September 2015
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Bareeze Fall Winter Collection 2015-16 incorporates some stylish, smart and most contemporary winter formal dresses that keep you cozy  and warmth without looking too bulky.  All the outfits of this fall-winter collection 2015 are the modified version of traditional Pakistani shalwar suits that will certainly help to offer a fresh and stylish look to the wearer. Bareeze Embroidered Classic Winter Collection 2015 is complete and amazing winter range that based on handcrafted Khadi,  Linen, Khaddar  and Cotton pieces. 

Indian Frock Designs 2015-2016: The Indian beauty is happened to be the most celebrated, dreamed about, desired and embraced beauty of rest of the beauties of world. Solemnly and seriously, the ladies belong to this regions are bestowed with the natural gift of beauty twice and even thrice than other women of different regions, as the climate and other factors and phenomena serve them in the favor of their facial features, their color complexions and even their physique as well, and the color complexion they possess, does not need to the masked or overshadowed by the artificiality of makeup and cosmetics, as the girls of western realm are desperately

Lala Sana & Samia Egyptian Cotton Satin Collection is superior addition of Lala Textile that includes stylish, classy and luxurious three piece Egyptian cotton suits with Bamber Chiffon Dupatta. These Lala winter cotton designs has been adorned with exquisite embroidery, thread work, laces and prints. After Lala Vintage Kurti Stole Collection 2015 this is another heart touching and spectacular trends of Lala that is designed for coming  winter 2015 seasons. Sana Samia Winter Egyptian Cotton Collection 2015 by Lala

So Kamal Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2015-2016:
Behold illumine of the latest and up-to-the-minute catalogue of So Kamal Fall Winter 3 PC Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2015-16. It is such a delight for me that after having written the articles all the way about lawn, lawn and lawn, which was at times turned out to be a head-ache for me literally, but now I am given with an entirely different taste of writing as my content has been shifted all the ways from lawn and have been drawn towards cambric, linen and khaddar, anti-lawn fabrics. Winter clothing stuffs are altogether generated by the consideration of the comfort and coziness of

Lala Fall/Winter Kurtis & Stoles 2015-16:
Check out the latest fiesta of winter trenched outfits in the catalogue of Lala Winter Kurtis & Stole Collection 2015. It’s about time that we have got rid of the summer scalding and now are steadily going to be ready to enjoy the winter chills and grace with its gift of elegant and comfort imparting dresses with the shawl and scarfs crisp. People and other non-women creatures say that winter are restricted to fashion as the frosty weather confines you from practicing you fashion desires and your wishes to have something fashionable to wear, but they should do so even though they have urges for doing so but catching cold of winters would be repercussions then which is

Zikril Fall / Winter Collection 2015: These days all Pakistani fashion designers and manufacturers are introducing their fall / winter 2015 clothes for coming cool breezy winter season. Recently Rujhan fabrics the renowned fashion house has launched its brand new winter cloth range with the name of " Zikril Embroidered Swiss Voile Collection By Rujhan Fabric". These Swiss voile dresses not only  one of the most unique,  cultural and modern piece of designs at the same time has been adorned with various trends and styles. Zikril Swiss Voile Collection 2015  offers very limited range of luxury formal winter dresses filed with appealing hues, rich styles, delicate embroidery and trendy stitching styles. Moreover these chic and different pattern of Embroidered  Swiss Voile 2015 of Rujhan Fabric is perfect for everyone. Long length embroidered shirt, printed dupatta and dyed trousers filled with elegance and culture beauty.

Latest Winter Abaya Designs 2015-16:
Go fresh and stylish even in abaya with the exemplary abaya exclusive niche of Junaid Jamshed Abayas collection 2015-16. Facts and figures has it that abayas crisp getting on the peak in the fashion and a mass of ladies are following this typically and obligatory Islamic dress in a huge spice, whether having religious background or not, hence negating all the stereotypes about this traditional Islamic clothing womenswear concept. The entire realm of Islamic countries of eastern Asia and Africa and of turkey are signified with gowns and abayas and the ladies belong to these regions are held recognized and respected all across the world. But unfortunately, abayas are now been considered as a

 SNM Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2015: This year’s must have festive collection of SNM Textile is out in the stores with the improvised name of SNM Silk Chiffon Eid Catalogue 2015. The fashion industry of Pakistan can compete any of the fashion class of the world in the parallel grounds. As many of the industries are going through a downfall due to some of the drastic crisis prevailing in Pakistan, but Pakistan's fashion industry instead is becoming the lucrative merchandise generating plat form through which many's butter and better depends. As we all know that our fashion setup is having a vast territory which open its borders for everyone that is having the talent and passion of asserting its identity despite of being a newcomer and having so many rivals on the side that are the monarchs. But still new flare and young blood is keep on adding into this realm and create his or her own enigma as an individual brand or dressing franchise.

SNM Luxury Silk & Chiffon Dresses 2016

Ayesha Ibrahim Ready to Wear Eid Collection 2015: Get yourself fantasized with the flamboyancy and lively animation with the striking couture of Ayesha Ibrahim Ready to wear Eid Collection 2015. The girls of today age, since, are more sensible and decent regarding the recent, up to the minute fashion trends and styling options, they like to wrap up in something simple and soft, beyond stunning hues and uncouth clothing effects. Even for Eid, the prefer to be attired in to less embroidered, more funky, and constructively gentle in tailoring attitudes. even then, in spite of these  modern approaches, they still are having fondness for acquiring

Nimsay Mid-Summer/Eid Collection 2015:
The most exclusively and extravagantly featured catalogue of Nimsay Eid Collection 2015 is waiting for you in the stores this Mid-summer spice and this Eid-ul-Azha, so just ride on the Ariel of the air and visit your nearby store in order to color yourself with the delighting hues of Nimsay clothing. It is a fashion dilemma in our country that we are often confusing traditional with conventional. Traditional art of tailoring the outfits is directly subjected to the ethnicity incorporated in the dressing. Whilst on the other, conventionality in the dress creation leads to the monotony and nothing-new in the outfits, which does not remain drool-worthy for the customers.
Regalia Eid Ul Azha Collection 2015 Vol-1 & Vol-02

Zainab Chottani Formal Wear/Luxury Pret Collection 2016: There is no one ever born in the world who can make Zainab Chuttani to stop launching back to back collection of hers in one single record of season. Now this midsummer she has got the lead among her contemporaries and it about time that she has got succeeded in winning the heart of her loyal and valued customers with the latest upcoming catalogue of Zainab Chottani Eid Ul Adha Luxury Pret 2015-16. Going to get married this eid-ul-azha and has not decided yet what designer should choose to be added in the dowry collection then do not sweat as this fall winter spice of will be entertained with the glamorous line of fashion of Zainab chuttani extravagantly embellished and

This auspicious festival of Eid-ul-Adha Annus Abrar has brought a superb luxury pret eid  collection 2015 ‘Floralesque’ to serve as a narrative of high fashion and celebration of beauty.  The inspiration for creating ‘Floralesque Eid Ul Azha Collection 2015-16 is that art is something we should all have access to on a daily basis. We should wear art, surround ourselves with art and uniquely express ourselves with art, thereby drawing energy and a sense of individuality from it.

Deeba Fall / Winter Luxury Print 2015 by Shariq : Fashion is significant element in Pakistan and almost every sector is under influence of modern trends. From technology to gadget, home decor to wardrobe; fashion has proved itself dominant. If we look around clothing sector then two groups are prominent; one is who adopt fashion and second who manufacture fashion. First group follows fashion to get charming personality and second to earn handsome amount through their designs. Shariq textiles is very passionate trend maker of Pakistani clothing sector. It's dimensional approach with designer, luxury and unique styles has made it most favorite of women. In designer wear at shariq, few days ago we have seen exquisite example of Mina Hasan Embroidered Fabrics.

Ethnic by Outfitters Cambric Mid-Summer/Eid-Ul-Adha Unstitch Collection 2015:
It’s about time that Outfitters has finally showed itself on the very scene of fashion couture launching contest with the manipulation of its entirely diversified traditional orientation of Pakistani cultural in its capsule of Ethnic by Outfitters Cambric Unstitch Fall Collection 2015, themes the real folky temperaments in the winter wear shalwar and kameez with the passive array of shawls. Brilliance is what we seek in any collection of any designer and any label, no matter if it cost earth to earth. Brilliance should be assess in the features not in the quality, as that catalogue is tagged with a brand’s name, so it is obvious to the mind that it is of first class value. The

Gul Ahmed Eid-Ul-Azha Accessories 2015:
It is certain that for Eid, doing the shopping for the outfits of your desire is having crucial part in the preparations for the Eid festival but this shopping is incomplete without the accessories which we the ladies want to pair with our dresses. For women getting dressed up is not enough but dressing up with matching jewelry, accessories and other ornaments are also necessary to enhance their feminine charm. This concept is prevailing since the creation of mankind and females in particular who always strove hard to look the best as possible as they can and for they go through a painful experience

Maria B Eid-Ul-Adha Mgirl Tunics 2016:
This midsummer season, save one room for Maria B Mgirl Tunics Eid Collection 2015 in your closet as you are going to love this fantastically delineated niche which is exclusively fashions the contemporary popular attitude of kurti funk, a meticulously timeless code which is touched by the creative hands of ever gorgeous Maria B. Does not matter, how hard the weather gets, how expensive the things may cost, how rude the designers and labels become and how penniless we would go; we can never stop ourselves from being getting addicted to the designer wear and buying their ever recently launched articles, because we, the ladies, are meant to wrap up in the branded clothes and

Charizma Fall/Winter Embroidered Linen 2015:
Get chic, classic and charismatic with the the Riaz Art’s fantabulous apparel franchise Charizma and its timeless niche of Charizma Fall/Winter 2015. There is only one and a half month to go to enjoy the summers, but despite the amazing things we can enjoy in the winters, some people still are not happy with the coming winter spice, as if they are going to miss the radiant colors and animated prints in their wardrobe collection which they could only have in their trousseaus of lawn and cotton, but not in linen, pashmina and cambric, khaddar fabrics which are only surfaced with the neutrals shades, dull and digital impressions with earthy crafts and heavy shawls, quite uncomfortable though.

Charizma By Riaz Arts Fall Winter Catalog 2015

Samia Ahmed Eid-Ul-Adha Collection 2015:Get absolutely and positively stunning this mid-summer spice this revel Eid-ul-azha with the transfixed silhouettes of Samia Ahmed Eid Fall/Eid Pret 2015. The fervor is getting obvious in the preparations being made for this coming Eid festivities. The teenage boys and adults are seemingly find to be busy in the visiting the Bakra Mandi and the teenage damsels are usually being seen in the market places, getting attracted by the dresses being showcased in the boutiques, stores and designer or brand outfits. Exclusively frisky and gilded dresses have been exhibited with the a matching yet peerless pairing of accouters and other flashing accessories. In this shopping fiesta, the articles niche in the glamorous capsule of  Samia Ahmed Fall / Eid-Ul-Adha Luxury Pret Collection 2015 is not going to be neglected by the ladies as it is going to be out in

This Fall / Eid festival 2015 the renowned fashion house of Pakistan Ideas by Gul Ahmed presents an amazing and very refreshing range with dreamy slogan " Ideas Digital Dreams Fall 2015-16" in which gul ahmed has introduced an exclusive range of ready-to-wear shirts/kurtis. Ideas Digital Prints Shirt is a blend of modern and ethnic architecture, fresh floral prints. It's a surreal trip down the botanic lane. Mosaic of soft and vibrant hues makes this Ideas by Gul Ahmed Digital Dreams Fall Catalog 2015-16 invigorating and a must have. All the shirts are designed in most trendy and innovative manner along with chic ideas of tailoring styles, prominent prints, and bold  patterns. all shirts have come cheap in their rates so that everyone can have an access to their merchandises and can conceitedly claim that one is erring branded or designer apparel.

LSM Fabrics Midsummer/Eid Cambric Collection 2015: Black colour is considered to be the mist classy and favorite colour of young girls. Black colour not only look beautiful on fair complexion but it also look amazing on wheatish complexion too. This is the only colour that is free from the seasonal restrictions as it can be wear in any season by the women of all age groups. When it comes to Pakistani fashion brands and designers; Our almost every big icon of fashion design a special Black & White Dresses collection in their summer and midsummer catalogues. This midsummer and festive season surprisingly no-one has added black and white

Recently Pakistan's number one and very gorgeous and talented fashion designers Sana Safinaz has introduced very striking and attractive Sana Safinaz Silk  Eid Ul Azha Winter Collection 2015-16. This silk collection features modern, chic and splendid kinds of luxury silk pret wear that is designed for modern ladies of today's era.  Sana Safinaz Silk 2015 Designs are purely reflect the great ideology of designers like sensual prints, vivid colors and inordinate amount of glamour. This catalog is exclusively exhibited for religious festival of Eid ul Adha 2015

Maria.B Mbroidered Unstitched Eid Collection Catalogue 2015:
This mid-summer, loot up the frisky yet extraordinarily and extravagantly regal catalogue of Maria B Mbroidered Chiffon 2015. Eid is the time to think about yourself only regarding your presentational looks, your innate charisma, and your feminine beauty and off course the mannerism of treating yourself as a princess in front of the people, you are going to bump into some of the dinner parties and other occasions. In order to do that, wear something fashionably functional and branded or designer tagged, so that you get noticed because designers are the being which knows how to enhance and bring out the hidden charm of your persona through their cuts and designs.

 Zunuj Eid-Ul-Adha Collection 2015:
Grab the extravagant palate in your clothing closet and wardrobe with the embellishments enriched haute catalogue of Zunuj Embroidered Chiffon 2015. Eid, whether Eid-ul-Azha or Eid-ul-fitr, has its jubilance glance, not in the merry-making or get together, rather it is directly and succinctly administered to the women-wear. As in the considerations of embellishments, vivacious coloring schemes, sheer clothing stuffs, pompous designs and fervent motifs. All these assortments make any couture a perfectly featured festive collection of any of the designer or brand because it themes around the commemoratory instances of that particular event or festival.

Phulkari by Taana Baana Autumn Eid Ul Azha Collection 2015-16: The grand festival of Eid Ul Adha is near. This holy festival will be celebrated in the upcoming month of October so our leading brands, textile manufactures and designers are offering their Autumn / Eid Collection 2015 and Winter / Eid Collection 2015 in impressive designs and patterns. These Eid Ul Adha 2015 Designs are considered as the most stunning and appropriate attire for this auspicious occasion to add charm  and sophistication to the wearer personality.

Shariq Mina Hassan Designer 2015: Today She-styles have a very big surprise for all the ladies out there who loves to wear designer dresses in reasonable prices. Well! You must be thinking which brand or designer is offering Embroidered Eid Dresses in such economical price tags. Let's reveal the secret and show you the glimpse of Mina Hassan Eid-Ul-Adha Embroidered Fabric 2015.
This festive season two very well known but totally different fashion icons have joined each other to introduce luxury dresses for women. As we mentioned above one is Mina Hassan the most popular and luxury dress designer; while the other one is none other than Shariq Textile.

The most awaited and extremely amazing series of Faraz Manan Crescent Luxury Eid 2015-16 Collection is ready to amazed everyone's due to their rich designs and modernity. As usual in Faraz Manan Crescent Luxury '15 Catalog you will find silk, chiffon and jacquard dresses. These dresses are designed in royal manner along with modernity and creative ideas and techniques of Faraz Manan. Crescent Faraz Manan Eid ul Azha Collection 2015

BeechTree Eid Ul Adha Luxury Pret 2015:
Luxury, ready to wear, chiffon, net silk, embroidery, sheerness, dazzles and beauty are the key words we can use in order to elucidate a festive couture of any of the designer or the label. Festivity of any occasion is reflected by the gilded-ness of the embellishments, regality of the clothing fabric, exuberance of the designs, novelty of the cuts, and ostentatious coloring schemes, pertaining to the specificity of the event. Eid exclusive trousseaus are fashioned by these extravagant sartorial fashions which are focused with the major to minor detail of the attitude.
Many of the outfitters’ tries to make their collections of statement captivating in this way but BeechTree ornate its catalogues some special ingredients which make its outfits second to none. Giving a tough time to

Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Catalogue 2015-2016:
Fasten your seat belts for a voguish roller coaster ride of Asim Jofa’s Eid fiesta Asim Jofa Midsummer/Eid Collection 2015. The most richest, exclusive, ethnic, authentic, fantabulous, funky, colorful, timeless, functional and demanding dressing code you would try to find in the world fashion, then from all the sides you would get the echo of Pakistani couture. Even the international designers get the inspiration from our Pakistani artisans which are reckoned all across the world with honor, recognition and fame. Even the neighboring designers are left behind the scene and are still anonymous in the world fashion.

Noor by Saadia Asad Festive Silk Collection 2015-16 amazed everyone because of praiseworthy designs and embellishments. First of all we are giving you a short introduction of saadia and her famous fashion house Noor by Saadia asad. Her designer wear dresses  are the mixture of eastern and western awe-inspiring  designs. She offers wide range of women's wear and also kids wear dresses for different occasion and season in ready to wear / pret wear format.

Sapphire By Khadijah Shah Eid-Ul-Adha Cambric 2015:
Characterized by the cambric crunch, the midsummer spice is on its peak and we are celebrating it in our wardrobe options with the softness, sophistication, class and a gentle essence of womanhood.  Sapphire clothing label, which is familiar and illustrated to all those ladies and maidens who prefer to look decent in every setting they attend, is coming to the limelight this season with its hardcore and fantabulous capsule of Sapphire Cambric Lawn Eid Collection 2015. All the ladies and girls are preoccupied these days with the shopping fetish because of the arriving Eid festival. Eid is Eid,

Today Zeniya proudly has brought its fines NEW EID LINE 2015 that will give you fresh and very elegant Eid ul Adha 2015 dress designs. We are sure that  this collection catches your attention  due to their unique, matchless and attarctive stitching designs, styles and hues. Zeniya Eid Ul Azha Collection 2015-16 include some luxury delicate embroideries, fine cuts and bold colors which are sure to put you in the limelight this Eid. In this Zeniya ready to wear 2015 you can  see modern style of pret wear that designed in conventional yet contemporary manner. The joyful and soft soothing combination of different shades have made the dresses eye-catching.

House Of Ittehad Royal Embroidered Cambric Collection 2015:
Brilliance of life has been enclosed with all the juvenile colors in a single niche of Ittehad Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2015 this Eid which will transfix you pretty feminine aura even more gorgeous and worth noticing. It is certain that our palates are keeping on changing. Just to change the taste which sometimes gets monotonous we are inclined to do some experiments. Sometimes these experiments get successful and some might end up in failure. Same is the case with the experiments, the designers and labels try to impart in their seasonal and

Girls are you searching unique combination of rich stunning clothes for your mid-summer festive wardrobe? so don't you worry. As usual we are present with one more exclusive  range of Five Star Midsummer Digital Vol-3 2015-16. After some very popular Pakistani brands and designers midsummer items like Khaadi midsummer, Gul Ahmed midsummer, Sana safinaz midsummer, Lala midsummer, Firdous midsummer, Sobia nazir midsummer,

Bonanza SatrangiMidsummer Cambric 2015:
Get the radiance from the fresh midsummer vibes in you closets and wardrobes this Eid-ul-Azha by the haute couture of Satrangi Cambric 2015. There is nothing out of fashion this midsummer crisp or nothing has been pulled out form the vintage collection of any label or any designers, every collection you would find will be fresh, out of the sight and up-to-the-minute within the attitudes peculiar to our ethnic dressing code. Tunics, cigarette trousers, chiffon crinkle dupattas with printed patterns are the keep on going drapery options are getting drool-worthy for every single lady in the town.

The most awaited Firdous Festive Eid Ul Azha Collection 2015-16 has launched with two amazing and quite beautiful niches of Firdous Eid Collection 2015-16 that will definitely amaze many people. The both niche based on most rich, mesmerizing and exotic range of festive dresses that will add million dollar look to the wearer personality. Firdous Festive Kurti Eid Ul Adha Collection 2015-16 is designed for modern women and young girls. These kurtis are the fantastic combinations of style young ladies. These kurtis are the fantastic combinations of style, elegance and fashion. Sheer fabrics, rich luxury garnishing of thread work or intricate embroideries and lovely color scheme has been used in order to give the collection magnificent look. In Firdous Eid Festive Kurti Collection 2015-16 you will find only 8 breathtaking  embroidered kurti and digital printed kurti designs. Each Firdous Festive kurti is available in two color variations.

Origins Ready-To-Wear Ei-Ul-Adha Catalog 2015:
If you want yourself to be the center of the attraction and want that from wherever you pass the heads and eyes should be turned at you to have a glimpse at your charismatic aura, then you have fulfill one condition. And that condition is that you have to get your steps up towards the stores and the outlets of Origns because they are having such a sartorial capsule, this Eid, for you can surely going to enhance and beautify the natural charm in your personality even more so. The name of that showcase is Origins Mid-summer Eid 2015. In the Eid, it is certain that the ladies have to attend some of the functions, gathering, dinners and

Sobia Nazir Silk/Chiffon Fall Collection 2015:
You do not have to wait for too long if you wear Sobia Nazir, because she has lined up her silk and chiffon collection into the pipeline for the coming Eid season. The transition in season leads to the changing in the trends and attitudes towards the clothing sense of the people. The fashion artisan and fashion labels mold their respective catalogue, thus, according to the seasonal changeovers in the contemporary styling options. Passive but prominent alterations are being sanctioned by the designers and outfitters in their signature couture to let their customers get used to the amendments and enjoy them while putting them on. Sobia Nazir  has dealt with the adjustments in its about-to-be-arrived fall exclusive collection  Sobia Nazir Eid-Ul-Adha Collection 2015 which is adorned with some never-seen-before landmark-modifications which suggests the outstanding flair of tailoring, coloration, designs and impressions.
Sobia Nazir Mid-Summer/Eid Catalog 2015 is a crispy line of statements which are designated with the

Today we have brought another outstanding series by Lala, yes this is Lala Midsummer Classic Embroidered Cotton 2015-16 Vol-1. This festival season LALA has decided to offer fresh and impressive classic cotton items for your midsummer closet. After getting an admirable response from Sana & samia Midsummer cotton prints, Lala classic embroidered Kurtis and  Lala midsummer classic cotton prints 2015-16, now you are seeing versatile designs and prints of Lala Embroidered Classic Cotton Midsummer Vol.1 2015 Collection.

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