January 2016
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This spring season be inspired and bold with Shariq Textiles Subhata Spring Tunics Collection 2016 that will hit the fashion shores very soon. The end of January has brought many new collections with itself and after Nishat Linen and Alkaram; Now Shariq is all set to steal the spring show with its classic designs of Embroidered Kurtis 2016. Its been more than two years that the fashion of printed and embroidered kurtis is getting more and more famous among ladies. And almost every new season is getting start with tunics collection. Like this season we have seen Sanam Chottani and Asim Jofa kurtis and now another scintillating range of Subhata Embroidered Tunics 2016 has been out. Your search for the perfect springy print ends on Subhata Kurtis that are nourished with finest prints, fancy embroideries and amazing tailoring ideas. Shariq has introduced

The first month of this new year is almost ended; and the coming month of February is going to bring lot's of happiness and colours is your life. As we all know that the February is considered to be the month of love, affection and elegance; So this Valentines day wrap yourself in silky rays of colours with NL Silk Collection 2016. Yes! you are reading absolutely right one of the top rated fashion icon of Pakistan has broke the ice and took step ahead to begun the spring fashion competition. Nishat Linen has launched its very first collection of 2016 and this time it has brought a very rich and classy range of Embroidered Silk Dresses to adorn your casual and formal days. Nishat Linen these silk articles are the symbol of elegance and modernity clubbed with intricate designs and eye catching hues.
Nishat Linen Spring Silk 2016 Catalog features miscellaneous verity of prints that will surely grab your attention. Moreover from chic inspired Silk Tunics to classy dresses Nishat Linen's this catalog is a

Grab the sheerness and glam for you this spring season with the proud presentation of Asim Jofa’s another mouthwatering catalogue of Asim Jofa Embroidered Tunic/Kurtis Collection 2016. Asim Jofa is known to be the designer of elite class because he mostly designs luxury dresses and price them very high that our middle class could not afford to buy his Designer Dresses. Same thing was happened few days ago when Asim Jofa Luxury Chiffon 2016 was launched. That  collection was very expensive and beyond the range of middle and lower middle class. As we all know these days tunics are getting very famous in women and many brands have released their Embroidered Tunics/Kurtis collections to grab the attention women; and to give them competition Asim Jofa has unexpectedly announced his Tunic Collection 2016.
Asim Jofa Spring Tunics Collection 2016

The feminist and amazingly talented girl MARIA.B gets unstoppable when she decide to fashion up a collection and this season she is ready to amaze everyone with her upcoming luxury themed catalogue of Maria.B Mbroidered Fabrics Luxury Edition 2016, a complementary presentation to say thanks to their respected and valuable customers. This winter spice ride up higher along the line of a unicorn ariel through the rainbow of a mix match of spring liveliness and winter soberness. Well that expression has got too literal, symbolic, hyperbolic, clichéd and stereo-typically metaphoric, and lost its meaning due to boredom. Nevertheless, all what meant here was that the spring prototypically vivacious colors and autumnal neutral decent shades are getting combined together to make an awesomely peerless conglomeration of mouthwatering combo with rich embroideries and gentle plus dark backgrounds.
Maria B Mbroidered Dresses 2016-17

Sherwani Designs 2016: Today we will recall the memories of our grandparents when they were living in indo-pak, I mean to say the era when India and Pakistan were not separate countries rather that whole region was called sub-continent. And we all know that Hindus and Muslims were the two major communities living over there, though these both communities were living together but there was a hell of difference between the tradition and rituals of these two communities. And if we take a look on their clothing styles; Hindu females preferred to wear saree’s whereas their male community wrap themselves with sherwani’s. Muslim ladies wore simple shalwar kamez and same was the dress of male community, But as

The wait is finally over here is the first collection of spring 2016 designed by Shariq Textile that will make you stand out from others. We are talking about Sanam Chottani Embroidered Collection 2016 that will hit the fashion stores on 11th January. This mesmerizing and debut collection of Sanam Chottani features incredible colour pallets with the small intricate patterns and printed back that will adds to your charisma. This catalog features such Embroidered Kurtis you can not say no to. Stay ahead of the game this season with these mind blowing options that are designed by keeping the requirements of today's modern women. Although Sanam Chottani is a very new in the field of fashion designing but her designs are very rich and original. She has proven in her very first collection that she is going to be one of the dominating names in Pakistani female fashion designers.
Sanam Chottani Tunics Collection 2016 by Shariq

Men's Scarves are the most essential constituent of winter clothing now a days. Since last decade scarves has became one of the essential accessory of clothing according to the particular occasion like on weddings and especially on mehndi occasion our male community prefer to wear multi-colored silk scarves in contrast with black, brown and white kurtas to have a glamorous look; Whereas in fiery summer season like June and July,  when they have to spend a long time outside their home then they opt cotton scarves to cover their heads, which protects them from scorching sun rays. Scarf For Men Fashion
Same as during the chilled wintery day’s men prefer to wrap themselves with woolen scarves along with sweaters, jackets and long coats. And the general view that “The scarves are made only for the female community” is dejected because now it becomes essential element of men’s clothing too whether we discuss

Embellish Le Beau Monde 2016 Vol-2: The king of winter, taste of coffee, the season of poetry with touch of memories and the end of year; Yes I am talking about “The Month Of December” which has put full stop on the calendars regarding 2015. Let’s have a brief discussion about the history of fashion house of Pakistan of 2015. After having a glance on the era of antiquity of Pakistan fashion industry you will find that in the previous year, top class fashion stars of Pakistan fashion industry like Asim jofa, Maria.B, Zainab Chottani, Saniya Maskatiya, etc has not only given tough competition to each other by enlightening the fashion sky with their classy outfits but have also accorded  platform with open hearts to their new comers like Sabeen Pasha, Ayesha Chottani and many other, with best wishes and warm welcome. Embellish clothing is also one of the fashion brand which has joined the Pakistan fashion industry few months ago and the year 2015 has proved serendipitous year for this fashion brand because by throwing only two or three fashion catalogues in the fashion world this brand has got popularity not only among the female community of Pakistan but also on global level. After getting stupendous response from Embellish Embroidered Pure Chiffon Collection 2015-16 Embellish Clothing has subsequently divulged Embellish Le Beau Monde Collection 2016 – Vol 2  in the fashion market.
Embellish Formal Wear Collection 2016 Vol-2

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