October 2015
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Mausummery Winter Linen 2015:
Say a roof shattering hello to this season’s transfixed Mausummery’s tagged catalogue of Mausummery Winter Linen Collection 2015. Seeking for this season’s wearing solutions for your informal college or university going routine, then yes, you are on the right page and you are reading the right content. The most detailed wardrobe way out is waiting for you in the stores with the trimming options of 2 piece digital Printed kurtis style which can be wore in any casual sitting with ease and coziness. Back then, kurti attitude was thought to be dedicated only to the summer spice of fashion but now, in the present, has been defined likewise for the winter wardrobe with some funky and opulent toting up of shawl mufflers. And if this dressing code is adjective with the mix and match of dark and bright colors to make this timeless couture

It's time to choose the best styling option this winter for your outward appearance with the sensational yet opulent catalogue of Lala Classic Linen Winter Collection 2015. No arguments or objections should be raised on this saying that a brand shows and justify its sublime existence by its own self. We do not have to tell that we are attiring a significant and well-known brand which is earthy costing. No, straight No.
if we go through each and every detail of each and single feature then this article might turned out to be booklet because Lala Textiles has a lot to offer in this single niche of Lala Classic Linen Winter Collection 2015. the outburst of neural shades of cream, rusty brown, algae green, grey, black, and

Firdous Winter Collection 2015-16: Be the lady of glam and attitude with the timeless couture of Firdous Paris Linen 2015-16. Unleash the opulence form your winter wardrobe in the sort of elegant hues of winter spice and enlighten your personality with these colors in order to look different and individual in your communal circle. The dark and dull tints of fall season are actually the signifies pointing towards the freedom that now you can enjoy your tan complexion without any fear or restriction. I could never reckon that why people are so ungrateful towards the dark and dull colors, in fact I think they enhance and contour your facial features along with enhance and lighten up you complexion and make you pretty more than you use to be in the regular casual days. And seriously and solemnly, these sort of colors are in spite way more vivacious and animate than the gentle

This winter, live young and fresh with the relish concepts of Alkaram Rangon Ki Dunya Winter Collection 2015. This fall try the new styling options of a mix match of fantabulous western and eastern clothing attitudes, which are dime a dozen in the every single niche of the artisans and fashion labels. Change is good and this is the slogan of this spice’s releasing catalogues which are loaded with the novel clothing ideas of craftsmanship. The outlandish contemplation of Pashmina Shawls, Linen, Karandi Dresses, embroidered Kurtis assembles, and bottom cuts are this seasons VIP arrivals in the wardrobe choices, a way more better dresses’ range to choose from for the formal and casual settings. Due to the availability of these never had before trousseau instances, this fall, a considerable number of clienteles are paying visit to the outlets of the

This fall go giddily graceful with the fabulous array of Cross Stitch Fall/Winter Ready To Wear 2015, a proud presentation of the house of Cross Stitch Clothing. In summer mostly people avoid to arrange an attend any sorts of parties, in the scalding atmosphere, no on one obviously feels like having get together, as no one wants to eat a full time buffet of gourmet cuisine and loaded with a formally and heavily gilded outfit with a load of jewelry. Nonetheless of this, the people are more likely to throw parties and other formal and casual gathering in winters, so that they enjoy whatever they want to attire up and doesn't matter whatsoever they crave to eat as the party menu. But if we have mentioned the terms attire, outfits, formal and gathering, then only one mother term strikes our mind all of a sudden and that is ladies who never miss such parties and public events.

Taana Baana Winter Collection 2015 Vol-2: Its time to get warm up with Taana Baana’s haughty fall-winter catalogue of Taana Baana Winter Collection 2015 Vol-2. I bet that there is no one any better than our fashion designers in predicting about the weather that what and how it will going to be fallen on us in the coming days of nearly-going-to-be-over year of 2015. I have down pat that it was the month of September when the artisan started to launch the showcase of their respected winter wear collection in the fabrication of warm stuff like that of cambric, linen and wintry cotton under the description of Midsummer or Pre-winter. And it was un-expected and abrupt for the fashion critics that a hoard of ladies were found to be eager to have these winter outfits in their closets and wardrobes. Anyhow, right after a month, as present, there was an altogether

Khaadi Winter - Ode to Flora 2016: Pay an ode to autumnal spice with the transfixed couture of Khaadi Ode to Flora 2015 for Winter. I sometimes, in fact and even most of the time, cannot reckon out that why we always have to flatter every single niche of every single clothing designer or dressing label, whether it is having worthy enough styling features to praise or not. These virtually novel and so called unique or one of a kind attributed Winter Embroidered Dresses collections are profoundly and certainly highly wrought with that same and monotonously inspired floral patterns. The same embellished necklines, the all the way familiar back panel prints, the recurring imprints of laced damans have made the people less desperate and fed

It's the time to take a decision;  What you want in new season to fill your wardrobe? If you still not decided then don't you worry our today Orient Autumn Winter 2015-16 Collection offers an assortment of glamorous prints and patterns that forge an unmistakable style statement with contemporary silhouettes and warm tonal palettes.

Five Star Winter Cambric Collection 2015:
Make a difference this fall with the fervent semblance of shalwar kameez compilation of Five Star Winter Classic Cambric 2015. In the ancient times, the people celebrate and welcome the seasons y arranging some carnivals and fares and have revelry and merry making together. But now in the modern, in fact post-modern times, we celebrate the arrival of any season by going to the market places and buy the first and latest designer or label collection of the season and making the outfitters draw profit from what they created. In the summer, we welcome the spring season by wearing the brand new and designer jorha of lawn and chiffon and in the winters we say

Shariq Feminine Winter Shawls2015-16: The winter is the celebratory season to welcome the seasonally bestowed apparel of shawls and there is one label, who has dedicated its entire fall sartorial collection upon this very wintry and frosty drape of shawls in its about to be launched catalogue of Feminine Luxury Shawl Collection 2015, and that clothing brand is none other than Shariq Textiles. On the whole, shawl is the peculiar dressing code of the northern expanses of our country and mostly delineated in the existence by handcraft. The skilled hands of striving housewives, who have set up the cottage factories at their

Élan's latest Luxury Pret "Fall In Luxe' Collection 2015-16 is an exceptional addition that contains very elegant, stylish and funky printed silk .This luxury pret series is bit different from all our previous winter 2015 collections. Bold  and beautiful hues, chic patterns and trendsetting designs have made the dresses admirable. In this collection you will find the best and stylish winter tops, tunics, kurtis and suits that meets your unique needs.

"Riaz Arts" is a dominating name of fashion; He does not need any intriduction as he gas proved himself by creative ideas and rich signature style. Riaz Arts is a founder of many splendid fashion brands such as Charizma, Plush and nation etc. Almost every brand of Riaz Arts is equally famous in fashion market and his collection always gets sensational response from fashion lovers. Couple of weeks ago Riaz Arts had reveled his most famous collection of Charizma Winter 2015 collection and he is back on the screen of fashion with his other scintillating catalog of Nation Winter Linen 2015 Vol-1. As the fabric is telling us that this collection is designed specially for the season of winter that is why he has used high quality linen fabric to give the wearer feeling of warmth.

Thredz Winter Collection 2015-2016: Today we have brought an exclusive black & white semi formal dress collection 2015 for our shia community who are celebrating Muharram with love, respect and sadness. The first tenth day of Muharram  is the day of Ashura, in which Shia attend various Majlis, Jolus, Matam and other sanctified gathering.  In Muharram ul haram Shia people only wears black dresses. For this holy occasion our team is trying to share latest and exceptional

Ittehad Royal Embroidered Fall/Winter Collection 2015-16:
The neo-classicism in the fashion trends have negated with the recently launched niche of Ittehad Winter Collection 2015, which has all the sufficing features your wardrobe, can ever be filled with. Framing and encapsulating the natural density of a woman’s innate aura is a tricky part when it comes to designing an article or apparel. The women’s-wear must entrails some elements depicting femininity and the dresses must be seemed as if they are meant for ladies not for the tomboyish girls. The colors, gentleness in the cuts, vivaciousness, captivation of the womanhood persona and glamor are considering indents, essentially and recursively needed for assembling a catalogue for

Today we are  present with a surprise collection of Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World to provide latest fashion updates at first and win our viewers heart. HKFW Flora Winter Collection 2015-16 has not yet officially introduced, so you will not see these exclusive wonderful winter designs 2015 on other sites / blogs.

Get the latest and classic palette of winter clothing fiesta with the recently arrived catalogue of Shanzay Khaddar Winter Collection 2015-16 Vol-1. Karachi is the only city we have here in Pakistan which is considered to be Hub of every active activities and trends. Economic and financial portal, media centralized center, socially manipulative city with the quarter of our population living there in Karachi with all the comforts and coziness of life; are the attributes we can associate with our beloved city of Karachi. But most importantly,all the up-to-the-minute fashion trends regarding clothing and other vogues are generating from this particular city. Apart from this the Karachi Di Kuriyan are famous and admired by their descent and chic dressing taste and wit that are to a large extent are brand conscious, providing the designers ample opportunity to exhibit their creative talent and earn a lucrative position in the fashion market. Ajwa Textiles, a renowned textile company, also has its origin from Karachi city and is distributing its products all across the country and abroad as well. Ajwa Textiles has currently announced the launching date of its fantabulous wardrobe of Shanzay Khaddar 2016 which will drive all the ladies crazy to have it for winter wardrobe.

Gul Ahmed Latest Lawn Fashion 2015: In different areas or cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Sindh and Baluchistan summer is still remain,  on the other hand  in the rest of the country like Punjab, Kashmir and Northern area the weather has changed. Due to the dissimilarity in temperature Pakistani fashion markets are filled from variety of summer lawn clothes and winter clothes. In the beginning of winter each and every brand and designer offers thick fabric collection

Say welcome to the wedding season with a rich and regal collection of Tena Durani, Luxury Pret 2015-16. On the weddings and some special occasion ladies always wants to have a ravishing and gorgeous  look by ornamenting their selves with some unique outfits, and for these distinctive dresses they rushes toward the market. But Tena has saved us from wandering in the markets by launching Muse Luxury Formals Fusion 15 Campaign which contains some modern, intricate and  luxurious dresses .

The word Fusion is indicating that the whole wardrobe is actually a blend of Western and Eastern culture, as Lehanga Choli and Sari is representing the eastern touch whereas Maxi Dresses paired with the crop top is reflecting a western look. Swarsoki embellished Cholis pair with detailed decorative lehangas with some

Warda Designer Winter Catalog 2015/16: Fashion industry is growing with a rapid pace  and every designer and brand tries to bring something catchy and innovative from the other fashion icons.  Among Pakistani designers Warda is a big name who is contributing in dress designing since 2006. She always tries to bring some new elements in dress designing and because of innovation in her work she has gained popularity and fame in few years among the fashion followers. By keeping in view the climate changes recently she has launched a huge collection for the upcoming freezy winter season under the umbrella of Warda Winter Collection 2016.
Warda's this collection is actually a mixture of eastern and western dresses  which is adorned with the floral

‎Today we are present with one more mega launch of Alkaram Studio. I Love Pret Winter Catalog 2015-16 is new ready to wear line of Alkaram in which you can see different kinds of trendy, smart and stylish designer shirts, Kurtis and tunics. Some of the shirts have been presented in round daman or U shape daman style and some are in simple straight cut and loose short shirt design.

Lala Classic Linen Volume-1 2015-16: Lala is continuously presenting its winter collections 2015 due to the demands and needs of ‎weather change. Lala Winter Collection 2015-16 is based on various types of thick, cozy and soft winter fabrics which will provide feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation to the wearer in frosty days of winter. LALA Textile Winter Linen 2015-16 Catalog / Collection

Printed Indonesian Linen Dresses 2016: Lala is one of those textile industries of Pakistan that introduce several collections every season but they do not sacrifice on quality and brings something new and exotic every-time. Like-always this season Lala has brought many out standing collections of winter season including linen, cotton, khaddar etc. In last couple of weeks we have seen some tremendous collections of difference fabrics of different countries that were all produced by none other than Lala. Such as Egyptian Cotton, classic linen, classic cotton and now they are back in limelight with Indonesian Printed Linen 2015.
We can see that blaxk colour is dominating the recent catalog of Lala Winter Indonesian Linen Collection 2015-16. The theme behind this collection is love for the sorrows, miseries, and for the

It's a perfect time for those ladies who likes Anarakli suits or Anarkali style of dresses, Because   recently Sitra Textile has released  Anarkali Linen 2015-2016 Winter Collection. So anarkali lovers now you will find your favorite anrakali design in seasonal  cambric, cotton and linen collections. These winter clothes are  versatile, elegant and modern too.

Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Chiffon Collection 2015-16 :Amna Ismail is not a very new name in fashion industry, she has been working since last two year ; and in this short period she has gained amazing popularity  just because of her incredible designs and work. She is known for her Formal Wear Dresses among fashionable ladies and now she is back with some ethnic yet modern Semi Stitched Chiffon dresses for the formal needs of winter closet. These chiffon dresses are meant for the occasions and parties therefore Amna has designed these dresses in traditional style.

Amna Ismail Winter Semi Collection 2016 dresses are designed in traditional style but these dresses are also modified under the current fashion and trends, So one who likes to wear traditional dresses with the

Motifz Winter Collection 2015-2016: If we look back to last two decades we will observe that our grand-mothers use to wear tunics  in their routine and also prefer for the parties; but  with the passage of time this fashion has gone and since last 4 to 5 years designers tries to design those tunics by adding some attractive features and follows the fashion of early nineteen And now  we have  a great collections of casual and formal wear wear tunics that are perfect for women of all age groups.
Today we have a special and luxurious collection of Formal Wear Tunics that is designed by a very famous fashion brand of Pakistan called Motifz under the umbrella of Motifz Stitched Digital Formal Tunics 2015-16.

Khaadi Western Prêt / Khaadi Eastern Pret 2016: Khaadi Pret is style guide line for modern  ladies, in which the brand provides wide variety of clothes for everyone. So this winter season get your perfect ready to wear winter outfits from Khaadi Winter Pret Collection 2015-2016, that are fit for any occasion.

NL Winter Collection 2015-16 Vol-1:
Luxury, ethnic, khaddar, linen, embroidery, sheerness, dazzles and beauty are the key words which we can use in order to elucidate a winter couture of Nishat Linen’s winter catalog. Festivity of any season is reflected by the gilded-ness of the embellishments, legality of the clothing fabric, exuberance of the designs, novelty of the cuts, and ostentatious coloring schemes, pertaining to the specificity of the event. Winters exclusive trousseaus are fashioned by this extravagant sartorial fashion brand which is focused with the major to minor detail of the attitude.
This winter season Nishat gives you a chance to redefine your winter wardrobe with NL Nisha Winter Khaddar Linen Collection 2015 Vol 1 that incorporates lush textures, premium-quality

Rashid Winter Linen 2015-16: Some time it’s become immensely difficult for the ladies who visit market in search of such kind of dresses which they can carry easily in their routine and which can give themselves an attractive and trendy look. Especially in that situation when there is a high competition in textile industries and markets are flooded with designer’s dresses. It is a laborious task for the ladies to choose the right dresses in reasonable price which does not distuerb their budget. By resolving all these issues Rashid Textile has helped the ladies by introducing various catalogs of Winter Collection 2015-2016 in economical prices.
Recently Rashid has launched Gloria Linen Digital Prints 2015 For Winter. Rashid's this catalogue contains number of dresses of various styles and prints; In which the designer has used multiple hues in contrast with light and dark shades to give the attires catchy look. Moreover the smart use of Digital Prints have enhanced the charm of the dresses. As we all know Linen is the best fabric to wear in winters but when it comes to designer linen suits mostly our fashion icons introduce linen dresses in simple floral prints; but Rashid textile has introduced great diversity in winter linen dresses by garnishing them with modern digital technique. Rashid Textiles Winter Gloria Linen Dresses 2015 are designed and stylized in a very unique and inspiring style. Especially the selection of prints is mesmerizing and it features some very fine and eye catching prints.

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