November 2014
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Thredz Cambric Un-Stitched Winter Collection 2014-15: This winter add something exotic and rich in your winter closet to make everyone fan of your choice.  Thredz gives you a chance to dominate the season with their dynamic range of Thredz  Fall/Winter 2014.  Recently Thredz has unveiled their warm and trendiest designs of winter dresses. This collection features wide range of Cambric Dresses for winter. All the dresses are filled with oriental prints inspired from folk and nature, pure wintery hues and phenomenal designs. We can feel the real taste of Pakistan in Thredz Winter Collection 2014-2015. From Sindhi style to blochi, folk to modern and oriental prints are presented in a very unique way. Thredz have brought long length shirts teamed with trousers and chiffon dupattas. Moreover the designs which are available in catalog for tailoring the dresses are modern and catchy. Thredz Winter Cambric 2014/15 dresses have an ever lasting charm and endless style that will look flawless on women of all age groups. You can wear these dresses as casuals, semi formals and formal. As the rich designs, breathtaking colours and modern tailoring twists have made this collection most have for winter. Thredz Cambric Winter-Fall Collection 2014 dresses will give your personality a classy and chic style look. These dresses will enhance the feminine side and make you look like a perfect fashionista.

 Insam Winter-Fall 2015-16 Collection
 Insan Pret & Couture was established in 2008 by the creative Pakistani designers team; Insa Sohail and Samina Mandviwala. This brand is known for its luxury, chic, fun and stylish clothes which will give you retro feel noticeable look. Insam has always focused on wear-ability and  latest fashion trends. Sharply tailored looks, thriving, sleek silhouettes  with a confident and innovative style can be seen in Insam Prêt-à-Porter and luxury dress collection. Each dress and design of Insam Collection is outstanding in cut, workmanship and quality. This winter Insam Studio has brought Insam Winter Wear 2014-15. This collection features casual and formal winter-fall dresses made with linen, chiffon, marina linen, silk and net fabrics. Designer team of Insam Fall Dress Collection 2014 has used such colors that never gives out of fashion like, blue, white, off-white, blue, tea-pink, green, and black. Insam Ready to wear winter dresses 2015 adorned with screen printing in gold, applique work, laces,  motif embroidery, sequins, and ari jaal. This Insam Luxry Pret Collection 2015 for Parties includes long shirts, Kurtis and long frocks pair it with cigarette pants. The pants of of Insam winter-fall 2014-15 dresses also embellishment with screen prints.

Tawakkal Fabrics Winter Classic Collection 2014-15
 Sure as sunset, winter rolls around and brings a drab air devoid of colors. Its a time to put that gloomy trend to an end with Tawakkal Classic Winter Fall Dress Collection 2014-2015 that's as full of life as a sunny winter afternoon. Tawakkal Fabrics Winter'14 features prints and designs that will highlight your own personal style with colors that evoke joy, compassion and beauty that lies within.
So bright up your winter day with  wintry flavors and enchanting prints. This time Tawakkal has brought new designer and embroidery Viscose Collection as  " Classic Winter Collection " designed by "Shahid Tawakkal". This collection includes very innovative, stylish, traditional, and folk designs of Viscose Suit filled with colorful folk prints and folk embroidery. 

Each and every dress of Tawakkal Fabrics Viscose Winter Collection 2014 is worth watching. Simple and very trendy chic winter-fall dresses 2014 nourished with classic prints, designs and embroideries with the touch of fascinating modifications are making the dresses extremely interesting  and stylish. 

Firdous  Corduroy Winter Collection 1014/15: Firdous Fashion is back again to steal everyone's hearts with their captivating range of ''I'm every woman''. In this collection Firdous has introduced wide options of winter dresses that are filled with joyful colours and intricate embroidery. Since the start of this winter season,  Firdous is dominating the fashion screen with their one after another fabulous winter collections. Firdous Corduroy Catalog 2014-15 features casual and semi formal dresses that are filled with pure wintry hues, intricate prints and beautiful embroideries along with motifs. Firdius has dedicated thus collection to women of every class and age group. That is why Firdous has tagged these dresses as "I'm every women". Firdous Corduroy Dresses 2014 for Winter are trendy and warm, these dresses will make your winter wardrobe shine. These dresses will compliment winter season and boast the  charm and grace of your persona.

Hadiqa Kiani Pashmina Shawl 2014-2015
Yesterday HKFW was introduces its Hadiq Kian Digital Linen Collection 2014 Vol-2 , and today Hidiqa Kiani  is back in action with highest quality  karandi collection with digital printed pashmina shawls. As we know, Digital prints are most lavish and elegant techniques of this era.  Women loves digital printed dresses because or their  attractive,  lively and animated prints.  In Pakistan almost each designer and textiles has worked on digital prints dresses. Hadiqan Kiani  has also presented different digital print collections and now she brought Digital Printed Pashmina Shawl 2014-15  packet. Designer team of this HKFW Winter 2014-15 VOL-2 has adorned the dresses and  warps  with stylishly luxurious and impressive embroideries and patterns with the touch of classic and timeless designs and hues. 
Hadiqa Kiani Shawl for Winter-2014 is blend with our tradition of elegance and high class structure.  HKFW Karandi with Pashmina Shawl features 3-pcs embroidered plus printed Karandi and Pashmina suits that ornate with  fancy embroidery, appealing prints and modern sewing designs are perfectly blend with unique and creative ideas. This Hadiqa Kiani Karandi Pashmina Shawl 2014-15 will be available at all our outlets soon

Dubai Abaya Collection 2015-16: Every country and religion has its own clothing style. When it comes to Islam, Islamic dresses are full of grace and adherence. Muslim women wear such dresses that are trendy yet modest. Abaya is one of the most important part of women's wear. Modern Abaya Designs are blend of fashion and modesty. These abayas are designed in such style and designs that have made it more classy and attractive. Dubai Abaya Designs 2015 are very famous in Muslim women because these abayas give liberty to women to showcase their graceful and feminine side. Islamic Abaya Dresses 2015/16 are getting very famous all over the world because of their new, rich and exotic designs. Like other dresses Dubai Abaya Fashion 2015 has also got effected with modern fashion trends. Now these abayas are more stylish and full of modern sewing style. Butterfly Abaya, Khaleeji Abaya and Saudi Abaya are more famous in women. Pakistani Abaya Designs are also getting accepted highly. These abaya are blend of Dubai abayas and modern trends. Today we have brought the New Year Abaya Styles that are unique and stylish. She-styles is the only blog that is going to reveal the upcoming Islamic Abayas 2015 exclusively.

HKFW Winter Digital Linen Collection 2014 Vol-2:
Digital prints are considered as the timeless prints. Women of all age groups loves to wear digital prints because of their richness. When we are talking about winter dresses, then mostly warm fabrics are filled with bold digital designs. In previous winter collections we have seen some tremendous styles if digital prints. Today we have another winter collection that is designed by Hadiqa Kiani. Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection 2014 Vol-2 features wide options if winter dresses that are made with warm linen fabric. Hadiqa Kiani had adorned the dresses with bold digital prints that are inspired from the beauty of folk. This Hadiqa Kiani has designed a below average collection, prints are also dim and specially the shirts are not looking good. This is my perception, may be you will like these kind of dresses for winter. Lets have a quick glimpse at Hadiqa Kiani Digital Linen 2014 Vol 2 below.

Jubilee Karam Pashmina Shawl 2015 Vol-5
Jubilee Karam Winter-Fall Collection 2015 Volume-5  is a blend of breathtaking prints and spirited  colors endowed with serenity and bloom. In this collection you will find all light, soft and charming prints that will add a touchy look in wearer.  Karam Pashmina Shawl Collection 2014-15 VOL-5 by Jubilee Cloth Mills is a dazzling series of this winter with its vivacious hues and fresh patterns are a great and creative addition for your winter wardrobe. It will make you feel like sovereigns with its timeless obscure embroidered border rich and appealing texture and everlasting designing. Karam Pashmina Shawl Collection 2015 Vol-5 is inspired by french floral and creative motives patterns with lovely energetic hues that prefect for women of all age groups.

 Jubilee Karam Winter-Fall Pashmina Collection
 These Jubilee Winter Pashmina Shawl will give you chance to feel special and feminine. These urban elegant feminine prints will keep you feel light in this winter season and its unique style and modern sewing details will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowed. So this winter and fall season add sophisticated style and charming look in your personality with Karam Pashmina Shawl Collection 2014-15 VOL-5 by Jubilee Cloth Mills. 

Sana Salman Luxury Pret Collection 2014-15
Sana Salman Winter-Fall Collection 2015-16 has been pulled out. This  winter season Sana   Salman has brought wide range of Ready To Wear party wear and formal dresses that are designed in different style and unique theme. In her latest collection designer Sana Salman has presented printed and embroidered  Open Shirt Jacket / Coat Kameez with Pant and tops. These winter pret wear dresses are inspired from west with  strong touch modernity and uniqueness. Sana Salman has used all fancy and rich decoration to make  this  silk coats and jackets phenomenal. Each dresses of this collocation is filled with captivating colors, dark intricate print with modern clothing styles and ideas. This is one of the most colorful and exotic party wear formal dress winter collection 2014. All the dresses are attractive and fitted with such colors and designs that can make you fall in love in a first look. Sana Salman Autumn/Winter Luxury Pret Jackets 2015  collection will add sophistication to wearer personality.

Sania Zara Kurti Collection 2015: In freezing days of winter what is more better then wearing warm and trendy Kurtis. This season we have seen many amazing collections of Embroidered Kurtis. Today we have another out class winter kurtis collection by ZS Textile. ZS is a well reputed name among many famous textile companies of Pakistan. ZS believes in quality that is why after a long wait they are back in limelight with their very first winter collection. Sania Zara Winter Collection 2014/2015 features wide variety of embroidered plus printed Kurtis that are made with warm and soft fabrics. All these Kurtis are adorned with finest prints, subtle hues and detailed embroideries. Sania Zara Designer Embroidered Collection 2015 Kurtis are divided in two parts, the first part includes dark and subtle colour Kurtis that are embellished with digital prints. While the second part based on bright and wintry colour Kurtis that are ornate with folk prints and digital embroidery. Moreover ZS Textile Sania Zara 2015 Kurtis are warm and classic. These Kurtis are stitched in urban styles and clubbed with matching dupattas. You can pair these Kurtis with legging and jeans to feel warm and look stylish in winter days. Lets have a look at Sania Zara Winter Kurti 2015 below.

Nida Ali Winter Basics Collection 2014-15
A very talented and masterly designer Nida ali invites you to her latest Nida Ali Fall/ Winter  2014-15 Collection. It is a distinct style of winter pret wear 2014 collection. In this collection designer has shown her great and classy creativity with a touch of flamboyance and vivacity. Nida Ali "Winter Basics" Collection 2014-15 includes
very versatile range of ready-made or ready to wear dresses that modernly designed and filled with  unique blend of modern and traditional designs and   cuts . This collection features different mediums  and long length shirts, coats, open shirts, double shirts, jackets, tops, tunics, and many other variates like Leatherite, wool, suede, jeans, metallic studs, and fur are used for finishing. In Nida Ali Winter Collection 2014-2015 the designer highlights the edge elements with pivotal prints and embroideries.
 Nida Ali Winter Casual Wear Collection 2014-15
 If we take a look on the color palette of this Winter Casual Wear Collection 2014 by Nida Ali then we will find all wintry colors and delicate graphics, block and screen prints structures. Nida Ali has designed her " Winter Basics"  collection for casual and evening winter days and parties. These Nida Ali Open-Shirt,  Double Shirt, Long Shirt are very simple yet smart and chic addition of this fall/winter season. Lets have a look Nida Ali Winter-Fall Collection.

In girls winter wardrobe Shawls are the most prominent winter accessory. Shawls not only saves you from cold but also make you look beautiful. It would not be wrong if we call shawl the most comfortable and trendy winter stuff. In current winter season, designer shawls got tremendous fame. And these Pashmina Shawls are getting highly accepted by women of all age group. So Kamal Winter Shawl Collection 2014/2015 is also a remarkable range of winter shawls. If we take a look on other designer shawl collections then we realize that So Kamal 2014 Shawls  are very different from others. So Kamal has ornate these Shawl Dresses with various hues that are perfect to compliment the winter season. Moreover the classic embellishment on colourful shawls is looking amazing. So Kamal Winter Pashmina Shawl 2014-15 are clubbed with intricately embroidered shirts and trousers, but you can wear these shawls with any dress.  So Kamal Winter Collection 2014 With Shawls Dresses are perfect to wear as casual wear, semi formal wear and also these dresses with compliment the formal wear demands too.

Phulkari Winter-Fall 2014-2015 Vol-2
 After getting tremendous admiration on Phulkari by Taana Baana Winter-Fall Collection 2014 Volume-1. Now Phulkari  is back to refill your winter wardrobe with new designs and prints.  This time Phulkari  giving you another chance to boost your look and style with its Phulkari Winter-Fall 2014-2015 Vol-2 . This collection includes only few printed plus embroidered 3-pcs dresses paired with printed krinkle dupattas. Taana Baana has ornate Phulkari Winter'14 Volume-2 dresses with rich textures and wintry colors. These winter-fall 2014 dresses are perfect fusion of modernity and ethnicity with a touch of artistry work like Victorian textile, Rally pattern, Islamic pattern, Ikat theme and Cross stitch styles are the historic and sensational designs of this Phulkari by Taana Baana Vol-2

Phulkari Winter Collection 2014-2015
Phulkari winter-fall 2014 dresses filled with classic prints, rich hues,  intricate embroidery luxurious sewing techniques not only highlight the look of the dresses also give you a center attention. Phulkari by Taana Baana Winter 2014-15 Collection is very rich and sophisticated that will add a charming look in wearer personality.

Digital Printed Kurti Designs: The latest contour of fashion is highly associated with western clothing trends. This modern age of fashion is hip hop and usually bold and colourful. Urban fashion is getting very famous and its is highly being accepted. One of the latest style of urban dress is ''Tunic''. This winter season the trend of Digital Printed Tunics got huge fame in Pakistan. As we know that Pakistani designer dresses are always been inspiration for other national and international designers. So today a very famous fashion brand of India has unveiled their Indian Kurtis for Winter. This collection is inspired from Pakistani Designer  Kurtis and have strongbox touch of Pakistani clothing style. These Winter Kurtis With Leggings are perfect to be the part of your casual and semi formal closet. Indian Designer Kurti Collection 2014 for Winter tunics are adorned with Chinese, Turkish and Indian inspired digital prints that are highlighted with graphical designs. Moreover the sewing styles and neck designs have also given new and inspiring look to the dresses. She-Styles feels proud to unveil thus exclusive collection. Lets have a look.

Origins Ready to Wear Winter Shawls Collection 2014: I think Origins-Ready to Wear has decided to make your winter full of joy and colours. This very first time that origins fave back to back unveiled four amazing seasonal collections.  This collection includes elegant range of continental designs highlighted with winter symphony of colours. Origins has given all the dresses strong touch of traditional designs and styles. Moreover the additions of highly embellished folklore styles shawls have enhanced the charm and beauty of the dresses. Origins Shawl Collection 2014 for Winter features vibrant designs highlighted with blooming hues and stylish but warm shawls. This collection features many amazing styles, designs and patterns that meets the winter trend perfectly. Origins Ready to Wear Shawls 2014-2015 dresses will surely make your winter closet warm, sophisticated, trendy and heart touching.

Al-Zohaib Ayesha Zara Shawls 2014-2015
 Ayesha Zara Printed Woven Shawl Collection 2014-2015 Al-Zohaib. This winter express your style statement with the latest fashion trends  Now you can be modern with  pure oriental style and this collection is a proof of our evergreen fashion.  Recently Al-Zohaib has launched its Woven Winter Shawl 2014-15 collection with the tag of " Ayesha Zara Shawl" In this collection Al-zohab brings our traditional and culture designs, prints and pattens with perfect blend of modernity. As we know
Al-Zohaib textile is one of the leading textile concerns of the country. This clothing mill is in textile business for more than three decades. Al-Zohaib is the labels of graceful and elegant styles. This textile always produced something unique in all collections and always focused traditions with fashion. Al-Zohaib textile has wide range of products. It process weaving from world class Pima cotton yarn  with pure quality lawn fabric, from weaving till stitching all work process at the most advanced machinery. Al-Zohaib also have a well-equipped designing studio consists of experienced designers for research and fashion trends to be introduced in every new seasons. Al-Zohaib textile has variety of products  which caters the needs of middle class to elite class. This the textile have its own brands i.e. anum classic lawn, monsoon lawn and anum chiffon for the middle class and designers series for the elite class of the society i.e. mahiyamaan, rizwan beyg, ayesha Zara, zeb ayesha, mahnoor and monsoon festivana. The main goal of Al-Zohaib is to exceed the customers expectations.
 Al-Zohaib Winter Shawl 2014-2015 Collection
Al-zohab Winter 2014 collection features 3-pcs printed and embroidered formals and party wear dresses that embellished with folk art and folk prints along with latest designs and laces embellishments. Al-Zohaib Ayesha Zara Shawls 2014-2015 dresses are very rich in colors along with intricate prints and embroideries. Ayehsa Zara Woven shawls also have classic, chic and modern designing with lovely colors and sophisticated prints that will add grace and charm in wearer personality.

Zunuj Winter Collection 2014-2015 Catalogue: Are you ready to face one of the most exotic coll your heart with their warm yet sophisticated ranglection if the season? LSM Fabrics is ready to steal of Zunuj Winter 2014. With each passing day of November, the  temperature is getting low. This is the time to raise the bar on style and add something rich and beautiful. Lakhany Silk Mills is presenting a collection that meets the mood of winter season perfectly. This time LSM have introduced pure oriental and continental designs that are filled with dark colours and bright shades. Lakhany Zunuj Collection 2014 for Winter dresses are filled with finest prints, rich shades and intricate embroideries. Moreover the addition of warm woolen shawls have made the dresses classy. This winter LSM Fabrics have introduced more then 25 prints that are adorned with pure wintry hues. Zunn Fall/Winter Collection 2014 dresses embellished with beautiful embroideries on the neck lines of the shirts. While borders and sleeves are ornate with silk border and laces. Lsm fabric winter collection 2014 dresses are very close to adherence. LSM has adorned the dresses with timeless prints to bring diversity. Moreover LSM Fabrics Zunuj Winter Collection 2014-15 is fashionable, warm and contemporary. LSM Fabrics will launch Zunn Winter Collection on 28th November. For latest fashion updates and new winter 2017 collection please click this link Efashionstream

Bonanza Winter Sweaters Collection 2014-15 for GirlsBonanza Winter Collection 2014-15 for Girls :-
Before this collection bonanza has  introduced an extensive winter collection 2014-15 for men and women. Bonanza sweaters, Satrangi-Bonanza Winter 2014 and Satrangi Winter Shawl-Fabric Collection has already taken over the fashion market. So today we are present with another exclusive and stunning Ladies Sweaters from Bonanza Winter Collection 2014-15. This collection features stylish and trendy women's sweaters, ladies long cardigans, jeans, high neck sweaters, and shirts. Bonanza has made these ladies long sweater designs with different style's and fabric like wool,  merino and cashmere. Bonanza has designed women's cardigans in a western style with a touch of Asian trends and  according to the latest fashion theme.
 Bonanza Winter Sweaters Collection 2014-15 for Girls
 Bonanza has ornate these Winter Sweaters for Women with dark and light colors along with exquisite prints and designing that have enhanced the look of the Sweaters. Short and Long both size of Sweater /  Cardigan can be seen in this Bonanza Winter Sweaters Collection for Women

Cross Stitch Winter Karandi Cotton Satin Linen Prints 2014 Vol-2:
This winter tunics are getting very famous in women. Every single designer and brand has introduced their tunics collections. Today Cross Stitch has also revealed it modern yet sophisticated designs of Kurtis. Cross Stitch have introduced cotton, karandi and linen Kurtis that are filled with eye catching digital prints. Moreover the garnishing of rich colours and subtle palettes have enhanced the look of the shirts. Cross Stitch Winter Dresses Collection 2014 Volume-2 dresses are trendy and warm. These dresses will make your winter wardrobe full of richness and joy. Cross Stitch Winter 2014 Vol-2 dresses will look reflect with white tights and silk pashmina shawls. Cross Stitch has given new dimension to winter dresses as well as digital prints by emerging bold prints with classic styles. Moreover the sharp selection of colours and chic sewing ideas have made the collection even more amazing. Cross Stitch Karandi Cotton Satin Linen Prints Collection 2014 dresses will take your winter closet worth watching.

 Cross Stitch Karandi Cotton Satin Linen Prints Collection 2014

 Cross Stitch Winter Collection 2014 Vol-2

 Cross Stitch Winter Dress Collection 2015

Evolution Bold Cut Western Collection 2014-15
 Evolution Bold Cut Western Collection 2014-15 :-
Women in any circumstances do not compromise with your clothing.  In winter season  every girls wants to wear something that is not only stylish , but also cozy and comfortable to wear. That is why, She-Styles has brought an exclusive Tunics With Tights collection. This time Evolution Textiles has brought diversity in typical winter-fall 2014-15 dresses thorough its Pret Wear Silk 2014-15 collection. This collection features tempting silk tops, long tunics with leggings, Kurtis, shirts and Capri trousers to make you look exotic. The designer team of Evolution Western Collection has stitched the shirts in a western style with simple and finest designs and patterns. Evolution has adorned the shirts with digital prints, silk prints and   net decoration to enhance the beauty of these silk winter dresses. Evolution Winter Western 2014-15 Collection will not only give you a modern look and also very easy to carry because of soft and silky fabrics. All the soft and light hues are used in this collection. These Silk Tunics / Tops  are perfect to wear in winter parties and casual wear because of their chic and trendy styles. Lets have a look on this Evolution Autumn-Winter Western Collection 2014-15

Evolution Textiles Winter-Fall 2014-2105
 Evolution Autumn-Winter Collection 2014 by Evolution Textiles
This year pakistani clothes fashion  has changed. Now our designs and clothing labels have introduced shorts shirts, kurtis, tail shirts and many other varieties in winter fashion. But the trend of long shirt is still not going to end because of the elegance. In winter leggings, tights, and jeans are considered as essential  attire of women. So our designers also presents new trends of leggings and tights that clubbed with short and long both of shirts. Here are we brought  a very charming  Long Shirts With Leggings 2014-2015 by Evolution Textiles. Evolution is very famous textile mill in Pakistan which working since few years ago.  Evolution Textiles  provides latest trends of seasonal dresses that are accessible in ready to wear and raw fabric format. This winter and fall season Evolution Textiles has designed its two amazing collections one is " 
Evolution Autumn-Winter Collection 2014-15". This collection features best blend of Cotton , Modal and linen long shirts with tights / leggings. The designer team of Evolution Textiles winter/fall 2014 collection have used playful and shocking colors with delicate prints and folk embroideries to make the long kameez impressive and stylish. These Evolution winter pret wear dresses are available in very limited rang . Lets have a look on this elegant Evolution Textiles Winter Long Shirts 2015 Collection. In our next post we will share with you the second collection of Evolution Textiles.

Umsha by Uzma Babar Bridal Dresses Collection 2014 :
Pakistani dresses are known for rich and adherence to the traditions. Pakistani fashion is known for modernity combined with elegance. When it comes to Pakistani Bridal Wears, if we call our bridal dresses as best formals it would not be wrong. Pakistani bridal dresses are full of detailed embellishments and subtle and flashy colors. Our today's collection is also a best example of modernization and richness. This is Umsha by Uzama Babar with her absolutely amazing range of Umsha by Uzma Babar Fall/Winter Bridal Collection 2014. This collection includes wide range of beautiful bridal dresses that are filled with detailed but contemporary embroideries. Along with traditional bridal wears, Umsha has introduced some modern designs of bridal dresses. Short shirts with lehenga, front open lehenga, bridal gown, bridal saree and some other designs for bridal dresses are available to catch your attention. Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2014 by Umsha by Uzma Babar dresses are best example of traditional Pakistani dresses that are modified in a very graceful style. Uzma Babar has ornate the dresses with fancy embroideries and other fancy stuff, like sequence, crystal stones and pearls. Moreover the captivating ideas of stitching styles have made the dresses even more  enchanting. Umsha by Uzma Babar Bridal Collection 2014 will make your wedding day more beautiful and make you the center of attention.

Shariq Textile Khaddar Shawl 2014 Vol-2:
In winter everyone wants to feel warm, but no one wants to compromise on their looks. When it comes to girls, they are crazy about fashion, and they even avoid to wear jackets and sweaters just to look fashionable. But now you can feel warm and also look stylish buy wearing these beautiful Pashmina Shawls by Shariq. In this collection Shariq has amazed everyone by bringing very rich and cherishing prints merged with refreshing colours. This season we have seen Shariq is leading the screen and introducing one after another remarkeble collections. Shariq Textile Winter Shawls 2014 Volume 2 is also one of the masterpiece collection of the current season by shariq. This xollection features more then 30 scintillating prints that are infused with rich hues, joyful colour pallets and oriental and folk prints. Shariq Khaddar Shawl Collection 2014 Vol-2 dresses will not only make you look fashionable but the addition of woolen shalws will make you feel warm. These dresses go perfect with matching accessories and make your personality shine.

Marina Shawl 2014-2015 by Firdous
 Firdous Marina Shawls Collection 2014-2015
It's that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and there's an unmistakable chill in the air that hints of the first whispers of winter. Whilst some might be tempted to climb under the covers to hibernate for the seasons.  We say ' absolutely not!' Your look can be perfectly styled by following these cozy, effortlessly Fabulous key looks. Firdous Marina Shawl Winter Collection 2014-15 showcases our heritage silhouettes and the warping and layering of luxurious fabrics  and soft knits that refuse to let you stay inside for the season. Firoud  Shawls 2015 Catalog includes wide variety of winter dresses that are blend with dark and vibrant  hues, shocking rich prints and intricate embroideries that add more elegance and fascinating look to the dresses. The prints and design of Firdous  Marina Embroidered Shawls 2015 are inspired from the Pakistani culture and pure oriental craftsmanship.  These woven, marina and pashmina shawls are filled with wintery colors and beautifully translated in modern designing and classic folk techniques. Firdous Winter/Fall Collection 2014-2015 shawls and dresses are best for party wear and formal wear that will keep away from the coolness of winter.lets have a look on this awesome Firdous Marina Shawls

Sana Safinaz Shawl 2014-2015 Catalog
Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection 2014-2015 Catalog  is most fascinating and deluxe array of this year. For the first time in the history of Pakistani fashion an illustrious designer brand Sana Safinaz has showcased their designer shawls with creative ideas and signature styles. These kind of winter shawl dresses can't be discovered in other winter/fall 2014 collections, because the design philosophy of sana safinaz is quite unique and different from others. Sana Safinaz Winter 2015 Shawl Collection is filled with elegance and femininity with a touch of finesse blend together to create a selection of stunning contemporary designs. Sana Safinaz Shawls and winter dresses are  made with woven, marina and cotton fabrics. The designer team of Sana Safinaz Shawl Catalog 2014-2015 have ornate the dresses with timeless embroideries and unfailing prints. If we take a look on the embellishments then we will find all types of fancy and and pure classic work in these sana safinaz winter/fall 2014-15 dresses like ikat pattern embroidery, antique work,  tilla embroidery, and thread work are used to decorate the dresses. These Sana Safinaz Dresses 2014 are available in reasonable price range along with wintry color hues and ready-tower and un-stitched format. The starting and maximum price of  Sana Safinaz Winter-Fall Ready to Wear  & Shawls Collection 2014-15 is PKR 6050/- to PKR 6550/- . So lets have a look on this rich and lavish Sana Safinaz Shawls 2014 Pret Wear.

Alkaram Designer Winter Collection 2014 by Umar SayeedAlkaram Winter Collection 2014 by Umar Sayeed:
This winter season feel warm and look amazing stylish by wearing Umar Sayeed Designer Dresses for Winter. Umar Sayeed and Alkaram both are the brightest name of Pakistan. They have huge fan fiction all over the world. They designs at least one collection in every season and festivals. This winter season they are back with very unique idea and brought a collection that will open new doors of winter trends and creativity . Umar Sayeed Winter Collection 2014 by Alkaram consist of luxurious and warm winter dresses that are adorned with fancy embroideries and timeless prints. We can see the strong reflect of Umar Sayeed signature style in these dresses. All the dresses are modern and sophisticated. Moreover the rich prints, eye catching colours and luxurious embellishments have made the collection flawless. Alkaram Designer Winter Collection 2014 by Umar Sayeed dresses are clubbed with captivating Pashmina Shawls and the rich designs if shawls has given new class to the dresses. Alkaram Umar Sayeed Winter 2014 dresses are perfect to wear in any kind if events by women of all age groups.

Asim Jofa Fall/Winter Collection 2014-15: Asim Jofa the dynamic name of fashion is finally ready to grab your attention by launching his luxurious winter dresses. Asim Jofa is very famous for his rich designs inspired by west. This season also Asim Jofa has came up very luxurious and modern designs of winter dresses for women. Asim Jofa has took inspiration from nature and translated them into artistry styles amazingly. Asim Jofa Winter Catalogue 2014 comprises on aesthetic designs of winter dresses that are filled with beautiful natural colour palettes and dark shades. Asim Jofa has blended the oriental prints with symbolic and graphical designs amazingly. All the dresses have strong vintage touch that will go perfectly with wintry mood. Asim Jofa Winter Dress Collection 2014 dresses are embellished with timeless prints and designs that will suit women of all age groups. We can feel the rich signature style of Asim Jofa in these winter dresses clearly. All the dresses are reflecting traditional designs evolved into modernity amazing. Let's have a quick look at Asim Jofa Winter Catalog 2014 below. For online purchasing please visit this link Efashionstream

Amna Ismail Winter Semi Stitched Suits 2014-15
 This fall winter season designer Amna Ismail proudly presents her Amna Ismail Semi Stitched Winter Collection 2014-15 with the collaboration of Ghulam Shabbir Textile & Machinery. Amna Ismail has adorned these winter linen dresses with appealing thoughts, tempting designs, intricate patterns and classy embroidery to make you fashionable and stylish in winter season. Amna Ismail semi stitched suits 2015 are meant for those who want to look a class apart form the rest and no compromise on quality and respectation. For this winter linen collection 2014 designer has picked very delectable and vibrant color palette,   modern cuts and a fusion of natural motifs with warm texture to add richness and beauty to the dresses. Amna Ismail Winter Collection 2014-2015 by Ghulam Shabbir Textile freatures3-pcs winter dresses that are are nourished with 2 and 3 color shades along with shocking printed Chiffon dupatta. If we take a look on the fabric and embellishments semi stitched winter collection 2014-15 the we can see Embroidered plus printed Linen shirts studded with thread embroideries, fancy element and necklines with dyed trousers capri and tights and attractive chiffon duplicate. The designer Amna Ismail has used old styles and modified in modern and inspiring way that will add everlasting appeal. These designer semi stitched salwar kameez are perfect for winter parties and formal events because of their pure Oriental designs, amazing and heart touching prints and hues. Lets have a look on this elegant and very charming Amna Ismail Semi Stitched 2015

Resham Ghar Winter Collection 2014

Resham Ghar Matte Silk Collection 2014:

The season of winter is all about fashion, joy and colours. Do not let winters to snatch your attractive personality by make you cold. Try Resham Ghar Winter 2014 collection to beat the coldness of winter. Resham Ghar does not need any intro, it is the brand that us knows for their creative designs and unique ideas. This winter season Resham Ghar has came up with limited range of Matte Silk dresses for women. Resham Ghar have used sheer and warm fabrics to give the dresses perfect wintry feel. Matte Silk Collection 2014 by Resham Ghar dresses are filled with dark hues, soulful colour palettes and bold digital prints. Moreover the brand has give the dresses more trendy look of embellishing the dresses with intricate embroideries and thread work. All the dresses are stitched in long length shirts and adorned with detailed embroidery on neck line and back of the shirts. While borders are studded with cotton embroidered border. Resham Ghar Winter Collection 2014-2015 dresses are teamed with printed chiffon dupattas. Resham Ghar had brought unique idea of merging the digital prints with traditional embroideries. This collection features only 9 designs of mate silk dresses but each and every design is designed in a very rich and inspiring way.

Shirin Hassan Winter Collection 2014-15
Shirin Hassan Winter Collection 2014-2015
Shirin Hassan is an esteemed designer of Pakistan fashion industry. She known for her great work and skillful designing.  After Shirin Hssan Fall/Winter'14 collection this brand is appear again in the screen of fashion with another range of Shirin Hassan Winter Collection 2014-2015 . In this collection you can find lots of high standard and trendsetting  designer winter dresses 2015 range which made with silk, khaddar, linen, wool, jorjet, pashmina, and cotton fabric. This winter catalog 2014 is based on different styles of clothes that specially designed for winter days, nights parties and occasions. Shirin Hassan Winter Shawls, Party Wear,  Formal  Suits and Casual Wear 2015 Dresses are decorated with distinctive embellishments and beautiful embroideries and  motifs. These winter shawls and dresses also the perfect combination of fresh bright colors with block printing, digital printing, and classy patterns. Shirring Hassam has embellished these Winter-Fall 2014-15 dresses with her unique sense of style and modern twist that would make you look stylish and sophisticated. Shirin Hassan Dresses collection 2014-15  features  wool and pashmina shawls, digital printed kurtis, long shirts, embroidered tops, coat shirts, sarees, and 3-pcs suits. The main specialty of  Shirin hassan block prints, digital prints and sheer hues can are blend with modern sewing, finest crafts to make the dresses more luxurious. In this Shirin Hassan Collection 2014-15 you will find  complete winter 2015 dresses range casual to formal and parties to function and even winter warp and shawls each and every thing is available in this collection. Lets have a look on this breathtaking range of Shirin Hassan.

Al-hamra Fabric Winter 2015
 Al-hamra Fabric has pulled out its breathaking range of  Gul khaddar Winter 2014-15 Vol-1 Collection. In this fall catalog 204 Al-hamra has introduced natural colors and intricate prints to make the dresses look awesome and attractive. Nowadays mostly brands have introduced such dresses that made with cozy fabric winch will give you comfort, warmth, and relaxation feeling. These winter dresses are not only protect your body from coolers winds as well as add elegance in your personality. Al-hamra Fabric Winter Collection 2015 design is blend with darker and lighter hues with classy prints. The designer team of Al-hamra Gul Khaddar has used modern yet classic qualities  with inspiration prints, contemporary designs and subtle hues will add a distinct savour to the dresses. Al-hamra Fabric Fall-Winter Khaddar Collection 2015 features 3 piece printed khaddar dresses in which salwar/ trouders/ churidar pajama is dyed and dupatta and kameez are printed that Each Gul Khaddar Winter 2014 dresses has designed in a inspiring way along with latest neckline and sewing twits that will give you a chance to express your own fashion statements. Long Shirts with Palazzo Pants, frock with churidar pajama and straight kammez with shalwar are the part of this Winter Catalog 2015.    . Lets have a look on this Al-Hamra Fabric Gul Khaddar Winter Collection 2015

Marjjan by Zohaib Arts Winter Collection 2014: This winter season revamp you winter closet with something exotic and warm. Today we have brought a collection that will redefine winter trends and winter dresses. These dresses will give our designers some new ideas to bring amazing diversity in their seasonal collections. Zohaib Arts is locally synonymous as a name with high quality, modernity and reliability following with endless customer satisfaction. Zohaib Arts is a reliable name name having its presence since 1989 at the fabric landscape of Pakistan and one of the biggest wholesale dealers in Pakistan. Zohaib Arts Fall/Winter Collection 2014 consist beautifully printed plus embroidered casual and semi formal dresses that are teamed up with warn Woolen Shawls and beautiful designs. If we take a look at the prints of this phenomenal collection all the prints are inspired from folklore and beautifully translated in modern styles. Marjjan by Zohaib Arts Fall-Winter Collection 2014-15 dresses are filled with very joyful and soothing colours. Moreover the garnishing of beautiful neck line designs and stitching ideas have made this collection stunner collection of this season. There is no doubt that Marjjan by Zohaib Arts Winter 2014 Dresses are truly the best ever dresses. This one collection have everything that is needed for the winter wardrobe.

Alkaram RTW Winter Collection 2014-15
 Alkaram Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2015
Today we have another magnetic range of  fall-winter 2014 dresses that belongs to one of the most eminent brand of Pakistan fashion industry AlKaram Studio. Couple of days ago Alkaram has introduced Winter Glamorous 2015 Catalog Vol-2 ,  but due to extensive diversity of winter dresses the brand is back again and updated its Alkaram Winter-Fall 2014-15 collection. For  this collection alkaram has selected thick and warm designs that modernly designed and stitched. These ready-to-wear dresses clubbed with shawls.  Alkaram Winter RTW Catalog / Magazine 2015  is based on embroidered plus printed shirts, trousers and pashmina shawls. Khaddar, linen, Pashmina and karandi  fabrics are  used to bring out the warm feeling in the freeze air of winters. 
AlKaram Studio Ready To Wear Collection 2015 Vol-2
Alkaram has poured different and creative variations in  printing and designing to make the dresses rich and colorful. Warm trendy and attractive hues are blend with finesse embroideries and skilful craftsmanship that make the collection rich and luxurious. Moreover AlKaram winter 2014 Vol-2 dresses keep toy warm and stylish in winter due to their rich fabric and sophisticated designs and patterns. Lets have a look on this elegant and ready made Al-Karam – A Glamorous Winter Ready To Wear  2015 Vol-2

Silk by Fawad Khan Winter Pret 2014: Fawad Khan is very big name in the fields of fashion and acting. He got huge fan fiction after working in TV Serial "Humsafar" as "Ashar". After making prominent mark the in field of acting, he took one more step in glamors life of fashion and launched his first ever clothing brand for men and women under the title of Silk by Fawad Khan.  Silk by Fawad Khan offers wide range of Casual and Semi formal Luxury pret dresses for men and women. The designing style of Fawad Khan is very rich and modern. His signature style is inspired from the west but also reflects of rich assets. After a long break Fawad Khan is back in action with his luxurious range of Silk by Fawad Khan Winter Collection 2014. Silk by Fawad Khan winter pret 2014 is reflecting his designing theory which has a strong touch of luxurious embellishments and influence of western cuts. The front part of all the shirts are filled with very fine and intricate thread embroideries, silk embroidery and modern sewing styles. Moreover all the shirts are stitched in short and middle length sizes.  Fawad Khan Luxury Pret 2014 dresses are made with silk fabrics and panels are made with jacquard. While Charmeuse silk pants are teamed up with these fancy dresses. Silk by Fawad Khan Winter Pret Collection 2014 dresses are perfect to wear on formal and informal evening parties.

Artimmix Basantee Winter Khaddar 2015 by Rajbari
Artimmix Basantee Winter 2014-15 by Rajbari Collection is an outstanding and very colorful winter catalog 2014 that includes rich, warm and vivid hues with impressive digital prints techniques. This winter every brand is trying to produce individual and dissimilar styles to attract ladies. In winter mostly women want such dresses that made with thick, warm and cozy fabric. Hence,  Rajbari Collection has designed this Digital Khaddar Collection 2015 to avoid cool winter winds. It is a splendid winter collection that adorned with attractive colors, intricate prints and luxurious embroideries. Moving on with the designing then we will fine exquisite neckline designs with elegant sewing twists to make the dresses more captivating. Each dresses of this collection is very  stylish and sophisticated. Artimmix Basantee Winter Digital Khaddar Collection 2015 is  perfect for the winter nights and evening due to their alluring and tempting shades, chic and stylish stitching  and fines hues and craftsmanship. You can opt these digital winter dresses 2014 as a party wear, formal wear and semi-formal wear too. Lets have a look on this playful and eye-catching Artimmix Basantee Winters 2015 by Rajbari.

Generation Autumn-Winter Lookbook 2014-15
 After a long time Generation is back in the limelight of fashion with its latest Generation Winter-Fall Collection 2014-15. Generation  is one on the most remarkable and iconic fashion house of  pakisatn fashion  industry that famous for its high standard and luxury style dresses. This brand has designed their each collection in different and unique way. Generation Dresses are the perfect mixture of oriental and western  styles. Generation Autumn/Winter Lookbook 2014-15 is also the delightful  fusion of east and west. This collection features casual and formal wear dresses that ornate with soft and elegant hues, chic and invulnerable designs. This winter formal collection includes 3 price ready to wear fall dresses  the filled with fancy work, intricate embellishments, motifs and chic qualities of sewing.  If we take a look on the designing of this Generation Pakistan Autumn Lookbook 2014 collection then we will find highly innovative winter casual and party wear dresses. Each dresses of this collection is modernly designed and garnished with  all chic yet genius expertise to make the dresses elegant and luxurious. For this collection Genration has picked latest winter trend 2014-15 to catch their costumers attention, like short and middle length shirts with fancy tights and leggings are the most exceptional trends of this winter which suitable for winter parties and other occasion too. Lets have a look on this elegant and stylish Generation Formal Party Wear Dresses 2014-15

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