 2016 Vol-2, for this summer spice. Excess and access are two distinct terms used for different scenarios, but indeed they are directly reciprocating their meaning for each other. This is so because as when we have access to something for so long and so much, hence we start to have that thing in an implicitly excessive amount. Nonetheless this very access and excess game makes us fed up from boredom. Just take one instance in our daily wardrobe, if you are well-off enough, thus you can afford to have as many dresses as you can, means access, and having your wardrobe full of apparels, comes excessive will lead you soon towards ennui, despite having fondness for clothes, finally the circle is complete; boredom. But here is one solution, classify your trousseaus with different cuts and stitching, do not go for

Another month, another summer season and here is another volume of printed lawn dresses by Firdous. Firdous one of the dominating name of fashion is ready to make your closet full with the tag of Firdous lawns as this is their 3rd collection of the season. After introducing Korean lawn, embroidered tunics and firdous printed and embroidered series now Firdous is all set to discover new edges of beauty and style with their upcoming range of Firdous Lawn Collection 2016 Vol-3. This beautoful catalog features more than 30+ eye catching designs of lawn articles that are inspired from nature, folk and ethnicity. Firdous has introduced a very lengthy catalog that includes almost every most demanded prints and colour of the season. Buy Firdous Lawn 2016 Volume III
Explore the colorful secret of life with the amazing trousseau array of Firdous Printed Lawn Summer Catalogue. A discourse of versatility is so visible in all the features in tantalizing printing miniatures, lux

Shariq Textiles Feminine Lawn 2016:
This summer, think out of the box and get rid of your monotony in every wardrobe compilation by trying the upcoming lawn collection of Shariq Textiles Feminine Lawn 2016. This is somewhat true that every phase of age demands for some meticulous colors hold suitable for it. The young and adult ones need and want striking and pompous tinctures which can make them look more lively and energetic. Contrary to this very fact, the secondary class of age dependency, the aged adults, above 30 or so, mostly are seen wrapping on dull colors, but occasionally vivacious ones as well, surface them with decent maturity and comfort. Hence securing the senexes or the elderly people, they are more into dressing up in neutrals with the dullest of all like off-whites, camel color, light brown, shadowed gray and so on and so forth, signifying the decay of a youthful being. Decking out the tones of another age group can even make you a little awful and embarrassed in front of others, so try not do so even if your heart wants to. But the catalogue I am going to mention in this write up is about a peculiar set of age and a exclusive entity of two genders, Young Ladies which is Feminine Unstitched Embroidered Lawn 2016, a classic 3 piece lawn wardrobe perfect as a go-to- choice for your especial semi-formal occasions. 

Nation 2 Piece lawn 2016:
The obnoxious summer punk will definitely drive you wacky but Nation 2 PC lawn 2016 will drive you ultra happy with its adhesive looks and craftsmanship. Riaz Arts, a name to reckon, never stops making its customers jovial. Seductive and smart imprints have also been a quality of Riaz Arts. Delivered what its public deserved, Riaz Art never compromised with the quality rather it always fused the two distinct cultures with the contemporary plus classic mode of dressing, half ethnic, half advanced. This season, it has released its summer exclusive lush niche with the accordance to the frying heat. Light, easy to carry, vivacious and corrosive, Nation Summer lawn 2016 Vol-1 by Riaz’s Art is a fantastic capsule that encompasses all the brilliance a perfect wardrobe must have to draw the attention of the ladies. 
Buy Designer Lawn 2016 Online
Transcendence is the word that can describe this beautiful and tuneful statement line. Ladies usually like to wear radiant colors, especially in summers, on account of attiring dull neutrals all the way in winters, thus make them reluctant to repeat the same shades from boredom. Accoutering in the best way, wearing accessories, using fragrances, and then to add the groove to it, they look for best shirt pieces to hold to personality charm. So, ladies can visit Nation by Riaz Arts Embroidered Shirts & Trousers  online and even in their suburban stores. Never-seen-before slit ups are nicely merged with pastels and stunning tones

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