April 2016
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When the three Cs of classic, contemporary and creative combine together, then Asim Jofa’s signature collection is made and this time loot up the colors of glam with latest lawn cataloge of Asim Jofa Luxury lawn 2016 Collection. Asim Jofa, a renowned jewelry craftsman, feels himself satisfying in sufficing his dotting customers with his keep-on-launching collections and make their precious moments remarkable, which is why he always works upon lux material and regal motifs. Being a gentleman, he thinks what our today’s damsels think vis-à-vis to the fashion sense, makes him more acknowledged as an enlightenment designer. I hope that I am not putting a hex on his work, God forbid, rather I am humbly embracing him for his talents.Almost every

Ladies always wants to be the center of attention and for that the always try to adopt modern trends of fashion. From cosmetics to hair styles and clothing and shoes; they buy everything according to the latest trend. Whether we talk about winter, spring or summer season; women's just don't compromise on their look and style. Specially in summers when almost every store is full of various styles of lawn dresses; then how they can stop themselves to rush towards these stores. This addiction of looking beautiful make them spend lots of money, but now because of our fashion labels like Lala, every women can manage to buy several articles at a time to adorn their persona. Recently Lala has launched one more catalog of embroidered lawn articles and tagged it as Lala Classic Embroidered Lawn 2016 Vol-2.
Each article of Classic Embroidered Lawn is weaved with the thread of creativity and imagination. Nice and simple printed plus embroidered necklines, sharp etched border lines, broad sleeves and kurti style cuts

These days Embroidered Pants or embroidered trousers are very in; It looks very decent and stylish. Mostly lightly printed or embroidered tunics compliments these trousers perfectly. Mostly girls are preferring to wear these loose fitted trousers with lightly embellished shirts to beat the heat of summer. These trousers available in casuals and formals needs. Casual wear trousers are made of cotton or lawn fabrics, while formal trousers are made with silk fabric. As per the huge demand of embroidered trousers now our fashion icons are also taking interest in offering such two peace or single piece collections that are based only on embroidered trousers and shirts or only on trouser. Today we have brought a collection that features almost 20 catchy designs of self embroidered trousers or cut worked pants that are looking marvelous. This collection is introduced by

People are nuts in this prickling heat but Nishat Linen has brought a cool and soothing relief for them after breaking out its latest lawn catalogue’s release with the portfolio of Nishat Linen Lawn 2016 Vol-2, which imparts a mix and match of feminine charisma and girlish chic. It is absolutely necessary for a girl to slip into something outstanding and up-to-dated with a little pinch of light makeup and a funky yet suitable hair style, but doing so in scorching heat is as hard as picking up a stone while climbing a mountain. But I always wonder that how girls can even manage to look at their best when I was in the university. I thought to myself that either they plenty of time or perhaps they are wealthy enough to have a heap of perfumes, hairspray or other fancy costume stuff. But when I got married, then I started accoutering myself with the same fondness and then I came to realize that it’s the passion within you which makes you to get dressed up for your loved

This season, just get dressed up as your favorite female charming and glamorous fiction character from the contemporary with Nation Summer Collection 2016. Well it is understood that ladies do not compromise upon their looks. They always in a want and struggle of becoming the center of the attraction and soul of the party and for this they choose the best of all apparels they have seen in the market and which can suit their personality and enhance their feminine charisma even more than their monotonous and usual persona. In the east in general and in Pakistan in particular, it is a perception that Pakistan women are more style and looks conscious in comparison to the western ladies. Buy Nation by Riaz Arts Lawn 2016: For formal occasions, they are accustomed of being outfitted themselves in the most luxurious and vivacious dresses which would make them eye-catching and prominent like a moon in the several constellation of stars.
In their casual routine they also prefer to wear decent and trendy embroidered dresses and that is why almost women go for Designer Wears. Designer dresses are ever green fashion of every

Designer Lawn 2016: The heating temperature of Pakistan has also increased the heat of Pakistani fashion. Every fashion icon whether he is a designer or a brand, is trying to dominate the screen of fashion with their one after another trend setting collection. After introducing several summer collections of lawn Kurtis, embroidered lawn and printed lawn now many designers/ brands are planing to reveal digital printed collection and luxury collection. Many of them have already marked the ramps with their luxury lawns and many more are soon going to reveal. Al-Zohaib textiles has also revealed their famous range of Tabassum Mughal Lawn Collection 2016 to satisfy their elite customers. It's been more than 2 years since Al Zohaib and Tabassum Mughal are working hard together to fulfill the demands of women folks with their eye catching presentations. After Maria B

Explore some very decent and modish colours of the season with Sapphire Lawn Collection 2016 Vol II, that will gets even more attention than the last volume. Sapphire counts in one of the leading fashion representative of Pakistan , It offers wide range of ready to wear and unstitched dresses along with other accessories. Sapphire had set the ramp of Pakistani fashion on fire when they introduced their first volume of summer dresses 2016. Each and every article of that volume was a masterpiece, even old  top rated fashion brands of our country were also left behind by Sapphire. After such iconic collection of the summer season, now Sapphire is back with its another catalogu, It is Sapphire Summer Collection 2016 Vol-2. This newly revealed collection of Sapphire includes hide range of single piece, two piece and 3 piece Embroidered lawn dresses that are designed pure continental styles. The

In summer season we find many options of lawn dresses; from printed lawn to embroidered, designer lawn to simple; wide range of summer capsules hits the fashion stores on daily basis. All the types of lawn suits have their own demand, but from the last couple of years , the trend of wearing designer lawn has gained amazing fame and that is why now almost every fashion house is offering summer designer collection. This is a very good trend because it will give opportunity to new comers to make their future in the field of fashion, as well as it encourage other designers to bring diversity in their dresses because of healthy competition. Our today's collection is also designed by a new name of fashion, she is Alisha Memon with her debut collection of summer season. ZS Textiles has given Alisha Memon an opportunity to work with them and to introduce rich and decent designs of lawn. Alisha Memon Lawn 2016 is not a very lengthy collection, It includes 14 lawn suits and each suit is

Alkaram Rangon Ki Dunya 2016 Vol-2: Changing seasons demands for renovation in several aspects of our lives. From food to clothing we change things according to the needs of the month. As in summer season it's gets necessary for us to add more and more lawn dresses in our wardrobes because lawn is considered to be the most cool fabric. And we requires huge variety that's why mostly ladies search for reasonable lawn dresses so they can buy more than one or two. She-Styles have shared many such collections and today we have one more. It is Alkaram Lawn Volume 2 2016. In this edition of summer lawn Alkaram has introduced alluring colors, extra fine embroideris and modish designing style. The prints of Alkaram summer articles are blend of eastern and continental designs. Moreover the designing team of Al Karam has beautifully combined these designs with appealing natural prints. From soothing and pastels to slightly dark and vibrant many unique and catchy

Let your personality blossom in the array of beautiful colours evolved into catchy styles and modernity, with brand new designs of Gul Mohar Lawn 2016. This season we have seen some truly unique and mesmerizing designs from new comers and small fashion brands instead of old and big one. These new and emerging fashion icons has given a clear call to our big fashion houses to bring some diversity in their dresses; Otherwise soon these new starts will replace them in the hearts of their customers. Today we have another rich and modish collection of the season that will surely grab your attention.  As i mentioned above that Gulmohar summer lawn dresses are very decent and sophisticated. Gulmohar has introduced very catchy and meld patterns instead of following the same trend. Moreover the selection of colours is perfect

Kalakari Lawn 2016 "Our cteativity knows no bounds" This catchy punch line belongs to a new but inspiring fashion icon of Pakistan. Klakari as the name itself reflecting uniqueness and creativity; So this season Klakari presents you it's aesthetically designed and digitally crafted  The Haute Lawn Collection 2016. This is the first time in the history of summer collections that any brand has ever introduced haute couture in lawn dresses. Klakari summer designs are perfect example of richness combined with class. The ultimate venture of exotic colour scheme beautifully highlighted with unconventional prints that are melded onto the the finest quality fabric and offset with intricate resham embroidery. Klakari Summer Collection 2016 is perfect to be the part of your summer closet because of

Motifz Lawn 2016: Summer is the second name of colours, and fashion in Pakistan. The arrival of summer give everyone new energy to indulge in colourful and easy to carry lawn dresses that reduce the heat of sun and make us feel fresh. Few years back lawn was considered to be the boring fabric; and mostly women used to avoid this fabric; But with the passage of time this simple fabric has gained amazing fame in ladies. It is just because of our talented designers, who have given a new and inspiring look to Lawn suits. Pakistan Designer Lawn is famous all over the world because of its alluring colours, rich designs and high quality. We have number of fashion icons that are offering lawn dresses in every season. Today we have another spectacular collection of lawn that is designed by Motifz under the tag of Motifz Rangoli Lawn 2016.
This beautiful catalogue of printed lawn articles includes wide range of three piece lawn dresses that are adorned subtle and catchy colours, nature inspired prints and amazing designing philosophy. Motifz designing

In Pakistan summer stays more than 6 months in a year, specifically in Karachi. That is why our designers and brands of fashion industry keep on revealing one after another lawn collections. Sometimes they offer printed lawn dresses, while sometimes offer modish and embroidered dresses. This rolls coaster of the season keep on going till the arrival of next season. Like since the start of this season we have seen many overwhelming collections of kurtis, embroidered lawn, printed lawn by Shariq Textile, and today we have one more collection of the season. It is Ayesha Chottani Lawn 2016 by Shariq that was revealed today. This newly released catalogue features trendy, stylish and classy lawn dresses that are perfect to make your wardrobe worth inspiring.
Shariq Textiles Ayesha Chottani Embroidered 2016 catalogue features 13 alluring prints and each print is available in two catchy colours. Moreover the detailed garnishing of thread embroidery has given more

Add the most exotic and refreshing colours of the summer season in your wardrobe with Khaadi'a newly launched catalogue of Khaadi Lawn 2016 Vol-2. I don't think so Khaadi  needs and introduction, It is a brand that is itself a symbol of fashion with class. Few years back Khaadi was considered to be the brand of elite class, but from last year Khaadi is introducing very reasonable 2 piece dresses for middle class too. Our middle class is appreciating this kind step of Khaadi as it is offering embroidered dresses in just 25 USD. After getting overwhelming response on first edition of Khaadi summer 2016; Now Khaadi is back to add more charm and beauty in wardrobe with their second volume of Khaadi Summer Collection 2016 Vol-2

Aeisha Varsey Lawn 2016: ZS Textile is a company that is well known among the fashion circle and the textile indistry of the country. With the experience of more than one decade, it has managed to exceed customer satisfaction at every level. Whether it is the quality of the fabric and colour, The design philosophy or the accentuated accessories. ZS provides a comprehensive vogue package for the women a distinct taste year after year. The company has spun wonders in fabric and weaved their creativity and master skills into it to bring forth compositions that are glamours, luxurious and exude comfort in the looks and feel.
This season ZS textile and a another famous name of fashion have collaborated with each other to give their customers a new and distinct feel in lawn prints. It is none other than Aeisha Varsey who have collaborated with ZS. The upcoming collection of Aeisha Varsey Summer Collection 2016 features wide range of ever

Sometimes it becomes a hard nut to crack when you find number of designer dresses every season, but because of limited budget you can not buy every dress you like. In summer we find more variety of summer dresses As compare to other seasons. Like this season we have shared many collections of our well reputed fashion labels, and today we are back with one more. It is Al-Zohaib Zanisha Kurti/Tunics 2016.
This summer, Al-Zohaib has launched its colourful and praiseworthy embroidered tunics for ladies who loves to wear kurtis in every season. Zanisha Embroidered Kurti Collection 2016, tunics are designed in a very decent style along with the light but classy embroidery details. The catalog features of catchy and

It would not be wrong, If we say that the summer season is the most happening season in Pakistan. The arrival of summers gives many old and new comers fashion brands a chance to make handsome business. This season many new fashion labels has joined the glamours fashion industry of Pakistan, and HZ Textiles is one of them. After making mark in Regalia Swiss Voil and embroidered lawn vol-1; Now they are back with another short but sophisticated range of embroidered lawn. It is HZ Textiles Embroidered Lawn 2016. The designing style of HZ is inspired from J.J, they have introduced rich designs that are fused with exceptional colour scheme and intricate embroidery. From slightly dark shades to pastel and white; many eye catching colours are combined with contrasted embroidery. Moreover the have beautifully evolved modern designs with ethnicity. All the dresses are adorned with

Zun Lawn 2016: Another one of the most famous lawn collection for summer season is reveled to make your summer more versatile. This is House Of Zunn a very special collection of lawn that is inspired from ethnicity and beautifully evolved into modern styles. House Of Zunn or Zunuj is not a new name for fashion followers; After making a mark with LSM now they are introducing their collections with Imperial Textile. This season's Zunuj Summer Collection 2016 catalog includes 30+ aesthetic designs of vintage prints that are designed in a very decent and inspiring style. Zunn summer dresses are adorned with various styles of prints, delicate embroidery and dark and pastel shades. The designer has enhanced the look of the dresses with feminine designs and colours that will make you stand out from the rest. From vintage prints to classic, safari and floral, a complete and most demanding range of sophisticated prints is available in

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