November 2015
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Sweaters, Scarves, Over coats, Jackets, Long shoes, Socks are accessories of winter clothing by wearing which everyone gets warm feelings in chilled weather but after wearing all these necessary elements of winter clothing one gives an overemphasized and packed look.  And the problem arises when you want to have sophisticated and elegant look; Like you have to attend a tea-party or you have to go for some outing with your family or friends etc; On such celebration ladies hardly wrap themselves with sweaters, Scarves or other winter accessories. To overcome these critical condition

Add some phenomenal colors of winter in your winter wardrobe that will give new life to your closet and make it inspiring for every one by adding Thredz newly launched  Autumn/ Winter Unstitched Collection 2015-16. Every season has its own beauty and needs whether we talk about fall winter or autumn, summer every spell of nature requires some changes in our lives. When it comes to clothing we have to re-arrange our closet every season to get prepare for it. Like this winter we have seen various collection of winter dresses but all of them are not perfect for us as we have our own likes and dislikes. Today we are going to share a special catalogue of the current season that will grab your attention because of its appealing colors,

After getting blasting response on Charizma Luxury Winter Vol-5 2015-16 Now Riaz Arts is back again on the screen of fashion world to win our hearts with his another sensational collection of winter season. After introducing huge range of winter formal suits under the hood of Charizma Now Riaz Arts has decided to bring something new in Nation Winter Collection2015-16. As we all know that in Charisma Luxury Winter Vol-5 team of designers have artistically adorned the collection with chiffon fabric but this time the creative team of Riaz arts has used warm fabrics by keeping in view of winter season and decorated shirts with detailed embroidery and shawls with pastel shades. Riaz arts is one of the leading fashion brand in Pakistan textile

This season is all about mixing it up with your regular patterns, ethnic cum modern embroidery, splendid hues and rich winter shawls. We can get all these fascinating features from Shariq Textiles Exclusive Winter Shawl Collection 2015-16 which is going to flourish the fashion world very soon. As we all know that chilled weather has captured every corner of Pakistan and has raised the need of such fabrics by wearing which we can get warm feelings. To fulfill our needs our designers are trying to throw such thick and warm fabrics in fashion market which will not only help to make us feel cozy but also adds the charm in our personality. Shariq is also one of the famous names in textile industry who is giving a tough time to its competitors in this winter marathon.  From the start of winter

Maria B the leading fashion super star of Pakistan fashion industry is finally ready to add colours of winter and warmness of linen in your wardrobe with her sizzling range of Maria.B Winter Linen 2015-16. Like many other fashion icons the real diva of our fashion industry has reveled the launching date of her upcoming embroidered linen collection. She-Styles feels honored to share this collection exclusively with our valued fans and visitors. Maria B is known as to be the designer of dull and boring hues; she loves dark and dull colours and always introduce such shades with slightly light combination. But  this year Maria B has brought a very

Let's Get draped into the colors of winter by Sania Maskatiya Alkaram Winter Collection 2015-16, the two dominating names of Pakistan fashion industry who have flawlessly collaborated to adorn your winter wardrobe with Winter unstitched Dresses & Pret Wear Dresses. Sania Maskatiya is one of the famous female fashion designer who is astonishing fashion house of Pakistan with her sublime and majestic working pattern; whereas Alkaram is another fashion brand who needs no intro. As we all know that this is the second collection of Sania Maskatiya and Alkaram Studio. This year Al-karam shook hand with Sania Maskatiya instead of Umar Sayeed to design their upcoming collections. Sania is  again unmistakable in designing this luxurious winter Ready to wear & Unsitch Collection 2015 for the trend followers. As the name of this catalogue shows that it contains unstitched dresses and Ready to wear dresses so the ladies who fails to find extra time to

Today we will discuss about Al-Zohaib Wintery Breeze 2015-16, the name Al-Zohaib always brings in our mind aesthetic sense of clothing with some contemporary and modish patterns. The reason of being always preferred and loved is uniqueness, distinctive styles and comfortable fashion with trendy concept, that’s why ladies of all age groups blindly follows Al-Zohaib Textiles clothing to have a charming look in any season. After getting amazing response on Al-Zohaib embroidered tunics & trousers 2015 now Al Zohaib is all set to

To attenuate the chillness of December and January, Designers have initiated revealing Pashmina Shawls and woolen shawls in their winter collections. Pashmina and woolen shawls are one of the most demanding and paramount accessory of winter season for hundreds of years. No one knows really that who invented these winter shawls for the first time, but the recorded history tells that these winter woolen shawls were initiated from ancient India when people of Kashmir started making fine fabric from goat’s wool. They were later known as Kashmiri shawls and with the passage of time demand of these

Enter into the world of fashion with Lala's  another exciting winter range of Sana Samia Khaddi Embroidered 2015 With Woolen Shawls that will surely capture your attention and make your heart fall in love with attractive colors and rich prints. In winter it is very important to wear such colors that adds to our energy and make us feel refresh and delighted. Wearing dull and boring shades decrease our energy and gives us somber look. Lala's this newly launch catalogue is all about lavish colors that are especially introduced by the designer to spice up our winter wardrobe. This is the second edition of Sana & Samia Khaddi Winter Collection 2015-2016 that  features

When the word celebration comes it brings various things in females mind, either these are ladies costume or other fashion accessories.  Especially Pakistani females who remain fervent   about parties and functions and wants to choose a right party wear. In Pakistan weddings and parties gives a traditional eastern look because of ancient rituals and customs. Same is the case with females clothing, though in retinue life young generation usually follow the western trend by wearing jeans, trousers and tops etc but when they have to attend the parties or weddings girls always choose shalwar kameez, frocks with chori dar pajama, kutis of various styles which are  close to our traditions and  heritage. As per demand of customers Pakistani designers designs such elegant and exquisite outfits with flawless deliberation of modern and ancient

Let’s look back into the time of our grand-parents, a couple of decades ago there was a time when our grand-mothers and aunts prefer to wear tunics in their daily retinue as well as on different occasions. On different Occasions and celebrations they used to garnish their tunics with hand-embroidery whereas some preferred to adorned their tunics by using moti, sitara, gota and other motifs as per their choice. But with the passage of time this fashion has gone with it's all excitement and some new clothing styles have been introduced in women’s wear. And now if you observe, you will see that the fashion of our grand-mother is

House Of Ittehad Winter Embroidered Shawls 2016 Vol-2: When word wedding comes in our mind it brings various kind of rituals in our mind no matter from which continent  of the world that wedding is related, and if you observe wedding ceremony of sub-continent like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc you will find that weddings of these countries are full of traditions and customs. And the masses of sub-continent proves the eminence of these rituals by practicing them, side by side with these rituals one of the most essential thing about which everyone remains zealous is the clothing according to particular event. Because on ubtan, mehndi and mayo ladies prefer to  wear some traditional dresses with astonishing and exciting colours like  Mehndi-green, Yellow, Bottle green, Dull golden  and maroon etc,  whereas on Barat and valima they ornament themselves with modern cum traditional attires. We all know

Pareesa By Chen One Winter Dresses 2016: Pareesa is a sub-brand of Chen one who has set their distinct identity in fashion house of Pakistan in a very little duration. Versatility in prints, patterns, composition and trimming styles are the major components of its art through which Pareesa amaze its customers. As Pareesa is ideal to reflect ethnicity with amalgamation of unique patterns and natural hues that’s why it remains the first choice of fashionistas when they visits stores and markets. And today we have Pareesa Winter Embroidered Collection 2016 which is embodiment of natural hues with some ethnic composition.

Mausummery La Neve Embroidered Unstitched Linen 2015-2016 is out now; Mausammery is one of the famous fashion retailers who have earned triumph in fashion house of Pakistan in a limited time span by introducing flawless and solo designs of women’s wear. That’s why ladies remains enthusiastic about Mausummery Seasonal collection and today I am going to inaugurate you with a lavishing fashion magazine of Mausummery in which the designers have amazed the fashionistas by offering  splendid floral embroidery, ultra chic designs and sensational beauty of colors in a  very reasonable range of price.

After getting overwhelming response from the viewers  for summer collection Shariq is back again to conquer the fashion screen with its brand new Rabea Designer Shawl Collection 2106. Shariq and Rabea both need no intro,  as both of them are dominating name of Pakistani fashion. This winter season Shariq has decided to give tough competition to other big fashion fishes of Pakistan that is why they are launching one after another spectacular winter catalogues for women.

Few days ago Shariq has launched its mouth-watering Subhata Fall Winter Linen Collection 2015 which was based on linen fabric and digital prints whereas Shariq's this latest winter catalogue is totally different from Subhata because of its intricate embroidery, steady prints and bright and bold hues . We all know that Shariq discriminates its working

The fashion of wearing kurtis will never gets old and our Pakistani ladies will never get bored of wearing Kurtis/Tunics because of stunning fashion icons are introducing some extraordinary changes and innovations in simple tunics. First in summer season and now in winters too we have seen some very rich and aesthetic collections of kurtis that were truly trend setting collections of that season. But today we have brought a very special collection of Winter Embroidered Tunics With Trousers that is not only warm and cozy but also full of modern trimming styles along with rich embellishments. This collection is designed by none other than a very famous name of fashion called

After amusing the customers with Egyptian, Victorian cambric dresses and Indonesian linen, Lala is back again with Sana  Saima Winter Collection 2015-2016. As Lala itself is a female fashion brand therefore they tries to bring some phenomenal art for women community to show their feminine side and peculiar taste of dressing. Lala is unmistakable again while introducing this ethnic fashion magazine to ladies as it is full of traditional prints close to our heritage with amalgamation of some modern ornamentation. It is Sana & Samia Khaddi Prints 2016 that features pure designs of khaddi made dresses clubbed with warm khaddi woolen shawls.

Thredz Autumn/Winter Collection 2015-16:
This fall stock the best of all times fabric showcase of Thredz Winter Collection 2015-2016 in your winter closet for looking stunning and startling. The winter season is the suitable yet commemorating season for the weddings, as the weather appears to be perfect for the bride, who is helpless compelled to bare the load for heavy and weighed bridal dress and the metallic jewelry. Well most of our families preferably arrange the wedding ceremony be held in winter season and for this, they try to check in the appropriate date to get this auspicious event done. This is the month of November going which is declares that the winter are finally arrive and now you are all set to have a

Cast an eye on the soulful apparel of this season’s most praised trousseau showcase of LSM Fabrics Winter Collection 2016 and make wish to have this couture in your wardrobe solution to live up this winter up to the level of relishes. Well this article might get a little diverted from the actual topic which is winter dresses, fashion, weather, colors and what’s new released in the fashion updates, because we can talk upon these caption every time but its time to take care of your skin and face. As in the winters, we have a lot of skin problems, chapped skin, dryness, chill blain, wrinkles and what not, but all these problems can be overcome by proper cleansing and moistening exercises along with the workouts which helps to speed up the blood circulation through out your body. Because they say that if you are attiring yourself sharply but your skin does not seem to be looking good in condition then all your charm would be vaporized just like water drops. In

Stimulates and pump up the clothing rush in your veins this winter by the exclusive floral trench with Origin’s Origins Floral Ecstasy - F/W'15 Collection. The winter ensembles of, not so flamboyant, opulent drapes are often featured with the autumnally peculiar theme of neutral, dull, and eye absorbing tints, spring inspired flowy kurtis styles, capes, woolen and velvet shrugs; befitted tights and palazzos; wholly adorned pashmina shawls and other comfortable and easy to carry accessories along with. Black, cream, browns, navy blues, and grey most celebrated, and mostly the crimson family is supposed to be the soul of every winter wear collection.

Gul Ahmed Ramie Silk Karandi Collection 2015-16: There was a time when people use to wear dresses embellished with floral prints only but  with the rapid progress in textile industry designers have invented some more prints like folk prints, paisley printing, Block printing and many others for the female community , by using advanced technologies. The journey never stops here because now architecture and nature are also introducing through printing in outfits and it is Gul Ahmed who has launched  Nature and architecture inspired Winter Dresses 2016.
Gul Ahmed Winter Ramie Silk & Karandi Collection 2015 is a luxurious catalogue regarding use of

Maria.B Winter Embroidered Cotton 2015:
Wear style this winter with the graceful line of Maria B’ s embroidered capsule of Maria B Winter Cotton Collection 2016. Particulars of the winter fashion trends are revolving around the features which support the changing spice of the frosty weather of fall. I happened to have a window shopping fetish with a bunch of my buddies in the nearby suburb of my area and had a keen glance on the sartorial assortments this season has brought along with it. Woolen and velvet shrugs, capes, shawls, cardigans and linen apparels with the bottoming instances of metallic

Live a glamorous winter and wear a flawlessly amazing fashion line of Areeba Saleem Peach Leather & Jacquard Shawl 2015-16. Fashion is all about innovation. We loathe monotony in our wardrobe solutions and do not like to wear the same recurring cuts and apparel, as it dulls our mood and taste. Novel ideas, individual attires, fashionable tailoring assortments and one of a kind coloration schemes attract us and make us to crave for these. This is very encouraging and impressive that these trends are being put forward by the new blood, which is kept on adding in the fashion industry in the rapid pace. Being got the training from the recent and modern, up to the minute fashion designing institute and studying the contemporary designing

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