July 2015
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HSY Summer Collection 2015-16: Speaking of making one beautiful, Hassan Sheryar Yaseen, a young entrepreneur in fashion vogue, always comes in our mind who has is known for his remarkable and peerless designs. Before a couple of years ago, HSY was dealing in the bridal, semi-formal and exclusively formal party wears which was considered by the elite class but making the lawn worthy enough to wear for the bourgeoisies comes in his credits and he gave a new trend and look to lawn prints and boutiques prints in particular.

Umer Sayeed Lawn 2015:
In this summer season, we are having the most exquisite apparel in Umer Sayeed lawn portfolio Umer Sayeed Summer Collection 2015 for all the ladies out there who want to look outstanding among their social circle in the Eid get togethers. We are finally had Eid-Ul-Fitr and after few days we are going to celebrate Eid millan parties with its full zealous chi and jovial fervor. Most of the ladies are done with their shopping but there is a minority of some busy office going ladies who could not have time for themselves due to their busy monotonous every day tiresome routine. But they must

Chen One the iconic clothing house of pakisatn has released its 2 brilliant Eid collection 2015 in which you will find whole family clothes rang. ChenOne The Festive Eid Collection 2015-16 is based on trendy dress fashion 2016 for Asian family. This collection features contemporary style of Menswear, kids wear and ladies clothes that adorned with all the eye-catching and splendid techniques and designs. Chen One Sahar Atif Eid Collection 2015-16 is based on women's wear digital printed stylish and smart formal dresses that specially designed  for the grand festival of Eid Ul Fitr 2015 with creative ideas and modern fashion philosophy.

Zahra Ahmad Eid kurtis 2015:
This Eid-ul-fitr, all the sensations and exuberance of summer colors have been merged into one single capsule collection of Zahra Ahmad Eid Tunics Collection 2015. Despite the fact that floral palate is considered to be primary and sublime designing genre in clothing but still the digital flair is seemed to challenging its reign in the styling world. Both of the etching techniques are remarkable and one-of-a-kind but we have seen that digital graphical impressions are getting more fame and admiration from the fashion lovers and more focus and attention from the outfitters. Our new blood in the fashion industry has introduced this advancement in the dressing

 Origins Ready to Wear Digital Silk Eid Collection 2015-16 will fill your festive wardrobe with new and stylish designs that are exceptionally good at the same time very charming and colorful in look. These Orgins Eid Dresses have all the catchy elements like fascinating hues, lovely color combination, chic and elegant styles or patterns and enchanting digital prints, screen prints, and 3D prints will catch catch our attention in a very short glance.

Sania Maskatiya Alkaram Designer Pret Collection 2015:
Vivaciousness and flamboyancy are the two key elements, or should say rather, essential ingredients which are needed to make a festive collection. Well, you might be thinking that such a collection would definitely give an impression of being uncouth, but here your assumptions are wrong. Making a dress flashing according to need of the event is a tricky errand and it needs some artistic guts to get this difficult job done. We are having a large population of those ladies who are accustomed of being slip into fashioned and branded clothes and they certainly prefer to wear some decent stuff which could enhance soberness in their persona. Even for Eid they prioritize to go for some simple attire which could

Maria.B Eid Collection 2015 Vol 2: This Eid you do not have to wander off here and there in the whole market to get the desired and demanded dresses of your sister-in-law, daughter, niece, cousin and other loved one relatives who want to enhance their dramatic glam even more so this Eid. Ask why? Well the answer of this why is hidden in the Maria B’s festal Eid showcase of Maria.B Eid Collection 2015 Vol 2 which offering a versatile sartorial range for the females of every age, even the teenager girls under one roof. In the present era, even the teen young girls are inclined towards fashion and are even more looks conscious and dressing conscious than their mothers and elder sisters. In the occasions like

Zainab Chottani Eid Pret Collection 2015-16: The fashion trend of luxury pret dresses are widely adopted by the huge number of high society women and elite class ladies. These pret wear are basically mixture of western styles and traditional clothing trends that offer modernity, elegance and comfort at the same time. Our designers offers impressive style, fascinating designs, colors and lavish cuts and patterns in pret wear or ready-to-wear dresses in order to meet the expectations of the modern ladies.

Chronicle Bespoke Eid Exclusive Collection 2015:
This Eid, the men are surely going to compete their ladies in the competition of who will look best this Eid with the classic flair of Fahad Hussayn Eid Kurta Shalwar 2015. Back then, the men were not supposed to be wearing embroidered kurtas or kameez and vivacious colored outfits even for any of the festive or occasional moments. This trend was said to be awkward or looked odd if a man is wearing a dress like this rather they were prone to have those drapers which ought to be having solid and metallic shades of dark or neutral in particular and lacking any sort of embroidery or other embellishments, as these ornaments were only meant for the ladies. But our new generation has changed this trend and they are going to become more inclined towards embroidery stuff and radiance in coloration peculiar to the eastern and cultural dressing code of shalwar kameez. And our designers who are good in preparing men’s wear have put a lot of their creative ideas to make this modified style popular, acceptable and likable among the males.

Deepak Perwani Eid Collection 2015-16: Deepak Perwani Designer Wear is mos preferred choice by the huge number of people. His work widely appreciated not only in Pakistan also in other countries such as UK, USA, India and Middle-East buyers likes Deepak Perwani Men's and Women's Wear Cloths due the fact of that these offer sophisticated style with optimum comfort. Today shestyles has brought Deepak Perwani Men & Women Eid Collection 2015-16 that specially crafted in breathtaking designs and patterns so these are ideal for grand occasion.

Raniya Embroidered Festive 2015 Vol 4:
This Eid, change your appearance with the charming trousseaus of Raniya Embroidered Festive Vol 4. The voguish and classic trend of long shirts and kurtis can never get old. It is the most likable yet the most preferable attire for the women to wear. Being popular in the ladies of all ages, this attitude faced least criticism from the fashion cynics and the subjects also give it A1 grade. Long kurtis and shirts have replaced, in a sense vulgar, the dressing style of short kameez which was not very much into the consideration of the mediocre white collared families owing to its tailoring which was into making the figure more prominent when it was paired with patiyala shalwar in particular. This Indian inspired couture did not

Bonanza Eid Collection 2015 for Men:
This Eid, the gents would be looking just as graceful, smart and charming as that of women if they are going to choose Bonanza Eid Collection 2015. On the festive and revel occasions like that of Eid, Juma or any wedding ceremony of any relative or friend, our males are having the tendency of being inclined towards the pure eastern and cultural Pakistani attire of shalwar kameez or shalwar kurta. Even the modern-of-all men do prefer to wear this indigenous dressing attitude which is having the power of turning an ordinary man into a sober and virile being with a grace and valor in the personality. For Eid in particular,

Alkaram Studio Festive Pret Wear 2015-16: Recently Alkaram Studio has announced its another eid collection 2015. The collection contains bright color palette with fabulous patterns which are perfect for the young Fashionistas. These readymade outfits have a traditional spin to it and includes high-print work, intricate embroidery and all  the exquisite patterns you'll love.

 Ethnic by Outfitters Pret Festive Collection 2015-16: This festive summer season there is a move toward the cooler and softer side of the prints color spectrum. An eclectic, ethereal, mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals take center stage as designers draw from daydreams of simpler times. Ethnic by Outfitters Pret Collection Festive '15 is designed with the remembrances of retro delights, folkloric and floral art to offer you impressive look with attractive appearance. In this Eid Collection 2015 the brand bring the fashion that is just right for you

There are 2 classes of fashion designers and brands who are having different approaches or school of thought regarding fashion and clothing. One class is in the favor of promoting the ethnic and cultural individuality of the Pakistani dressing code in particular and eastern couture in general. For this they always work upon those sartorial attitudes which are enriched with the cultural versatility and indigenous craftsmanship regarding tailoring, embroidery, designs and prints and coloration as well. While on the other hand, we are having another group of labels and outfitters who are of the view that only the western fashion must be promoted and exposed to our elite and bourgeoisie class of

Wardha Saleem Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2015:
In Eid-ul-fitr have something “other than” monotonous eastern dressing attitude of shalwar kameez or kurtis, rather try to wrap up in something exotic and never seen before which is only Wardha Saleem is offering in her upcoming lawn capsule collection of Wardha Saleem Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2015. Many of the clothing brands and designers are competing with each other in the race of launching the Eid catalogue but many of them do not lift up to the expectations of their customers. Because their showcases do not seem to be perfect or well going with the festive theme of Eid, as

Sanam Chaudhri Designer Eid Luxury Pret Collection 2015:
Demanding the best variety is the right of every customer who is spending his money upon a certain outfit, accessory or any kind of footwear. Quality, designs, embellishments, fabric and finishing in the cuts are all the features which determine the worth and value of a certain dress and decide how much it will cost to the clientele. In this regard, brands and designers are the well celebrated medium through which you can get outstanding trousseaus just to fill your wardrobe or closet. In Pakistan, the brands consciousness or brand loyalty is prevailing day by day, as the designers are in the

We are back with another scintillating Charizma Eid Collection 2015-16 by Riaz Arts. This collection is a fabulous mixture of modern yet traditional patterns and designs that emerged with creative fashion philosophy and concept. This time Charizma has brought Luxury Fancy Chiffon Dresses in semi-stitched and ready-made format. These dresses dilled with all modern requirement, techniques, and trends. In Charizma EID Luxury Chiffon Collection 2015-16 Vol-3 you can see stunning creativity in color combination, prints, designs and stitching will add incredible attitude in your personality.

Nomi Ansari Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2015-16: Nomi Ansari is a style guru of Pakistan fashion industry provides you versatile range of designer pret dresses for women. This Eid 2015, he came to the limelight with his remarkable Ready-to-Wear Eid 2015 Dresses to mesmerize everyone's heart. This unique and splendid designs of Nomi Ansari Eid Collection 2015-2016 infused with awe-inspiring crafts, designs and concept of Nomi Ansari. In his latest ready to wear collection

Zara Shahjahan Eid Luxury Pret 2015:
Creating the magnificent collection is main idea upon which every designer and label works in or order to coming up with the portfolio which could be called as a signature one. Every outfitter is somewhat perfect in one or another specification regarding clothing. Some are known for their tailoring, some are good enough in their designing taste, some are famous for the incorporation of brilliant colors, some are considered to be best in prints and many are having mastery in employing the two styling genres together like that of eastern and western. But there is a minority in the fashion world of the designers who do try to inculcate all these features in their single catalogue and they

Saira Rizwan Eid Lawn 2015:
There is nothing more refreshing then the thought of celebrating the upcoming Eid even in the sweltering heat of June and July. It’s tough to fast in such a blistering month of summer season but we the Muslims are relieved by the sights of all those merry making moments of Eid-ul-fitr in which we are going to be reveling together this joyful festival, delicious refreshments made by the housie house wives with the addition of a whole lot love, the incoming of guests with the blessing and gifts, the Eidi that we got from our elders, visiting to our friends homes and their visiting to ours, feats and fiesta and the gratitude we pay to Allah who has bestowed us with such an ecstatic month of Eid after going through an unnerving and hard-hitting routine of Ramadan. But we, and by we it is meant the ladies and kids, get more excited regarding our dresses which we just bought to wear for the merriments of Eid.

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