August 2015
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Today shestyles has brought Almirah Eid ul Azha Premium Collection 2015-16 in which you will the regal grace of Almirah Premium collection. As we know everyone has a different fashion perspective, like some people like sober and simple dresses and some like heavy embroidered fancy dresses. However it is right; style and fashion is a vital key to displaying yourself in unique and individual style. Selecting the best and fashionable outfit is a perfect way to give people the inspiring feeling that you have put lots of effort into your outfits.

Sana Safinaz Ready-to-Wear Eid-ul-Azha Collection 2015:
Want to set up a grudging impression on your arch-nemesis, this Eid-ul-Azha, make them jealous with the striking and arrogant couture of Sana Safinaz Eid Ready to Wear 2015. Grace and opulent is what we wear actually in the wrap ups of clothes, in order to make ourselves worth-noticing and glamorous in the mid-summer season. Chic and vivaciousness is the theme which is restricted only to the post and pre-summer collections of the designers and labels, but mid-summer spice mostly features the dark and dull opulence in the apparel with autumnal shades and prominent mosaic or abstract less floral palates, though not timeless but still drool-worthy.

At the platform of shestyles blog we are present with Khaadi Cambric Eid Ul Azha 2015-16 Collection. This cambric catalog is an awesome and fresh package for your autumn/winter wardrobe that offers modernity, elegance and beauty at the same time. Khaadi Cambric Autumn 2015 Blossoming Jewels catalog features four piece embroidered cotton suits along with chiffon dupattas, silk additions and swarovski button embellishments.

 LSM Fabrics Mid Summer Eid Collection 2015 by FTA:
Lakhani Silk Mills always strive proportionally against its contemporary fashion artisans to make its customers to put on the best they deserve.  This midsummer and for this coming Eid-ul-Azha it has launched its amazing line of statements into the pipeline LSM Eid Collection 2015 by Farah Talib Aziz which is about to be released in the coming days. Weather and fashion are having something influential ties with one another. The keep-on-changing assortments in fashion are depending upon the changing phenomena of weather and seasons. Summer has its own specific styling attitude i.e.

Ethnic wear are not only elegant also they are stylish and comfortable. Women's ethnics wear come in different style variety from casual to formal. If you are thinking to buy modern style of ethnic wear, then Taana Baana Ethnic Elegance Eid Ul Azha 2015 Collection will surely fulfill your all desires. These Eid ul Azha 2015 dresses are adorned with the cultural or traditional handcraft work along with  great fashion philosophy and ideas that modify in a unique creative way.

Today shestyles present with Mausummery Eid-Ul-Azha 2015-16 Le Botanique Collection to offer fresh trendy look for this Eid. These pretty,  well-designed ready-to-wear Eid-ul-Azha dresses is going to make your Eid more stunning due to its awesome traditionalism designs and embellishments. Mausummery Eid 2015 Collection features three piece embroidered dresses filled with rich delicate colors,  floral color embroidery, and beautiful prints. The designer has used simple but most trendy and oriental designs, patterns and styles variety in order to provide the impressive look to the wearer. These  Pret Dresses are not only versatile as well as very stylish and easy to wear that offer comfort with charming look during midsummer season.

Zeen by Cambridge Midsummer Stitched Collection 2015:
Get noticed in your social circle by the mid-summer style gala of three piece, two piece and tunic charm in Zeen by Cambridge Midsummer Collection 2015. Mid-summer spice is spreading its mesmerizing colors in the air with the designers’ vintage and also their fresh catalogues which are assembled with the fine-with-finishing tailoring instances, innovating designs, breath-taking prints and comfortable fabrics. The featuring perfection in all the respect makes the entire Mid-summer & Eid-Ul-Adha collections drool-worthy for a voguish Good Bye to the summer, as we will miss the snug of the relaxing lawn attires.

Charizma Semi Stitched Suits 2015 for Eid:  The beauty and magic of pakisatni ethnic wear is fascinating. These traditional attire not only plays a major role to getting a million dollar look as well as can work wonders for festival events and formal functions. Two day ago, the most charismatic Pakistani clothing brand Charizma has introduced "The Gliteratti Luxury Chiffon Vol-4 For Eid 2015 Semi Stitched" collection

Elan Mid-Summer Vital Pret 2015:
When the four Cs; cool, contemporary, clean and classic get combined together, then we have Elan Vital Eid-Ul-Azha Pret 2015. Wholesome and unforgettable fashion entrails are the driving force which works behind the creation of every niche. The designers are very much conscious about what they are producing and who will like it and who will despise his creation. To prevent the second assumption, they try to consider and focus upon every single detail of the coloration, tailoring styles, printing pallets, designing formations and the quality of fabric in use. After a discreet commitment, the

So Kamal Embroidered Silk & Charme Eid Collection 2015:
Get irresistible this fall summer and Eid-ul-azha with the festive juvenility of Erum Ahmed and Aleena Raza’s sartorial creativity of So Kamal Embroidered Silk Collection 2015. Cuteness and a tendency to get even prettier is what a woman has in her natural womanhood traits. Accouter is only the way to enhance or doubly-fy the natural beauty but it is the apparel which determine the looks and exquisiteness in your personality. Let’s suppose if a woman is wearing multi-hued trench of simple dress without any artificiality and overdoing of make-over and accessories, then despite this, he would be looking worth-praising and gorgeous because simplicity essential ingredient which God has added in the dough of the femininity. So one should get oneself attired in

Sana & Samia Cotton Prints 2015-16:  No doubt that every women wants to be attractive on any festival and special day because life is too short for wearing boring clothes. A perfect and excellent style of dress can help us to getting an admirable look. With each passing day we are proving stylish and trendy seasonal and festival cloth collections that are designed according to modern requirements and individual liking. The most brilliant and elegant features of these seasonal festival dresses is its prints, colours and designs.

Gul-Ahmed Midsummer Collection 2015:
Get ready to go dazzled and say a memorable Good Bye to the most fashion oriented summer of the millennium with the cambric chic of Gul Ahmed Midsummer Cambric Collection 2015. August is having its last week and after that September will relish us with the feeling of getting rid of the scorching heat of prickling summers. Getting afraid of running out from the limited lawn stock in the successive year, the ladies have turned their heads in the direction of the market place situated near to their suburbs to make a good deal of the midsummer regalia for their closets and wardrobes. Witnessing the desperation

Ayesha Chottani Midsummer Lawn 2015:
Under the supportive umbrella of Shariq Textiles, Ayesha Chottani has crafted her creative aptitude in the woven entrails of her Midsummer lawn fiesta catalogue Ayesha Chottani MIDSUMMER Collection 2015. Are you fed up of having the same monotonous boutique style outfits in your wardrobe which you are compelled to wear every second day of your boring hectic office routine then seriously and solemnly get a life by owing something peerless and fashionable this midsummer fashion funk season.

Recently Kayseria Presents Eid 2015 Volume"Husn-e-Banaras" Collection. This is second part of Kayseria Range-e-Banaras in which the brand describe more history and journey of Mughal and Persian period. For this brand new and amazing husn-e-banars midsummer eid collection Kayseria has taken inspiration from the style and culture of the ancient kings and Emperors. Many fancy and woven jacquard laces have been used to complete the festive look of these Eid 2015 Dresses. A fresh touch of cross stitch has been added into the Kayseria Eid Ul Azha 2015-16 Collection.

Alkaram Mid-Summer Lawn 2015: She-Styles have a very good news for its all the valuable fans and readers; Today we have exclusively brought complete catalog of Alkaram Studio's midsummer range 2015. I know you are surprised by reading our statement as the catalog has not reveled by the brand yet. As we all know the midsummer fever is increasing with each passing day so to cure your fashion fever and to fulfill your midsummer needs like always She-Styles is back again with the brand new and must have range of midsummer dresses.
Alkaram Midsummer Collection 2015

J. | Junaid Jamshed once again came up in limelight of seasonal collection/catalog with its glorious Junaid Jamshed Midsummer Mania 2015-16  Series, in which you will fill not only men, women and children dress range for midsummer as well as Accessories range for all. No doubt this is another great and royal midsummer Lawn Magazine that based on  sheer fabrics, flawless intricate designs and flattering cuts in order to offer the perfect elegance to the wearer. Junaid Jamshed Midsummer Collection 2015 Magazine for Women

Lala Mid-Summer Classic Cotton Collection 2015:
The mid summer fashion fever is going intense just as the rising temperature is getting on our nerves day by day and in this heated up scenario ZS has launched its embroidered lines of articles in its latest niche of Lala Classic Cotton Print Midsummer Vol 1. We are going to have only 2 months to enjoy summers and its blessing in the form of lawn and after when it is all over, we will dump all our lawn outfits in the trunks, closets or store wardrobes. Nevertheless of this, we still are fond of shopping lawn for our boiling cupboard because lawn is the only wrapping medium in which we express our comfort and freedom in the summer season. Lala Textiles Classic Cotton 2015 Vol 1 is also one of those cotton lawn couture

Allure by Motifz Midsummer Kurti Collection 2015-16: The Pakistani lawn fashion trend is always inspiring and amazing for us that also gives the textile industry a great level. Our designers and clothing labels are specially created their collections as per the seasonal fashion trends of Pakistan and different other countries latest trends. These Lawn designs are approachable in diverse  types of designs,  color combinations, shades and prints. The best and integral part of summer lawn is rich embroidery and artistic artwork is help a lot in providing luxury and amazing looks to the dresses.

Rujhan Fabric Range  Midsummer Collection 2015: After covering the beach and every spring/summer and Eid collection 2015, now  our focus to share latest midsummer lawn range 2015. This summer season many clothing brands, fashion designers, and textile industries have designed their amazing,  elegant and stylish Summer lawn collections 2015 and its diverse volumes and parts. Rujhan Fabrics is one of the textile that has launched 4th volume of its different lawn 2015 series.

Tawakkal Fabrics Designer Embroidered Lawn 2015:
This summer, Tawakkal Fabrics is going to make a blast even louder than that of big bang or any other atomic bomb with its niche of the year Verve Fancy Collection 2015. Eid’s merriments are over and every one is getting back to its normal monotonous routine, whether the ladies or gents, boys or girls, kids or elders, housewives or office going practical ladies, domestic women or college going girls. All the dresses which were bought for the Eid have been dumped into or have been folded uselessly in the closets, trunks and in the wardrobes. Many of the people are done with the shopping stuff because they have exceeded their budget and have run out of money after having an excessive shopping of the dresses and accessories and some do

Stylish Abaya Fashion 2015: Our all previous Abayas Collection has been widely liked by the viewers and we have received admirable response and lots of  demand and request to share some more Gulf Abayas that are designed according to current fashion trends of 2015. Our today New Trend of Dubai Abaya Designs 2015-16 Collection is definitely the most appealing, trendy and stylish creation of  Dubai designers that catch everyone's attention one more time.

Lala Classic Cotton Tunics/Kurtis Collection 2015: Once upon a time, a decade ago, there was a fabric which was called as cotton, considered to be the most mundane clothing stuff and was only restricted for the proliferate class of the society and no designer or any of the fashion label was interested in dedicate his single collection on this ordinary clothe. But all of a sudden the time changed and turned itself in the favor of this marginalized fabric who was being the victim of injustice for a nerving and long time period. Few of the pioneers of fashion industry who were in the business of outfitting, recognized the worth of this third rated garment and carve it with their aesthetically creative genius minds and polish it with their finest and signature prints and convert cotton into The cotton.

Range MidSummer Luxury Lawn Vol-3 2015  Collection: These days Charizma by Riaz Arst is considered as the most valuable clothing house of Pakistan that offers extraordinary designer suits for women. Charizma Dresses are not only popular in local level also highly demanded in other countries because of their amazing designs and best quality fabrics that  gives perfect look to the ladies in a traditional manner.   So, today we have brought another House of Charizma addition for our beloved viewers.

Saira Rizwan Gulmohar Bridal Dresses 2015:
This wedding season, try something other than usual with the creative and fantasizing bridal couture of Saira Rizwan Bridal Collection 2015. The trends in fashion industry are being changed due to the invading influence of other cultures in over indignity regarding the dressing code. This season, there is the drift of prevailing Ottoman Turkish’s clothing attitude in our traditional wear. Though it is still in the evolution phase but it has enjoyed a remarkable and encouraging feedback form the fashionists and the fashion lovers and there will be a time in the fashion industry that every designer would dedicate their portfolios with the

Only one day is left in 14th August 2015 Independence Day‬. Hence! sheystyes has brought one more exclusive 14 August Dresses collection. 
Yasmin Zaman Capsule Azaadi Collection 2015-16 features limited range of pret wear Independence Day‬ 2015 Dresses that are designed in a breathtaking way along with very simple but creative fashion philosophy that shows patriotism and hard work of  Yasmin Zaman.

Al-Zohaib Maheen Tunic Collection 2015:
Do we tell you about a niche for which the expression of “wow” has been coined? It is Al-Zohaib Textiles Maheen Tunics/Kurtis Collection 2015 for which all the praising words has been though up by the linguists. Pre-summer and summer catalogues of the brands and outfitter have been looted out form their outlets by the ladies right after their release, leaving the stores with empty hangers. But the fashion designers and labels are fond of the desperation and eagerness of their customers, that is why they have decided to reinforce them a back up clothing showcase to offer to their hunger ridden clienteles who are craving badly for the mid summer fashion gala. After the Eid, there was a silence observed form the designers part as there was no such launch made from their side, which given a thought to all the fashion lovers who were started to have some concerns regarding their timed out silence. However, a loud bang was heard out of no where after a couple of weeks and then every designer and clothing label started to advertise their respective recently revealed couture back to back with a competition. Speaking of competition, then Al-Zohaib Textiles is having the lead upon its contemporaries so far through its evergreen catalogue of Al-Zohaib Textiles Maheen Midsummer Embroidered Tunic 2015.

Kalyan Designer Embroidered Collection 2015 Vol-2:
ZS Textiles has come on the scene to assert its sublime and transcendence upon its contemporaries through its powerfully seductive capsule of Kalyan Midsummer Collection 2015 for this mid summer fashion gala. Summer is going to be last only for 2 months and after their will a spice we are going to enjoy shortly after it. Meanwhile the ladies are getting their wardrobe and clandestine filled with the gift of the summer which is lawn. In Pakistan, there is only one thing precious for the women, other than any of their possessions like gold jewelry, kids or household appliances. Lawn is having a significant and life generating medium of attire for them as they cannot even think about living without in the scorching summers. In the winters, the only think which they miss in entire of this season is lawn and when the first bud of the spring season blooms with its colors, the ladies just start their venture to celebrate influx of summer by stopping over to the outlets and marketplaces to shop the mega event of the season that is the launching of the lawn collection by the designers and the fashion labels. 

Bonanza Lawn 2015-16 Midsummer Collection: Whenever summer and mid-summer season comes arrives it brings countless range of fresh, colorful and new designs of Lawn Dresses.  In Pakistan and other Asian countries the midsummer season also known for rainy season. So this fresh and pleasant season almost each and every designer and fashion house  takes inspiration from beautiful nature because nobody can beat the God creations. The extremely impressive, amazing and lovely natural combinations not only catch everyone's attention also keep us fall in love with nature. 

Bonanza Jashn-E-Azadi Collection 2015-16: Are you a modern lady and want a perfect  and trendy look on the day of freedom? So here are she-styles present with some more best designs of 14th August Dresses. After Ideas by Gul Ahmed Azaadi Collection, Zainab Chottani‬ ‪Mera Pakistan‬ Collection and Ittehad iPRET Independence Day Collection, this is an ideal and scintillating14 August Scarf & Kurti collection 2015 for a prefect Azadi look. Satrangi Jashn-E-Azadi Collection 2015-16 by Bonanza  include trendy and chic shirts/kurtis combined with white color matching shalwar and Scarf / Scarves.

Gul Ahmed 14th August Dresses 2015:  Pakistani nation is considered to be the most passionate nation when it comes to their festivals. They celebrate their religious and national events with  full of zeal and zest. Specially in national event when it comes 14th August; every Pakistani from a child to men, women and old age people everyone celebrate this day with extreme patriotism. There was a time when people used to decorate their homes, shops, offices and buildings with Pakistani flag to celebrate Independence Day; but now the the

Zainab Chottan ‪‎Independence Day‬ ‪Collection 2015-16: Selecting or wearing the right 14th August Dress on a Independence day is play an important role if you want to steal the spotlight. Ladies are very conscious regarding their looks and dresses because we all want center attention in the crowed and to be noticed for our styling and fashion. Choosing the ideal and perfect dress depends on kind of occasion and party that you are going to celebrate or attend. This Independence Day  2015 you can make a statement by wearing Zainab Chottani‬ ‪Mera Pakistan Collection 2015-16.

Zaheer Abbas Mid Summer Lawn 2015-16: Zaheer Abbas the proud and talented Pakistani fashion designer who has always brought new and quite attractive designs in traditional wear. Zaheer Abbas designer clothes not only creatively designed as well as also filled with chic, trendy and cultural theme that add amazing and elegant charm into the dresses; that is why Zaheer has achieved tremendous success and fame in very short time. Recently he has introduced his  fabulous lawn prints 2015-16

Faraz Manan  Bridal Wears 2015: If you are going to get betrothed in the marriage vows in the coming days then Faraz Manan is gifting you with his extraordinarily amazing bridal couture in his timeless and fantabulous niche of Faraz Manan Rouge Bridal Wears 2015. Buying a bridal jorha for the bride is the most important task in all the wedding handling errands which is needed much more discreetness and consideration. There are some dresses you would find would not be having the features you desire for. Perhaps some would be incised with heavy ornaments and might be schemed with the uncouth colors for stunning and painfully shocking scarlet and crimson family which would do nothing except sabotaging your personality on the very

Here are we present with Nishat Linen Saavan Collection 2015-16, in which you will find soft, soothing and lovely color theme along with fresh ideas of designing and tailoring.  NL Saavan Collection influenced from nature and sawan seasons. In rainy season each and everything looks so fresh, colorful and vibrant, similarly Nishat Linen Midsummer Collection 2015-16 contain the colorful  range with bohemian, classic and eclectic vibes.

Élan Vital Summer Collection 2015 by Khadijah Shah: This Midsummer, since you are being offered with a wide variety of formal, semi-formal and casual lawn devised upon the profligate brocade, chiffon, georgette, jacquard, Swiss lawn, cotton and what not, so most of the ladies are getting confused of what to keep and what to loose. The lawn shopping fetish has been started with the progressing month of February and the ladies are turning their heads in the direction of the market places. Designers and brands have sped up their creative machinery to generate as much articles as they can accord the demands of the consumers and

Maheen Karim Bridal Collection 2015: The Eid fiesta is over with the exuberant and cheerful happenings and moments which added colorful schemas to the canvas of our lives and made our droning life routine a new taste of jubilancy and convivial spirit. Nevertheless, the Eid festival is gone and now we have to wait for it till the next year to celebrate it once again, but for those young ladies who are going to be entitled as would-be-wives to their would-be-husbands, it is still Eid, owing to the fact that they are still going for shopping, exploring the market places for the best dresses to be displayed in their dowry. In a bride’s dowry, all the dresses are should be having the peculiar wedding theme with stunning and shocking bright tints, flashing knick-knacks, sheer fabrics, traditional yet one-of-a-kind tailoring patterns which ought to be praise-worthy to all the eyes who are sighting them in the time of exhibition sort of thing. So, all the ladies out there who want to have just a

The reliable Pakistani clothing industry House of Ittehad has recently released an exclusive Independence Day iPret Collection 2015-16 to catch the attention of Pakistani people. Every dress of this iPret collection is reflects the real history of Pakistan, sacrifices of Muslim and our cultural delights. House of Ittehad iPRET Independence Day Collection 2015-16 is designed in ready-to-wear format along with trendy and amazing ideas of designing, printing and stitching. This collection incorporate digital printed shirts and  printed lawn shirt paired with tights/leggings.

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