June 2015
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Mausummery by Huma Eid Collection 2015-16: Looking for Best Eid 2015 Dresses? As we knows! in summer and mid-summer season lawn is one of the hot selling and most preferred clothes that is created in different designs, textures and patterns. Our fashion designers and manufactures  have added many modern techniques, designs and touch in the lawn dresses making it fit for festivals and events. You can wear them at outing, parties, casual events, offices, formal parties and festival too. Choosing a stylish lawn suit for Eid 2015 is indeed a challenge; With so many designs, colours, and patterns in the market, it  gets really confusing.

Toady we are present with some exclusive Finest Ready to Wear for Eid 2015 by Nida Ali that will help you for an exciting look. Nowadays  pret wear, luxury pret, and ready made dresses are one of the most common fashion clothing that can be worn in each phase of life. The good thing of Pret Wear is that it's very stylish and easy to carry. Today she-styles has brought Nida Ali Perahan Eid Collection 2015-16 for our beautiful ladies because women always look for new designs to add their closet.

ZS Textile Zara Embroidered Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
Eid-ul-fitr is just a month away and way before it, the celebration is in the air and we can feel it. If summers’ liveliness and Eid’s festivities combine together in the form of vivacious colors then the commemorations become more revel and jovial than ever. The scorching heat and angry sun is somehow hatching an intrigue against us to make us stop from having fasts and getting ourselves prepared for the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr jubilees. But we are still up for looting all the excitements and juvenility of the most awaited month of Ramadan and Eid centenary. Nothing can stop us from going to the markets for having done with the shopping stuff and enjoying our pre-Eid activities with

Posh Dazzler Lawn Eid-Ul-Fitr Catalog 2015:  Some ladies do not want to spend more money on their attires but with this thought they search for reasonable prices and some time bargains with the shopkeeper. Such ladies work a lot for their outfits.Some times their luck works and they find according to their wish. Likewise their is another folk of women who want to carry most expensive attire.Both classes of women are crazy for fashion and want to get attraction and be praised.Now a days there is a race in Pakistan fashion Industry.Every artist is working with keen interest and work hard because people have awareness about fabrics and

 Firdous Eid Collection 2015-2016: These days ready to wear designer attires are accessible in wide variety of fabrics, designs and patterns. These can be found in markets, super-stores, shopping malls and online as well. But choosing a best pret wear for Eid 2015 is a daunting experience. Especially when, you don't have any experience and information regarding materials, price and quality. Before making any final decision to selecting a designer lawn suits you need to know number of things like fabric, colours, prints, designs and tailoring details are very necessary factors.

Maria.B Luxury EID Lawn Collection 2015:
Twenty days more to go to nearly celebrate the Eid fiesta which is the most awaited and welcomed festival in the lunar Islamic festival chart. Every year there is a jubilation in the air and every one tries to plunder the festal colors of Eid with fascinating outfits surfaced with exotic and pretty designing impression, refreshing and lively tints of elegance and extravagant ornaments. In every commemoration, dresses plays a vital role in interpreting and exhibiting the charmful essence of the very moments which we experience. For gloomy sort of occasions we try to slip into some informally

In Image Fabrics Eid Collection 2015-16 the brand has covered each and every genre of dresses to be worn weather on the daily basis or on the formal occasion. This ready to wear collection is comprised of the most appealing and interesting designs which is must have for your wardrobe. Image Fabrics Eid Ready to Wear & Unstitched Fabric Collection 2015-16 features sublime range of embroidered fabric enriched with  lovely summer shades, beautiful prints and embroidery.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2015:
In order to clad themselves ladies used to wear enchanted attires. Now a days there is craze in young girls to carry modern ensembles. Ladies are anxiously waiting for the new arrivals on any festival because they have strong wish to look smart and up to date. Summer is the hot season of the year so every one wants serenity in daily routine. Our dresses really matter a lot in this aspect as Soothing and eye catching colors cativate us. Sana Safinaz the most famous and elegant fashion brand of Pakistan; On this Eid-Ul-Fitr delineated a vast and huge collection of eastern and western style dresses. Sana and Safinaz are

House of Ittehad Cinderella Eid Collection 2015:
We are the women and we love shopping. Nothing can come in our way to stop us from going out for shopping; neither scorching and lethal sun nor hard fasts can ever confined us in our homes. Especially when there is a celebration to observe with its full convivial spirit and you want something to get yourself dressed up with the accordance to the related occasion of that particular festival. Dresses and pretty tailored stuffs have always been the center of our attraction and we always fall for them even we are penniless and have a little money in our purse. By dresses it can be implied

Today is a special day for Pret lovers; because one after another we are presenting Luxury Eid Collection'15 for luxurious and glamorous look. After Gul Ahmed Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2015 and  Sobia Nazir Eid Collection '15 - Luxury Pret, now she-styles present with its  third collection that has also introduced in Pret/ RTW format from well-known brand Zeniya Lawn by Deepak Perwani. Zeniya Eid Ready To Wear Collection 2015-16 features 3-PC formal lawn dresses that are enriched with all the appealing spices.

For this Eid 2015, you might be looking something very unique fresh and breathtaking to be added in your formal summer closet. Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2015-16 features a series of stunning choices apparel that are splendid. Classy silhouettes to fluent an exclusive blend of vogue and comfort that allows you to look your best. Sobia Nazir adorned the dresses with extraordinary craft and high fashion. So get ready to be mesmerized by Sobia Nazir Silk/Chiffon Eid Collection 2015

Gul Ahmed Eid-Ul-Fitr Luxury Pret 2015:
There are two types of ladies who are having different attitudes towards their way of dressing. Some ladies prefer to wear radiant dresses with vibrant color scheme and bold and excessively prominent prints which can surface the dress entirely. Even in the informal attitude they crave for something showy and striking which could become eye-catching to the seers. Well. For most of the people, this would be a little bit uncouth, but for those females this sartorial style seems

 Humayun Alamgir Menswear Eid Kurta Collection 2015-16: Ethnic attires are most suited clothes to get an elegant and graceful looks. These are the perfect for the holy festivals such as Eid, Ramadan and many other favorable occasions and events. Men, women and even kids prefer to wear Pakistani ethnic wears on daily basis, on Jumma Mubarak and of-course on Eid too. The fast changing fashion also impacted on this ethnic attire and have transformed the Pakistani shalwar kameez into a more appealing way. Now you will find a huge variety in menswear and women's wear.

Sapphire Lawn Eid Collection 2015 Vol. 2: The summer heat is getting intense and dense day by day and thus is driving us crazy and heat up for the Ramadan, but this heat cannot strangle our convivial spirit of celebrating the Ramadan and up-coming Eid festive activities which are about to be observe soon. The temperature is shooting high in the most of the regions of Pakistan, and there are no signs of precipitation yet, but we the ladies have proven ourselves to be iron ladies literally, instead of being stereo-typically considered as waxen dolls, who are that much fragile that they would be melted if exposed to the sun. We go outside for outfit hunting for Eid in the scorching heat, for our families and our dear ones, wander around the whole market place get a hand full of perfect dresses by undergoing a difficult and nearly-impossible task of bargaining with the high headed shop-keeper, but we are having mastery in this errand.

Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Eid Collection  2015:
Going off to visit market to get a dress which deserves you according to you your charismatic personality? Then do not miss to visit Asim Jofa’s outlet which has been displayed with the Eid exclusive Couture of Asim Jofa Luxury Eid Lawn 2015. All those happily and recently married girls who are going to celebrate this year’s Eid-ul-fitr away from their parent’s home, with their in-laws for the first time. They have to spend the whole of Eid, standing in the kitchen, preparing the delightful treats and other tasty refreshments for their family and the every now and then arriving guests. In this fatiguing scenario, you off course cannot manage to carry something heavily loaded, like just taken from your bari or dowry collection, but you cannot wear anything simple because it will be a question upon

Origins Ready to Wear Best Ever Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
Yes after bringing out stunning and remarkable clothing chain of lawn fiesta, Origins is ready to make a show up this Eid-ul-fitr with its festive franchise of another classic and chic catalogue of Origins Best Ever Eid Collection 2015. Sensational and pretty designs always appeal us and these are what make every dress drool worthy and eye-catching. A simple plain organza will never seem as charming to us unless it is been adorned with some refreshing incises of different patterns like that of floral, digital, exotic graphics and elegant and conventional paisleys which are

Almirah Eid Coolection 2015-16: This festive season we are seeing lots of changes in fashion and other field. For example, in Karachi, Islamabad,  Lahore, Rawalpindi, Baluchistan, Sindh and many other cities the temperature is too high. When each and every person is suffering from heat and there are no relief for the people.  In that case soft and soothing clothes are used to relieve stress and inquietude. Hence; here we have brought  Lawn / Silk & Jacquard dresses for Eid 2015. This collection has been exposed from iconic eastern clothing brand of pakistan. 

Lakhany Charlotte Eid Collection 2015:
Eid festivities are right around the corner and shortly after that wedding season would be following it with its full zest and zeal. This jovial ceremony is more excited for the bride, for sure, but it is also the most awaited event for the endeared around the bride. Her cousins, sisters and closest friends start their shopping expeditions a month before. For those young girls, LSM Fabric has unveiled its up-to-the-minute festive and juvenile catalogue of LSM Charlotte Limited Catalog 2015, which can be fitted for your Eid-ul-fitr scenario and your post-Eid festivities like that of nuptial commemorations. On the occasions like these, mostly girls go for

Nida Azwer Summer Eid Collection 2015-16: The holly festival of Eid Ul Fitr 2015 is just around on corner, many collections are popping up on the sky of fashion with modern and classy twist. SheStyles team firstly try to share each and every collection. The competition of Eid 2015 collections it's on peak, So we are trying to dominate our viewers /  readers heart through our exclusive rang. After Maria.B MBROIDERED Eid 2016, now another amazing collection is ready to take your attention with its outclass prints and patterns.

Maria.B Mbroidered Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
This Eid celebrate happy shopping month with the sensational flare of improvised luxury treat of festive dresses from Maria B Mbroidered Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015. It is a now-prevailing perception that digitized etches are more chic then the regular archaic based patterns which are not having creativity at all and women are tend to get bored with this monotonous natural designing patterns. Embroidered impressions are having innovation as well as a glimpse of modernity with a trendy touch. Flashing sparkles, computerized surrealist techniques, exotic incises and binary coloration is the features upon which

Unfortunately , due to some circumstances we could not shared Amir Liaqat Hussain Anchal Lawn 2015-16 by Amna Ismail. But today we have an exclusive collection for ALH lovers and fans. Just few house ago Amna Ismail has unveiled Aamir Liaquat Hussain Anchal Lawn Eid Collection 2015-16 in which you will find 3-PC lawn dresses adorned with embroidered stuff and fancy accessories. These Eid lawn dressers filled with  colorful and splashy prints, rich, vibrant and attractive colors made the dresses more rich and beautiful.

Beech Tree Unstitched Lawn Collection 2015 Vol-2: Are you done with the shopping for your first day of Eid? But you have not decided yet of what you are going to wear for the second day or third day? So let us help you to choose what would go well on you on these two post-Eid occasions. Well, short and knee length kurti shirts with churidar or cigarette and straight trouser and long chadar like dupattas are going popular in the contemporary fashion. Printed and half embroidered kurti with loosely stitched sleeves can be seen in every designer’s portfolio with vivacious colors and intricate tradition print patterns. Now your question would where I can get those

Zainab Chottani  Eid Pret Collection 2015-16: Here is a good news for worried women; who are still searching Eid Dresses 2015. This special collection not one give you million dollar look at the same time will solve your all problems regarding Eid outfits like finding unique designs in good quality fabric, tailoring problems and many other difficulties. This collection include very limited range of  party wear and semi-formal mode Designer Ready to Wear Dresses. Zainab Chottani has used attractive design, exotic pattern, luxury intricate motifs simple yet elegant cuts and various shapes to offer modernized touch to Eid Pret Wear.

Ayesha Farook Hashwani Eid Collection 2015:
Here is Ayesha F Hashwani with her scintillating range of Festive Eid Lawn 2015 that is complete package of classy modifications, evolutions, trends, improvements and innovation have been made by our talented designer who know how to give a change to the taste of their customers. Ayesha Farook Hashwani is one of those tactful dress makers who always bring out something new and individual in their seasonal capsules.
Ayesha Farook Hashwani, keeping her signature business on the horizon, has launched her speechless lawn Eid exclusive unstitched digital

SNM Lawn Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
SNM has finally unveiled its festive capsule of SNM Lawn Eid Collection 2015, an amalgam of class and vogue which will add color to your jubilations of Eid. Gilded with some fresh and alluring hues of refreshing summers, adorned with the pretty and stunning imprints of finest patterns of embroidery and other embellishments from head to toe, intricate and exotic prints with modified techniques of digital and conventional impressions, and purely eastern code of dressing when combine together on a sheer and regal fabric of lawn, then a luxury outfit comes to being to showcase

Phatyma Khan Luxury Pret Eid Collection 2015-16: Eid Ul Fitr 2015 is right around the corner, so each Pakistani fashion house, manufacture and fashion artist  is coming with different fashion trends. This time we are turn the page from luxury pret designer wear for Eid. Phatyma Khan is not stranger designer of fashion industry. She is very talented and skillful fashion designer that known for here diverse range of traditional and  western  luxury pret wear. Her great fashion philosophy and individuals style is adds unique elegance and attraction into the dresses. 

Zunia Swiss Voil Eid Collection Vol-4 by Rujhan Fabrics: If you look around you then you will find that most of the brands and designers are designing lawn range for Eid. If you are from those ladies ; who likes to wear different fabric besides lawn, then don't you worry because in shestyles blog you will find many clothe and fabrics options, you can go with your favorite ones. Hence, after an extensive range of  stylish lawn dresses for Eid 2015, here are we going to share with you Swiss Voile for Eid. These dresses not only give you comfortable feel at the same time give you the best idea of Fancy Eid Dresses that are prefect in hot summer days.

So Kamal Eid Extravaganza Collection 2015:
So Kamal’s fantabulous festive lawn catalogue is out in the stores and the outlets this Eid So Kamal Eid Collection 2015 which is full of exciting colors, exotic designs and conventional tailoring. We are having the month of Ramadan and we are going to be celebrating Eid shortly after this month. Lots of hustle bustle can be found in the market places. Retailers and shop owners are getting a handful amount of profit by showcasing the attractive outfits, footwear and accessories outside their shops to get more customers in those areas where there are more chances of foot-traffic. Ladies are getting attracted to those magnetic masterpieces and empty their purses by giving the desired prize of the shopkeepers. Now these days, the lawn getting higher in the must have dresses list this Eid and designers are making some modifications through embellishments of thread works, pearls, laces, silk patches, chiffon addition and much more.

Samia Ahmed Silk Hand Block Print Collection 2015:
Shortly after Eid festival, we are going to have wedding season and in our culture, the bride, her family, cousins, sisters and friends start to make the preparations a couple of month ago. On the occasions like that of wedding ceremonies which are equally jovial just like as Eid, people usually prefer to dress up in the classic and extravagant designers couture which ought to be embellished with luxury motifs, stones, sequins, flashing thread works and colorations according to the festive orientation of the events. In the demonstration, let’s take the instance of mehndi experience in which mostly

Celebrate this hot summery Eid with Phulkri Eid Collection 2015-16 by Taana Baana. Phulkari is one of the most prominent fashion house of Pakistan that offers stylish and outclass women's wear for all seasons and various festival occasions. In Phulkari by Taana Baana Eid Collection 2015-16 you will find quite attractive innovation of Eid dresses that would be tempting for the eye, and you will be glad to add them in your festive summer closet. These high quality lawn designs will make you look even more beautiful at eid day.

Taana Baana Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
Summers have spoiled our fun of enjoying Eid-ul-fitr with enthusiasm and zeal and zest. We always celebrate Eid-ul-fitr as it has to be celebrated, only in winters, because we have a great treat from the nature in terms of suitable climate and a variety of accessorized trousseaus. If we talk about Eid-ul-fitr’s celebrations then girls and women are more into it. Their preparations start from the shopping and end upon it till Chand Raat. For the shopkeepers and market owners, Eid festival is said to be most lucrative month of the year for designers even. Embroidered flamboyant lavish dresses are calling their wearer attractively in the showcases and the customers respond to their call abruptly and faithfully.

Shariq Textiles Izza Hassan Festive Eid Silk 2015:
Changes are always good for you. This is a certainly true connotation which is the motto of this 21st century in which we are living. It is a human nature or instinct that human beings is having a tendency to get himself changed according to the altering phenomena of the world and changes always appeal him. And on the other hand, monotony and sameness can make him bored to death. One way or the other, we are somewhat having some dreariness in her routine life which sometimes gets tedious which are having nothing to have a change in it. But thanks to our outfitters who make our lives a little flexible regarding any kind of change which could be in our clothing style. Pakistan is blessed with many such fashion icons that are offering

Nimsay Parsa Regalia Eid Collection 2015-16: This Eid the fashion of lawn dresses is coming with different trend. Recently Nimsay has showcased its two brilliant and striking Eid Collection 2015 for women in which you will find elegant and stylish dresses that are designed in a simple yet modern way. Nimsay Regalia Eid Collection 2015-16 Vol-1 include 3-PC embroidered eid lawn dresses with attractive chiffon dupatta and two piece embroidered eid dresses. These Regalia summer eid dresses have been set with the ornamentation of vivid shades, gorgeous prints and intricate embroidery and thread work.

Charizma Summer Eid 2015-2016 Volume-3: Charizma  embroidered dresses are certainly the best ethnic attire to get attractive look with rich traditional feels. Charizma  collections are most suited for any season, occasions and festivals. Their collections are inspired from the eastern fashion trends with the touch of modernity that's why Charizma  by Raiz Arts is considered one of the best fashion house of Pakistan. After Range Vol.2 Embroidered Lawn 2015 for Eid, now Charizma  has brought Charizma Eid Collection 2015. The brand offers pleasant feel to the wearer through its best fancy dresses for Eid.

Zara Shahjahan Eid Lawn 2015:
“Yahoo! The short shirts are back in the vogue this season” this is what the young girls are saying who takes long length shirts as burden on their fragile skin. Well, they are in a way right because it is difficult to carry in the scorching heat of summer as they block the air channel entering through your body. If you are wrapping into an embroidered trousseau then it is surely going choke you. But now this trend is somewhat out from the fashion ranking and now a modified version of kurti style has taken the 1st rating in the most likable attire of the year. Flowy and loosely structured simple printed and embroidered knee length shirts are mostly preferred to slip in with

Sheep Summer Eid Collection 2015-16: SHEEP™ is not a new name in the fashion industry of Pakistan. In fact the brand is already on top its game transforming the blank canvases of the fabrics into fantastic work of art. House of Sheep has gained much appreciation, success and attention of women and men for its fine fabrics,  wonderful designs and distinct style taste. For the upcoming Eid Ul Fitr, SHEEP™ has designed amazing dresses for both men and women. Sheep Eid Collection 2015-16 for Men & Women is very stylish and simple ready-to-wear collection which has some elegant and trendy menswear kurta shalwar, ans shirts with jeans.

Korean Lawn Summer 2015 Catalog Vol-2:
magnificent and  distinctive prints, featuring classic sense of novelty are always our first choice while getting a dress for our-self, whether its colour scheme adds to your charizma or not. Divergent cuts and timeless patterns are always been the center of our young girls and it has become their inspiration for getting them motivated to buy that specific desired dresses for them and for their loved ones. Firdous, one of the leading fashion icon of Pakistan have reveled their versatile niche of Korean Lawn Prints 2015 Vol-2 which is fabricated upon classy and timeless prints along with perfect summery dressing attitude.

Suffuse By Sana Yasir Eid Collection 2015-16: Suffuse by Sana Yasir is a prominent Pakistani fashion house that known for its unique, modern, rich, and elegant luxury pret dress collection. The fashion critics from all over the country to international both admire its dresses. Suffuse by Sana Yasir designer dresses are beautiful and glamorous with the both touch Eastern and Western flavor to cater the demands of modern Asian women. Sana Yasir dresses hive a feel of class and purity in designs with stark contrast of dark and bright shades. The dresses have brilliant cuts and  amazing detailed designs.

Lala Sana & Samia Crinkle Embroidery 2015 Vol-2:
Now a day, for the office going or college going or even university going girls, embroidered lawn suits fashion is getting the most likeable attire status regarding fashion. Every eighth girl among the strength of 10 would be wearing embroidered long shirts with loosely stitched margins and sleeves with a trouser or even desi shalwar or churidar but without bed sheet sized dupattas, but rather with stoles. This fashion is trendy and voguish but at the same time it is also comfortable in many ways, especially in the summers where you do not want to go for air blacking tight kameez. This

 Lala Vintage Kurti 2015-16 for Eid: Nowadays officially eid season on its peak. Colorful, stylish and trendy eid dresses are presenting from different designers and brands. Every single person is trying to catch attention of buyers by presenting or producing unique and stylish clothes. Recently Lala the top class Pakistani textile company is back with one more lawn series for Eid. LALA Vintage Eid Collection 2015-16 is based on 21 designs of Vintage Kurti that are adorned with refreshing color scheme, intricate embroidery, eye-catching prints and captivating designs.

Recently Zeen by Cambridge has launched its stunning Zeen Eid Collection 2015-2016 in order to offer you elegant designs with decent touch. When Eid comes in summer season the major preference of women is to wear some comfortable and soothing dresses which are relaxing in the sizzling weather. Zeen Lawn Eid Ul Fitr Collection 2015-16 is designed in such way to fulfill the needs and demands of women in every way. The designers of Zeen has used each and every thing breathtaking and flawless. From prints to designs, Fabrics to patterns, Colors to embroidery, each detail of the dresses has made the collection praiseworthy.

ISPR pays tribute to all the solders of Pak Army who had lost their lives during the Operation Zarb-e-Azab. Today on 14th June 2015 the one year has been completed to the operation Zarb e Azab and more than 2700 terrorists have been killed by our brave solders. Today ISPR has released Yeh Banday Mitti Kay Banday Song to pay tribute to Pak Army to to boost their feelings. Let's listen this beautiful national song only on She-Styles.

ISPR Presents Yeh Banday Mitti Kay Banday National Song 2015

Bareeze Embroidered Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015: As the Eid is right around the corner then the ladies would have started to contemplate upon going to do some shopping stuff to get ready for the preparation of saying welcome to the most awaited and enthusiastic months and festivals of the lunar calendar. Since, Ramadan and Eid-ul-fitr comes back to back, then we have to do a lot of chores and buying tasks. Getting the necessary grocery which is wanted in the kitchen and the most importantly, the dresses which we have to buy to celebrate Eid. And if you want to visit a good place for purchasing some draperies, then here we would recommend to visit Bareeze outlet, where you would find all you need stuff to wear for post-Eid festivities. Recently Bareeze has

MARIA.B. Digital Prints 2015 for Ramzan:
We are having so many beautiful regions in the world where beautiful faces live. A woman is said to be the epitome and standard perimeter of all the beauties. We have made two respective classifications in beauty, which is not according to the complexion but rather it is related to the features. All the ladies in the world are pretty but Asian magnificence is most celebrated one amongst them all. In further division in Asian beauty, south Asian and in particular, Pakistani beauty is considered to be the most exotic of all. The contoured face features, tan complexion and graceful

Reeva Eid Collection 2015-16 by Shariq: Shariq Textile has always achieved high adoration from its different niche. Ladies  likes shariq's seasonal and festival niche due to their stunning appearance and creative fashion ideology. After Ayesha Chottani, Feminine, Wardha Saleem and Farah Laghari Eid Collections 2015, now shestyleis going to share with you another splendid Shariq Eid addition. Yes, this is Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015-16 by Shariq. Reeva by shariq has always been topper's choice for its singularity, modishness,  simplicity and greatness.

 Zahra Ahmad Lawn Eid Collection 2015-16: Choosing the right and  best lawn dresses for Eid is quite difficult work specially in summer season. If you haven't find the desirable Eid 2015 attire yet, then it's a good chance to see the some more stylish and modernistic dresses here. One of the most eminent female fashion designer Zahra Ahmad has recently exposed her Digital Prints Luxury Embroidered Eid 2015 Dresses. Zahra Ahmed Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015-16 features fully embroidered lawn shirt, colourful chiffon dupatta and 2.5M trousers along with some extra accessories and elements.

Rungrez Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015:
The girls in our contemporary age do not like much of the traditional shalwar kameez type dressing attitude, so, even in the custom festivals like Eid they also do not much prefer to slip into these sort of typical eastern attire, in fact they are more like to be having inclination towards western modified couture which could have a slight taste of eastern indigenous dressing code, in general and Pakistani in particular. Those young ladies are mostly belong to the upper strata of the society who are influenced by the cultural raid of western fashion, but still there are some designers who are putting their effort in pursuing  them to at-least like our cultural heritage regarding clothing by incorporating an amalgamation of western prom dressing and eastern sophisticated and folk attire. Well, Rungrez is leading in this effort with its pre-eminent dashing Eid-ul-Fitr exclusive collection Rungrez Premium Lawn Eid Collection 2015. which is  enriched with glamorous and chic party wear.

Here are we presenting an exclusive Ittehad Eid Collection 2015-16 for Men & Women. This Ittehad eid range is belong from  famous category IZABELL, and  the part of it's printed and embroidered series.  In Ittehad Izabeel Eid-Ul-Fitr Collection 2015-16 men a women will find rich and stylish formal and semi-formal dresses for Eid 2015. The dresses of this fascinating range are beautified with impressive multi color palette including pastels shades, soft dreamy hues and delicate subtle tones that will give you an attractive look.

Ethnic by Outfitters Lawn Festive '15 Collection: This Eid get your personality changed with the enchanting aura of Ethnic by Outfitters Lawn Festive 2015. you must be planning to go to the market for buying some outfits for you which must be fully embellished according to the revel spirit of Eid-ul-fitr. But it is not necessary all the time that you have to have a certain type of dress which should be more like a party wear of formal in attitude but rather you can choose to wear such a drapery which should be simple and just embroidered with sophistical informal sort of etches, on the festivals like that of Eid. Especially, in such a intense heat wave just which is getting increased as the days are passing. Light thread work impressions on the finest quality lawn are just peerless to any of the formal luxury capsule of silk or chiffon.

Farah Talib Aziz Eid Luxury Pret 2015: If you planning to go on a formal dinner which yours or your husband’s boss has just thrown for making a commemoration for Eid-Ul-Fitr. But you do not have anything formal which must be perfect for an evening cool and serene occasional atmosphere, then stop worrying and just fill your purse or clutch or even wallet with money, stop by the nearest Farah Talib Aziz’s outlet, have a sight to the exhibited showcase of newly arrived Farah Talib Aziz Festive Luxury Pret 2015.
Being known for her creative aesthetic sense, discreet measurements, up-to-the-mark, contemporary chic styling, decency, novelty and versatility in designs, Farah Talib Aziz is

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