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Wedding season gives us opportunity to wear trendy and elegant apparels, wear make up and look stylish. But sometimes it's become difficult to find perfect Party Wear Dresses that are not only modern but also different from the rest. Although these days designer dresses are dominating very well and the concept of wearing branded suits has become very common. But it has also made difficult for us to look different as everyone wearing same styles of designer wears. To ease your clothing issues our very own Phatyma Khan has brought a very special and luxurious range of Latest Pakistani Formal Dresses 2017 that are unique and extra beautiful. Phatyma Khan a designer who knows how to convert her luxurious ideas and thoughts onto ensembles; now she is again here to make your formal events memorable with her enchanting collection of Phatyma Khan Formal Wear 2016-17.
Phatyma Khan has used some very rich unique techniques to adorn her articles. She has modified traditional pakistani party dresses in a modern styles and gave them a new and sophisticated look. Moreover she has used rich em,bellishments like kora, dabka, stones, pearls and tila to adorn the dresses.

Buy Phatyma Khan Formal Collection 2017

Phatyma Khan has introduced wide range of Formal Luxury Pret dresses that are stitched in different patterns. From short length Angrakha Dress to short shirt with dhaka pajama, straight shirt with pencil

When we talk about winter clothing bunch of things come in our minds, like scarf, muffler, jacket, shawl, sweater etc. Either apparel or other cozy accessories all the winter stuff have amazing variations. Few years back people used to think that it's not easy to look stylish in winter season because one can not wear cozy dress without sweater or jackets. But with the passage of time the trend of winter clothing has changed tremendously; and now you will find multiple options to look stylish in winter days too. Specially the addition of designer wear has given almost every seasonal clothing style a new life. No matter what the season is, you can find very elegant and suitable dresses very easily. Like today we have brought a very special collection of Embroidered Kurtis and Winter 3 piece dresses that are designed by Areeba Saleem. This is the second collection of Areeba Saleem, her first collection was launched last winters with the name of Areeba Saleem Leather Peach 2015. Once again Areeba and ZS Textiles have brought good variety of winter dresses with shawls.

Areeba Saleem Embroidered Winter 2016-17 Collection by ZS

Areeba Saleem has adorned the articles in a very classy style, detailed embroidered shirts paired with light embroidered pants and embroidered shalws are looking amazing. Moreover she has used contrasted colours for shawls to give the collection different look from the rest. From lights shades to dark a wide range of

 Pakistani fashion is very rich and there are many fashion trends are being followed. That is why we can wear whatever style or length of shirt we want with any style of pant. From straight pants to Peplum Pants, we have liberty to pick our style by our-self. If we take a look at the history of Pakistani clothing fashion then we will see some tremendous revolutions in our clothing style with the passage of time; but it has changed a lot in last 10 years. The concept of wearing designer wear is increased amazingly and now it has become a symbol of status to wear expensive designer dresses. With this many new names has joined this industry and it has given our boost to our national income. Any how; with these new names we also have our some big starts that are continuously offering their seasonal collections and now their name is considered to be the success of any collection.

Tena Durrani Chiffon Collection 2017 by Al Zohaib

Today we are going to disclose an upcoming catalogue of Tena Durrani Winter Formals 2017 that will hit the stores soon. This year Al-Zohaib Textiles and Tena Durrani collaborated to offer something new and exciting to their customers and it went successful. Tena durrani debut lawn to eid collections every collection got amazing response; and now they are back in action with their another master piece. This time it is a very different and luxurious formal collection that features 12 ethnic inspired articles that are made with high quality pure chiffon fabrics and adorned with delicate details of embroideries and motifs. Tena Durrani Embroidered Chiffon formal dresses are full of elegance and class that is unmatchable to anyone. Extra soothing shades adorned with fancy embellishments are looking classy and perfect for winter parties.

Baroque is the brand that is known for its rich and luxurious articles , finest embroideries, appealing embellishments and unique designs. It wont's be wrong if we call Baroque a fashion creating brand. Baroque has made an amazing revolution in Pakistani fashion by introducing it's kind of unique and promising casuals, formals and semi formals. This wedding season we have seen many Embroidered Chiffon collection by many brands, but Baroque is the only brand that has introduced more then 3 collections in a month and managed to make each collection different from the other. Recently Baroque has reveled Chantelle Vol-2, and now it is back in business again with the debut collection of Jazmin Chiffon Collection 2017 Vol-1.
Jazmin debut collection features 10 aesthetic designs of Chiffon embroidered dresses that are designed and stylized in chic inspired designs. One of the most prominent feature of Baroque's designer dresses is their extra fine embroideries, high quality fabrics and delicate craftsmanship ideas. Mostly Baroque introduces

Only few days are left in the launching date of Anaya Festive Chiffon Collection 2016 Vol-2; and She-Styles Fabric Store has started taking Pre-bookings for the upcoming collection. Although Anaya is not a very low name is the field of fashion, but in a very limited time span Kiran Chaudhry has made her brand a big hit because of her sensational debut collection. Her first collection was a complete treat of class and elegance combined with ethnicity. Likewise this collection has the same class and richness. This time Kiran has introduced 8 piece catalogue of Embroidered Chiffon formals that are mostly available in extra light and soothing tones. Moreover just like the previous volume Anaya Chiffon 2016 Vol-2 includes a classy and chic inspired black outfit that is going to be the hot cake of the season. 
If we take a look at both volumes of Anaya Chiffon then we will realize almost both volumes are very close; specially the embellishments and designing style. Once again Kiran Chaudhry has used most demanded Cut-Work ornamentation to highlight the articles along with delicate embroideries. 
As the wedding season is on its peak that's why Anaya has tagged the collection as Festive.  In gloomy sort of occasions women and young girls loves to slip into some informally simple, decent  yet trendy attires with

 After getting splendid response on first volume of Nisha winter 2016 Vol-2 now, NL is back is action with its second edition of winter dresses for girls. Nishat Linen is a house hold name of Pakistan; It is considered to be the very own fashion brand of Pakistan that always offer such collections that are close to our heritage and customs. Nishat Linen not only offers trendy and sophisticated articles but also make sure to to designs the dresses in pure eastern styles. Like always this this volume of Nishat Winter 2016 Vol-2 is also features articles that are modern, catchy and different from the others. 

Nisha Winter Collection 2017 Vol-2 Catalog

 The newly launched catalogue of NL includes wide range of casual and semi formal dresses that will adds to your winter wardrobe. Nishat has used rich silk, khaddar, karandi and linen fabrics to add variety in the catalogue. Moreover the signature style of Nishat Linen has made the dresses must have for everyone. From

Maria B Winter Collection 2017: Dressing up for the formal occasion is a fun and today i am here to tell you that how you can boost up your confidence between your friends and family by bringing drastic change in your attire with the help of Maria B . We all know that clothing is one of the essential components which directly hit one’s personality. If you have a sense of clothing it means that you are occupying a particular place among your family, fellow beings and society, and the one who have no sense of clothing have to face totally opposite circumstances. It is easy to opt that what should wear in the daily retinue but the trouble arises where you have to go somewhere else like you have to attend some family get-together or you are going for some outing with your friends or you have to attend birthday party of your friend. In all these predicaments it becomes difficult for everyone to choose a right dress which can polish your personality. To overcome such critical situation and sense of indecision Maria B has brought a very trendy and sophisticated range of Winter Embroidered Linen Dresses that are perfect to wear as casuals, formals and semi formals.

Maria B Winter Collection 2016-2017

All the articles of Maria B has perfect wintery feel with modern craftsmanship ideas. From dark royal shades to appealing digital printed and embroidered suit along with some light hues many eye catching dresses are

Alkaram Winter 2016 Vol-2 Catalogue: Every small change in weather gives us a chance to dolled up in new and trendy attires, as well as it gives many people a solid source of income. Specially when we talk about Pakistan; Pakistan is the country that is blessed with countless blessings of Almighty. Such as we have all the four season to enjoy. From summer season to winter and autumn all the seasons have their own beauty and charm. And these seasons also requires few changes in our wardrobes. As the winters are on its peak and snow fall has covered our northern areas and with each passing day temperature is decreasing more and more. To save you from this freezing period our different fashion icons are busy is introducing Winter Dresses collections and today we have brought a collection that belongs to a very well known name of Pakistani fashion.
We are talking about Alkaram Winter Collection 2017 Vol-2 that is going to hit the stores on 5th December. She-Styles Fabric Store has started taking Pre-booking of the dresses on full advance payment , you can book your designs by contacting us at 00923340304060 and 00923453043179. 
Alkaram's this newly released catalogue includes 60+ mesmerizing articles that are divided in different categories. Al Karam Winter 2016-17 Vol-2 are nourished with catchy vintage, geometric, chintz

 Mina Hasan Designer Collection 2017: A girl should be two, fashionable and classy; and when it comes to class and sophistication today's woman do not compromise on her style. They keep extra care of their clothing style so they won't look goody. Our fashion designers are aware of this perception of today's women that's why they offer elegant and stylish casual, semi formal and formal wear dresses. We have many big names in the field of fashion designing in Pakistan; One of them is Mina Hasan. Mina Hasan is has joined the fashion industry in 2002, she offers alluring and regal articles for women. Her signature style is very rich and decent as she belongs to a royal family back ground. It's been a long period since she is working with Shariq Textiles for their Designer Chiffon collection. Recently Shariq has reveled another collection of Embroidered Fabrics that is designed by Mina Hasan.

Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabrics 2017 

This freshly released catalogue of Mina Hasan includes 10 distinctive designs of Embroidered Chiffon articles that are designed for the wedding parties of winter season. From light shades to classy black and royal blue; many eye catching hues have been introduced by the designer. Mina Hasan has used pure chiffon fabrics and adorned it with colourful thread work and fancy embroideries. Moreover the designing style of Mina Hasan's this collection is not very different from previous ones except few designs. After Maria B Saree we are seeing the trend of introducing saree is getting common and now Mina Hasan has also

There was a time when leather jackets, sweaters and cots were used to save ourselves from the freezing weather, but with the passage of time the trends has got amazing change and now you do not need to wear these things to save yourself from freezing cold. Our modern Fashion Designers and brands are here to help us to look stylish and feel warm in winters by wearing there trendy and colourful outfits. Today we have brought one of the most wanted collection of the current season that soon going to hit the fashion stores. This is none other than Al-Zohaib Wintry Breeze Shawl Collection 2016. This is another master piece collection of Al-Zohaib Textiles that will surely going to give tough competition to Sana Safinaz Shawl Collection. This time Al-Zohaib has nailed it by offering the most appealing colors, rich patterns and captivating shawls along with embroidered motifs. Moreover the lovely yet slight dark combination of hues has made the collection beyond our expectations. Al-Zohaib Wintry Breeze 2016-17 articles are clear reflection of feminine

In the constellation on several winter catalogues here Sana Safinaz presents one of the most beautiful and classy collection of the season. SANA SAFINAZ WINTER SHAWL COLLECTION 2016 is an ode to modern sophistication infused with a touch of the whimsical. Spun in a ultra luxurious Cotton Slub and complemented with shawls articles in the softest cashmere that Sana Safinaz brings you to your seasonal dose of glamour with a little added edge. For the timeless yet contemporary Sana Safinaz woman who exudes undeniable finesses. Sana Safinaz this collection a perfect example of modern trends combined with classy style that are always in fashion. Bold yet ethnic Embroidered Shawl Dresses are perfect to make you look stylish in freezy days and evenings. Indulge in bold prints and embroidery in an array of infused colour combinations

Modern women of Pakistan are crazy for WOW tagged apparels, because they want to look beautiful and inspiring in every stage of life. So they always seem busy in search for a fashion that provides them all advantages that are necessary to look modern, prominent and stylish. Edenrobe is the brand which offers all the ultimate fashion attributes in its collections. Newly launched Edenrobe Winter Collection 2016 is offering same essentials under the umbrella of Edenrobe. In this winter range, Edenrobe has focused on bringing winter casual yet semi formal wear dresses with ethnicity, femininity and simplicity. Edenrobe have faith that simplicity can go on with everything hence in Edenrobe Winter Unstitched Dresses 2017 they have mainly achieved the vision by pouring simple and graceful theme. They have taken inspiration from vintage trends and mixed on dresses with modern ideas to add bit luxury touch. 

 Edenrobe Winter Embroidered Linen 2016-17

Edenrobe winter formal dresses have delicate touch of fancy crafts all over the fabric and intricate motifs and patches ornament. Edenrobe's this newly launched catalogue includes English color blends with eastern array which has awarded the new glow and charm to attires. Moreover, the tailoring with latest twist such as

This winter season to make your formal events more classy Serene presents a very special Royal Majestic Chiffon catalogue 2016. Serene's this newly released collection is a perfect blend of charismatic designs and fascinating embellishments that go perfect with any formal event. Although Serene is not a very old name in the field of Pakistani fashion but in a very short time frame this brands has proved that it is not difficult to take over the fashion screens with new ideas and hard work. Serene Premium Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2016 Vol-2 is another master piece catalogue that will soon hit the fashion store. In this volume Serene has introduced trendy yet sophisticated articles that are adorned with delicate thread work, alluring motifs and modern sewing techniques. From simple straight shirt to Embroidered Tail Shirts, frocks and

Every changing season, demand us to bring variety into our closets. And different fashion brands help us to get an idea that what we can pick to make trendy and colorful closet. Orient Textiles is also assisting them that what is good and lovely for fall/winter fashion. In this newly re;leased catalogue of orient Linen Limited Edition 2017 of winter trends, Orient presents  linen printed and embroidered articles in limited range collections. Orient Linen 2016 collection includes wide designs of linen that have been defined into two styles. It is very lively yet delicate designer range. It carries femininely described printed fabric with minimal embroidery detail on neck, borders and sleeves. The colors and contrasts are very unique in Orient Linen 2016 that can add allure and charisma with its simple statement defined trends. 

Orient Winter Collection 2016-17 Limited Edition

All the capsules of this collections have strong ethnic look. Moreover folk inspired prints combined with delicate embroidery and appealing colours are looking perfect to wear in winters. One of the most prominent

In winter season sometimes it gets difficult to attend a wedding party or any other event by wearing trendy formal wears. As we could not save ourselves from the freezing cold by wearing chiffon, silk or net dresses. And wearing jackets , shawls and other winter stuff can destroy our perfect diva look. But now can look stylish in freezing cold weather too by wearing Mahiymaan Formals 2016. As you be aware of the Al-Zohaib Textiles that is very famous for its must have dresses for every season. From Kalyan to Mahnoor, Anum to Tabasum Mughal, and from ZebAisha to Ayesa Zara; Al-Zohaib always tries to attract the women with wide range of rich, classy and trendy casual and formal dresses. This winter season to give you a perfect wintery look, Al-Zohaib has brought an amazing range of Mahiyaan Chiffon Collection 2016. This is the first ever formal collection that is launched under the hood of Mahiymaan and Al-Zohaib has nailed it completely.

Al-Zohaib Mahiymaan formal range features elegant chiffon articles that are ornated with fancy embroidery, beautiful motifs and amazing craftsmanship ideas.

Mahiymaan Winter Formal 2016 Collection

This newly released catalogue includes 12 luxurious Party wear articles that are available in a perfect and

Chiffon, Silk, Net 2017 by Nilofer Shahid: Nilofer Shahid's latest chiffon collection for Ittehad spins magic on Shakespeare's medieval tale; that of passion and romance, of beauty and splendor called 'SHAKESPEAREAN LOVE.'
Nilofer Shahid's Formal Wear collection for House Of Ittehad, is truly a master piece collection of the current season, because the stunningly unique seasonal collection is set in a colour palette that varies between subtle to bold, signifying how a women shuttles between incognito to prominence.
The legendary designer's newest catalogue for Ittehad has been shot at the historical Quaid-E-Azam library that depicts an all white architecture, reminiscent of Shakespeare's late romance-that signified internist drama which ultimately ended on a happy romantic note. It's a transition from black to white, from melancholy to contentment.
Nilofer Shahid Winter Formal Collection 2016-17 encompasses not just beauty but power, mystery,

Khaadi, A name that speaks the language of ethnicity transformed into modern trends in a very catchy style. It a brand that represent our traditional clothing style in a very decent and sophisticated manner. It always offer something very chic yet elegant for today's modern women and girls to make their femininity more prominent. This winter season Khaadi has did the same and brought a very lavish range of Embroidered Winter Dresses that are perfect to make your winter wardrobe classy. Khaadi Winter collection 2016 Vol-1 includes a huge range of embroidered and printed linen, khaddar and cambric fabrics that are divided into 2 piece and three piece dresses. Khaadi's winter articles are embellished with eye catching prints, delicate Kashmiri embroideries and perfect wintry hues that will make your feel energetic in the dull days of winter. From very light shades to classy lack almost every most likeable colour of the season is available in Khaadi Winter Catalog 2016.
Although Khaadi has introduced a very massive catalogue but each dress of this collection has something new and special. Like in Khaadi winter 3 piece dresses you will find wide range of shawls like Pashmina Shawls, woolen shawls and Palachi shawls etc. While in 2 piece dresses wide range of embroidered and

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