October 2014
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Shirin Hassan Fall/Winter 2014-15
This winter Shirin Hassan brings out the extraordinarily elegant and unique fall/winter collection that surely takes your attention. Shirin Hassan Fall/Winter'14 Volume-1 is a beautiful combination of fresh bright colors with block printing and digital printing  themes. In this collection Shirin Hassan has brought wide variety of designs, styles and patterns that inspired by the western  and eastern clothing trends. Shirin Hassan Winter 2014 Collection is based on 2 and 3 piece cotton, cambric and linen dresses such as short and middle length shirts, Kurtis, Poncho, tops and jacket shirts has been designed with creative ideas and modern twists of stitching. These winter pret wear 2014 clubbed with matching tights and legging. So add vibrancy to your winter wardrobe with these unique style of digital printed and block printed ready to wear dresses
Shirin Hassan Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Vol-1
 Shirin Hassan fall-winter vol-1  collection 2014 is best for those girls who want chic and smart casual wear and formal dresses that perfectly designed and stitched with modern and traditional trends. Each  dress is unique and sophisticated that will surely set new trends in fall and winter season. If you are searching trendy and fashionable winter dresses than shirin Hassan fall/winter'14 volume 1 is perfect for the new and individual  look. Lets have a look on this amazing and very innovative Shirin Hassan Winter 2014-15 Collection.

Élan Bridal Wear Collection 2014-15
Girls are crazy about their wedding dresses. They want some unique and trendy outfits for their wedding because they desire to look stylish and graceful on their special occasion of life. They pay extra money on their  wedding outfits and other things and accessories like makeup, mehndi, footwear, hair styles and jewelry, but when it comes to choose their wedding attire they are confused and face different problems. Mostly girls prefer to wear such bridal dresses that are designed by our famous fashion icons. In Pakistan many fashion house and designers are offering good variety of bridal wear dresses that are perfect combination of our traditional styles, modernity and grace. When we are talking about bridal dresses then it is not possible to ignore Elan for their sophisticated designs of bridal wears. Newly Elan has pulled out its latest designs of Elan Bridal Wear 2014-2015. In this  Garden Of Evening Mists 2014 catalog of bridal dresses you can find very rich, modern and breathtaking designs of bridal wedding dresses that will adds to your beauty and grace. Elan Bridal Dresses 2014-15 are perfect combinations of eastern and western clothing art that add a dramatic and artistic look to the dresses. Elan has used different rich and luxury fabrics along with intricate embroideries, innovate yet ethnic handwork and sheer elegance  to give the dresses luxurious look and regal richness in lilac hues, bejewelled flowers and mirrored embellishments have added much more charm to the dresses. Lets have a look on this elegant and luxurious Elan Bridal Dresses 2014-15.

Gul Ahmed is one of those fashion brands that take keen attention to promote their designer dresses among every class. As we know that designer dresses are always priced very high, and that is why our middle class and lower middle class could not afford to buy designer wears. In this aspect now our many designers and brands includes single piece dresses in their collections so our those ladies who does not afford to buy three piece dresses they can buy these single shirts to fulfill their desire of wearing designer dress. Gul Ahmed one of those brands, that designs single piece dresses. This winter season Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2014 Catalog have had amazed everyone. This season Gul Ahmed has brought most lengthy catalog that features more than 50 collections. Gul Ahmed Winter Single Print Collection 2014 is one of them. This collection includes beautiful printed shirts that are filled with intricate embroideries on the neck line of the shirts. Mostly shirts are available in darker shades , while some prints are enhanced by light soothing hues. You can pair these beautiful printed plus embroidered shirts with white and black tights to have flawless look. Moreover matching accessories and matching dupatta will make these shirts outstanding. Nowadays chiffon dupattas are easily available in market, you can easily find matching chiffon and georgette dupattas. Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Single Shirt Collection 2014 is available in just Rs 1000 to 1400 Pakistani Rupees. Pick your favorite design from these shirts to add colours in the dull and freezing days of winters. Gul Ahmed Fall Winter Collection 2014 is a collection that truly has something for everyone. Lets check below.

 In the limelight of fashion, one more collection is ready to shine. This is Zahra Ahmad Winter Collection 2014-15. Zahra Ahmad winter dresses are designed for the formal and semi formal needs of winter months. Zahra Ahmad designer dresses are adorned with intricate embroidery, beautiful colours and modern stitching styles. The designing style of Zahra Ahmad is inspired by our heritage and she combines our traditional designs with modern trends perfectly. Zahra Ahmad designer dresses not only meets the modern fashion but also look elegant. Zahra Ahmad Winter Formal Collection 2014 is also a great combination of modern styles emerged with traditional fashion. Zahra has shown great creativity in designing formal wear dresses and brought amazing diversity in traditional frock styles. Zahra Ahmad has tagged these luxurious formal wears as Zahra Ahmad Winter Golden age Dresses 2014. Let's check out the catalog below.

 Let's make our fall and winter wardrobe worth inspiring by adding a collection that will make you amaze. This is Eden Robe Winter Collection 2014-2015 that is launched today. This collection comprises only few dresses, but every dress is adorned with different style, different hues, different prints and embellishments. From floral design to dotted, mosaic, classic and digital many other designs are available to grab your attention. Eden Robe is a big name of fashion industry. They are very famous for their Western and Western inspired eastern dresses. Mostly Eden Robe is known for their tops, shirts, and jeans. This winter season Eden Robe has brought a collection that features only pure eastern dresses for women. Eden Robe Fall Winter Collection 2014-2015 dresses are adorned with exceptional colours, trendy designs and luxurious embroideries. Eden Robe have adorn each dress with different print and embroidery. This is one of the most colourful and exotic collection of this fall and winter seasons. All the dresses are attractive and fitted with such colours and designs that can make you fall in love in a first look. Eden Robe Winter Pret Collection 2014 dresses will surely set many records of success in the season.

Ghani Textiles Winter Collection 2014-15
In the glamorous lights of fashion every fashion icon is trying to overcome the world of fashion with their unique and beautiful dresses. Today one more well known textile industry has unveiled their spectacular range of Winter Formal Dresses, that are stylish, beautiful and economical. This is Ghani Textiles Winter Collection 2014. This season Ghani Textile have introduced very rich and traditional dresses that are designed for formal needs of winter months. Ghani Kaka has tagged these formal wear silhouettes as Ghani Textiles Weightless Chiffon 2014. All the dresses are made with pure chiffon fabrics to bring beauty and refreshment in your winter months. Ghani Kaka has filled the dresses with fancy embroideries, motifs, buttons and laces to enhance the beauty of the dresses. Moreover the modern fashion trends of shalwar Kameez are presented in a very unique and modified way to get the attention. Ghani Kaka Winter Collection 2014 dresses are stitched in different dominating patterns like open shirts, double shirts, and Angrakha shirts. The most exquisite part of this Winter Weightless Chiffon Collection 2014 is that all the dresses are designed in very modern and traditional styles, and the trimming ideas and trends have made the dresses worth for everyone. You can buy these fashionable winter dresses in a very reasonable prices. Let's have a look below.

Gul Ahmed Black & White Winter Collection 2014
Every season Gul Ahmed hits the fashion national and international fashion markets with its creative ideas and distinct styles of dresses. As we already have seen Gul Ahmed Fall-Winter Collection 2014-2015 Magazine collection but day by day GulAhmed is updating its Winter 2014 Magazine with different varieties of patterns, prints, designs and  fabrics. Here are we going to display Gul Ahmed Black & White Fall / Winter Collection 2014-15. This collection  features embroidered and printed linen, khaddar, cotton and cambric dresses that filled with charming prints, black and white shades and delicate embroidery that will add a graceful and sophisticated look in your personality. Gum Ahmed winter black and white collection 2014 dresses are modernly designed and stitched that ideally reflects our traditions and latest fashion trends. As a girl I know women's are like black and white prints and gulAhmed knows their customers demands very well that why Gaul Ahmed always brings some very chic, stylish and very classic prints that make you fall in love in love in first glance.Lets have a look on this elegant Gul Ahmed Black And White Fall/Winter Collection 2014-2015.

Lala Turkish Linen Collection 2014
Winter is the time to look at your wardrobe and rearrange it according to latest fashion trends. When we talk about fall-winter clothing, suddenly a wide range of rich and warm fabrics flashes in our minds like cotton, linen, cambric, khaddar, silk, woven, velvet, and many more. This winter season Lala textiles has already exposed its very rich and electrifying Winter Dress Collection 2014. Just few hours ago Lala has previewed Lala - Turkish Linen Winter-Fall Collection 2014-2015. This collection consisting of 20 eye catching designs along with rich embellishments, breathtaking  floral and abstract patterns that will surely make you fall in  love with them. Turkish Linen by LALA features three piece linen dresses adorned with bright and  refreshing colours, modern tailoring, and intricate prints. Each dress in contrasted in two color combination with innovative neckline designs and contemporary cuts that boost the feminine side of your personality. Lala Turkish Linen Winter Dress Collection 2014 includes both long and short shirts coupled with churidar pajama, trousers and dupatta. Designers have used very remarkable creativity in these Lala Fall / Winter 2014 dresses to give a new ravishing and fresh look in breezy weather. These linen dresses 2014has perfectly enriched with magnificent tones and graceful prints. So get ready to renew your closet with Lala Winter Linen Collection 2014-2015.

Shaista Winter Collection 2014 Vol-2
This winter Shaista.Cloth has designed its full of classy and fashionable fall-winter collections 2014 for those who wants chic yet traditional look in parties and functions. Shaista always introduced very rich and worth-watching seasonal and festival dresses that gives shaista cloth its own individuality. This winter Shaista Cloth has decided to get everyone's attention with its outstanding Shaista Cloth Winter Collection 2014-2015 range. Shahista Clothe has developed new trends in winter clothing. Few days ago Shaista has exposed its latest Shaista Winter-Fall 2014 Vol-2 Collection. This collection features 3 piece cotton, linen, khaddar and cambric dresses that adorned with charming prints, rich colors and  luxury embroidery. These Shaista Embroidered Winter Dresses have been designed with creative styles and 100% perfection that not only give you warm feeling also make your personality stylish in winter.   If we take a look on the embellishment of Shaista cloth winter volume-2 collection 2014 we will find very fresh bright shades, trendy and warm print and innovative style of designing are perfectly blend with rich embroidery and ethnic designs to make the dresses unique and different. So, if you are searching some very rich yet traditional style of winter formals, party wear and evening wear dresses than Shaista Cloth Embroidered Fall-Winter 2014 Vol-II is a best option for you. Lets have a look on this amazing and very creative Shaista Winter-Fall 2014 Vol-2 Collection. 

Few hours ago Sana Safinaz the well-know fashion designer of Pakisatn has published its first Winter 2014 TVC Commercial with the tag of " SanaSafinaz Autumn/Winter.14 Collection". Sana Safinaz is  a very big name of our fashion industry. This brand has a great fan following in national to international fashion markets, even women of all age groups love to wear sana safinaz designer dress. After watching  the Sana Safinaz Winter Fall-14 TVC Commercial we can say that, It will be an amazing and quite unique addition in Fall / Winter 2014 Collections. This time SanaSafinaz has brought Ready-to-Wear Winter range 2014 that adorned with warm and rich colors, light and dark intricate prints and traditional yet creative designs. Sana Safinaz Winter Ready-toWear 2014 dresses are influenced by the western and eastern clothing styles and stitched in a creative way that will surely catch your attention. Guddu and Shani has made sana safinaz winter video 2014. Lets have a look on this amazing SanaSafinaz Autumn/Winter 2014 TVC Video

Shariq Textiles Khaddar Shawl Collection 2014
In the season of winter its become tough to continue our daily routine, as freezing days of winter does not allow us to follow to schedule. Whenever we think to go out for outing, shopping or work, the thought of getting cold and flu ends our such plans. In winter season mostly people tend to hibernate, and wait for the warm and comfortable days of spring and summer.  We can also make these freezing days and nights of winter by wearing warm outfits. In this aspect Shawls are the best option to pick. With the passage of time the terms of fashion have changed a lot, and now we have such warm dresses that fulfills the needs of winter as well as fashion demands. Our today's collection is a perfect example of modern fashion and comfort. Apart from all the other needs of the season, nothing is similar to Latest Khaddar Shawls to drastically alter our looks. That is why Shariq Textile have brought luxurious and colourful range of Khaddar Shawl Collection 2014 . This Shawls Collection will give new and amazing change to winter clothing trends. Shariq has brought wide variety of beautiful shawls that are filled with unlimited array of soothing and vibrate colours. Shariq Textile Winter Shawls Collection 2014 features beautiful khaddar dresses teamed up with printed shirts, printed trousers and printed shawls. Shariq has introduced new trend by clubbing the dresses with printed shalwars instead of dyed trousers. Winter Shawls Collection 2014 By Shariq includes 25 plus breathtaking designs of shalws that have such charm that can snatch your heart in a first glance. She-styles have exclusively brought this enchanting range of Shariq Textiles Khaddar Shawl Collection 2014 for our fans and readers. Let's have a look.

Gul Ahmed Men Winter Collection 2014-15
Today she-styles has brought Gul Ahmed Men's Winter Collection 2014-15. This is the second Winter Dress Catalog 2014  by Gul Ahmed. Before this collection Gul Ahmed has introduced Its Women's Winter Collection 2014-15. In this men's dress collection you can find casual and formal winter dresses that designed with full of modernity and high ends. Gul Ahmed Men Winter-Fall Dress Collection 2014 features pant, shirts, t-shirts, jeans, tees, jackets, coat, and sweaters. All these winter menswear dresses are very simple but filled with creative ideas and delicate hues. The designer has used all warm and bright colors like yellow, red, brown, pink, blue, and black. Ideas by gul ahmed menswear 2014 are perfect for winter days due to its warm, thick and woven fabric that not only keep you warm as well as give a stylish and graceful look that every man wants in winter. Gul ahmed men winter collection 2014 is infused with street styles and western styles that the demand of modern men. Lets have a look on this stylish and elegant Gul Ahmed Men's Sweaters Collection 2014/2015.

Kayseria Winter Collection 2014
In the glamorous life of fashion, every fashion brand desires to dominate the industry with their creative ideas and unique designs. With the passage of time it's become impossible to be in limelight for long time, because each passing day new and better designs comes in the markets to divert our attention. Likewise right now many collections have booked ligh place on the screen of fashion, but today we have brought a mesmerizing collection that will surely snatch the first place. It is Kayseria Winter Collection 2014-2015 which will going to reveal many new and refreshing trends for fall and winter months. Kayseria has introduced very rich and sophisticated designs of winter dresses that will compliment the mood of winter season. Kayseria Winter Cambric 2014 catalog includes wide variety of three piece winter outfits including shirts, trousers and dupattas. Kayseria has followed the theme bringing of long shirts clubbed with straight trousers and churidar panama. Moreover to give the dresses perfect wintry feel Kayseria has attached beautiful printed warm Shawls. Kayseria Fall Winter Collection 2014-15 dresses ate filled with classic and floral prints that are adorned with perfect wintry hues. Each and every dress of this collection is unique and rich , the designer has adorned the dresses with modern trimming ideas to make the collection even more beautiful. Lets have a quick look on Kayseria Winter Cambric Dresses 2014 below.

Doha Kurti Winter Collection 2014 Vol-3 Jubilee cloth mills is a reliable textile firm of Pakistan that not need any introduction. This fall winter season Jubilee Cloth has brought another impressive and trendy Jubilee Winter-Fall 2014 Kurtis to make your winter season more stylish and warmth. Couple of days ago Jubliee textile has launched its Doha Kurti Collection 2014-15 for eid and mid-summer and now the textile is back again one more range of Doha Kurti to dominate the Pakistani women's heart. This time Jubilee Cloth Mills has exposed Doha Kurti Collection Volume-3 for Winter. In this collection you can find very stylish, modern and traditional style of Kurtis, long shirts, and shalwar kameez  designs that are chic and smart trends of fall-winter season. Doha Kurti Winter-Fall Collection 2014 is based on linen, khaddar and cambric dresses that infused with intricate embroidery,  attractive prints and dark, bright and warming colors of winter that not only suits your personality also gives you warm and relax-able  feeling in winter. Doha kurti vol-3 winter collection 2014 offers a wide range of formal, semi-formal, party wear and casual wear dresses that ideally match with your winter look and styles. Beauty and elegance is lies in each dresses. Designers of Jubilee textile have adorned the dresses with simple and sleek cuts, subtle hues, custom designs, rich delicate embroideries, and signature styles to make the dresses unique and luxurious. Lets have a look on this amazing and splendid Doha Kurti Winter -Fall Volume-3 Collection 2014-15

Dawood Classic Cambric Collection 2014
 Today She-Styles has brought once more trendy yet warm fall/winter dresses 2014. These dresses are designed by Dawoodlawns , under the tag of Dawood Classic Cambric Collection 2014-15. This cambric collection 2014 features three piece cotton, khaddar, linen and cambric dresses that filled with intricate embroideries and thread work on the shirts with printed  dupattas and matching shalwar. Dawood Winter 2014-2015 dresses are enriched with rich light and dark olours along with classic and rich prints. Dawood seasonal and festival dresses are known for its richness,  designs and fine fabrics. Dawood lawn always brings most innovative yet traditional dresses for its customers  and the best thing about dawood textile is that the price of their dresses is very affordable. If we take a look on this Dawood fall-winter cambric collection 2014 then we will find chic and trendy fall/winter dresses that emerged with all modern techniques, latest stitching, classic printing, creative designing each and every thing is perfect and adorable. All the dresses are inspired from the nature and filled with palyful prints, and charming colors along with innovative styles and hues.  Lets have a look Dawood Winter Cambric Collection 2014-15.

Bareeze Winter Collection 2014
Here we are with one more breathtaking catalog of Bareeze Fall & Winter Collection 2014 that will breaks all the record of success. Bareeze is a star brand of women's wear , Bareeze has its own luxurious signature style. Bareeze always fills their seasonal dresses with traditional hand embroideries and western inspired prints. This fall and winters seasons Bareeze has followed the same theme of bringing luxurious dresses that will compliment the season perfectly. Mostly designers embellish their Formal Wear dresses with fancy embroideries and motifs, but Bareeze has brought great diversity on formal wear dresses and introduced such formal dresses that are modern, traditional and different. Bareeze Winter Collection 2014 dresses not only meets the modern fashion demands but also have very rich and graceful look. Bareeze Embroidered Winter Dresses are made with thick and warm fabrics to give the wearer trendy yet comfortable feelings.

Origins Cambric Collection 2014-15
 Few hour ago origins has introduced its limited winter dress 2014 range with the tag of "Origins Cambric Collection 2014-15". These Origins Cambric dresses are quite graceful and sophisticated that will give your personality a new and exciting look in cool breezy day of winter. As we know Origins always brings new trends in Pakistani ready-made dresses  and their clothes are the proof of their exceptional works. Origins ready to wear winter collection 2014-15 features rich intricate prints along with dark, light and soothing color scheme. These origins fall-winter dresses 2014 are filled with very fine classy designs, delicate embroidery, colofur thread embroidery  and adorable stitching techniques. long printed and embroidered cambric shirts clubbed with chiffon dupatta and matching tights or legging that will not only give you attractive look also keep you away from the coolness of fall winter. Origins ready to wear cambric collection 2014-15 dresses are  perfect to wear as a casual wear also the best attire for the evening parties.  Lets have a look on this stunning Origins ready to wear fall/winter collection 2014-15.

Five Star Winter Collection 2014-15
 Every fashion designer and clothing label is busy to introducing their fall/ winter collection 2014-15. Some big name of  Pakistani fashion industry already has unveiled their winter catalog 2014 like Gul Ahmed, Nishat Linen, Al-Karam, Firdous, Ittehad, Origins, Naveed Nawaz, Hadiqa Kiyani, Bashir Ahmad, Nimsay, Shatiq, and  Chinerye etc etc. Today one more well-known textile has exposed its winter dresses 2014. It is Five Star Classic Linen & Khaddar Kurti Collection 2014-15. Now first we describe Five Star Classic Linen Collection 2014. This collection features three piece and four piece linen dresses adorned with breathtaking prints, rich luxury embroidery and bold warming shades. Five Star winter linen collection 2014 dresses are unique and fashionable. The designer has embellished the shirts with latest neckline designs, modern styles and luxurious cuts have made the dresses more beautiful. The second part of Five Star Winter-Fall 2014 Magazine is  Five Star Khaddar Kurti. This collection also includes floral, classic and digital printed dresses made with finest quality khaddar fabrics. Five star has filled the kurtis with creative ideas of stitching and designing. Each five star winter kurti 2014 is the creative combination of modern trends and traditional designs that not only reflect our old fashion as well as give you smart and most trendiest winter outfits that suits you. These  Five Star Winter Classic Linen & Khaddar Kurti 2014 dresses will not only looks trendy but also gives you the feeling of warmth in the day and night of winter. Lets have a look on this charming Five Star Fall-Winter Collection 2014-2015.

Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection 2014-15
 Women are crazy about their looks and they desire to look beautiful in every event and season. They pay extra attention on their makeup, hair style and comfort, but when it comes to outfit, it becomes very difficult for them to wear whatever they want because of climate. As they want to look fashionable as well as comfortable. In summer season you can wear whatever you want because of weather conditions but in winter only few options are available to adopt. Nowadays it is very easy to look fashionable and feel warm in the winter months because of our designers. Pakistan have countless fashion brands and designer that are dominating national and international fashion markets with their high quality products. One of them is Hadiqa Kiani. Hadiqa Kiani is very popular female vocalist of Pakistan, she joined the fashion industry few years ago with the brand name of Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World. Recently she has also took part in winter gala by unveiling her colourful range of Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection 2014. In this range Hadiqa have emerged the beautiful natural prints with modern amenities of digital printing. Hadiqa Kiani winter dresses are filled with attractive shades and intricate embroidery work. Moreover the rich essence of digital prints has enhanced the beauty of the outfits. Hadiqa Kiani Fall Winter Collection 2014-2015 includes every colour and design that are dominating everyone's heart, mostly dresses are filled with eye catching colours. You can look beautiful in every aspect and season by wearing these awesome designs of HKFW FALL & WINTER COLLECTION 2014.

Mavi Designer Embroidered Collection 2014 By Shariq
As the climate is taking turn and welcoming a new and totally different season, Our proud fashion houses and designers are also taking close interest in upcoming days with their refreshing fervor and anticipation of another beautiful season. Today we are here with one more renewed range of Mavi Designer Embroidered Collection 2014 By Shariq Textiles. Today Shariq has unveiled this collection. This collection features such hues that compliments soothing yet vibrant fall and winter seasons. Mavi Designer Dresses 2014 are characteristically filled with eye catching natural prints and artisan thread embroideries along with the apt fabric to match the demands of winter season. This series is a part of Shariq Textiles Winter Collection 2014. It includes unlimited array of colours,  sophisticated and finest woven together to admire the uniqueness and grace that comes with individual persona of girls. The prints of Shariq Textiles Winter Mavi Designer Collection 2014 are inspired from the amazing beauty of nature, and Shariq has evolved these designs into digital prints perfectly. Each dresses is just wow, and deserve to be the part of our fall and winter wardrobes.

Bashir Ahmed Winter Linen Dresses 2014
Due to weather the clothing trends is totally changed. Various winter  varieties hit the fashion markets and different on the way. We promise to make you look your best this season. So with each passing day she-styles teams has served quite unique and modern trends of winter dresses that will not only give a graceful look also feel you warm and comfortable in coll days of winter. Here are we going to show you a phenomenal Bashir Ahmad  fall/winter collection 2014-15 that created with the tag of "  Bashir Ahmed Linen Collection 2014/15 Flawless Majesty". Bashir Ahmad women is elegant and  a la mode at all the times, so this collection contains  all modern trends of casual to formal and party to evening wear dresses. Bashir Ahmad winter linen collection 2014 is filled with warm colours, charming prints, and creative designs to make this collection flawless and worth watching. Bashir Ahmad winter collection 2014 is filled with old luxury prints like digital prints, classic prints, floral prints, chunri prints and block prints are most modern yet ethnic prints.  Bashir Ahmad textiles flawless majesty collection 2014 is inspired from the west and amalgamated with our traditional designs. In this linen  collection 2014 you can discover chic and fashionable shalwar kameez designs they are the most trendiest and adorable fashion of this year like as long shirts, coat shirt, double shirts, back tail shirts, jacket suits short shirts, and frocks. Each designs of this bashir ahmad linen 2014 is adorned with intricate embroidery and attractive prints to make the dresses perfect for all winter occasion. Bashir Ahmad fall/winter linen collection 2014/15 is a complete package of modernity, elegance and beauty that suits to all age group of women. This collection sets a new trends in winter clothing and other designers and brands takes inspiration from bashir Ahmad linen winter collection 2014-15.

Nimsay Winter Collection 2014
Nimsay is a well known urban fashion house of Pakistan. It is very famous for their traditional yet sophisticated designs. Nimsay offers wide range of women's wear dresses from casual to formal and pret to fabric. Recently Nimsay has launched Nimsay Khaddar Collection 2014 For Winters. This collection is designed specially for the freezing days of fall and winter seasons. In this collection Nimsay has brought exotic designs of digital and classic prints redefined in a very refreshing style. Nimsay winter dresses are filled with very soothing hues along with attractive colours palettes. Nimsay Winter Collection 2014 dresses are embellished with intricate details of embroideries on the top part of the shirts along with modern neck line designs. Moreover the designer has filled the bottom part of the shirts with heavy printed borders to give the dresses luxurious look. Nimsay has used wide variety of designs and fabrics, like Khaddar, Linen and Cambric fabrics are used to give the dresses warm feel, and digital, mosaic, classic and paisley prints are used to adorn the dresses. Nimsay Winter Khaddar Collection 2014 dresses are available in Reday to Wear versions. The price range of the se dresses are quite reasonable, the price starts from 2,200 to 25,000 Pakistani Rupees.

Sumerina Designer Winter Collection 2014
 VS textile milss is back in action with its latest designer dresses 2014 that exclusivity has produced for fall/winter season. VS Textile Sumerina Designer Collection 2014-15 features three piece embroidered and printed winter suits that made with cotton, cambric, linen and Khaddar fabrics.  VS Textile Winter Collection 2014 dresses filled with attractive colors, magnificent embroidery and dark subtle hues to make the dresses classy and different.Each Sumerina winter dress 2014 is a perfect combination of innovative ideas and modern designs that will fulfills your all winter requirements along with rich culture assets. VS textile winter sumerina designer collection 2014 contains latest style of casual, formals and party wear winter dresses that designed in a inspiring way along with sleek and delicate cuts and modern designs. These  trendy yet warm winter dresses 2014 by VS Textile Mills brings the most amazing and creative embroidery, thread and stitching designs that will give you a gorgeous look and comfortable feeling in cool winter days.VS Textile Sumerina Designer Winter Collection 2014-15 dresses are available in affordable price range. Lets have a look on this most dynamic VS Textile Winter collection 2014-15.

Star Classic Khadder Collection 2014
 Here we have another Winter Khaddar Collection 2014/15. This time Naveed Nawaz Textiles has shared its first and most beautiful "Star Classic Khaddar Collection 2014/2015". This collection consists wide range of printed and embroidered Khaddar dresses that filled with magnificent designs and refreshing prints that  beat the current fashion trends. Naveed Nawaz Winter 2014 Vol-1 paints and designs that are sure to highlight your own personal style with playful colors that evoke the joy, wonder and beauty. Naveed Nawaz Textiles has used good  quality cambric fabric and classic prints to gain our attention. These classic khaddar dresses filled with delicate neckline designs, subtel hues, simple styles and modern tailoring twists can snatch your heart at first glance. Naveed Nawaz Textile Star Classic Khaddar Collection 2014-15 colors,
prints and motifs inspired by nature. All the dark and rich winter shades such as blue magenta, red, maroon, ,brown, and orange can be seen in this winter collection. These winter dresses 2014 make us feel warm   and gives you a graceful look in freeze days of winter. The designer has designed this collection in a very modern way and presented some very traditional and unique styles and that no designer and brand has presented yet. Simple designs, contemporary cuts, eye-catching hues are the creative and luxury addition in  the winter khaddar dresses. Naveed Nawaz has specially presented this Star Classic Khadder 2014 Collection for those women and girls, who love to wear classic yet modern dresses. Lets have a look on this breathtaking Star Classic Khadder Collection 2014-2015 by Naveed Nawaz Textiles.

Ittehad Royal Khaddar Series 2014-2015 Are you ready to get everyone's attention by wearing latest style of winter dresses that perfectly blend with our tranditions and modren trends. House of Ittehad always came up with creative and new ideas of clothing. After Ittehad Royal Embroidered Series 2014 and Ittehad German Linen 2014 now the brand has dropped its one more scantilating wintre catalog 2014 with the tag of "Ittehad Royal Khaddar Series 2014-15 Pure Fashion Alchemy". Ittehad Khaddar collection 2014 includes three piece cotton and  khaddar dresses evolved into modern yet classy designs and exotic prints. Ittehad has produced short printed khaddar shirts with capri trouser and dupatta.These Ittehad Khaddar Winter Collection 2014 dresses adorned with rich intricate prints, delicate embroidery, and and contemporary designs. The color theme of Ittehad Royal Khaddar Series 2014-15 is very captivating and contains dark and  bright colors. The prints of these Khaddar 2014 dresses are classic, floral, check, zigzag, and square designs. Modren stitching designs, charming prints, intricate patterns and lavish colors to make this collection for everyone. This year House Of Ittehad has given an amazing winter dresses 2014 Collection that suits your personality. Lets have a look on this elegant Ittehad Royal Khaddar Winter Series 2014-2015.

So Kamal Winter Collection 2014
The festivities of fall and winter seasons are making everyone crazy. Our designers and brands are making these cozy seasons more special by offering stylish and trendy dresses that are designed according to the winter months. Today So Kamal has unveiled their spectacular range of So Kamal Winter Collection 2014. So Kamal is well reputed and foremost fashion icon of Pakistan. So Kamal was found in early 1950, and they launched their first collection in 2013 with the collaboration of  Zara Shahjahan. Recently So Kamal has unveiled their casual wear range of fall and winter dresses. So Kamal Fall Winter Collection 2014 includes beautiful Cambric dresses filled with rich digital prints and intricate embroidery. So Kamal have teamed up these cambric embroidered shirts with fitted pants and trousers. Moreover the essence of ethnicity and tailoring tactics have made the collection flawless. So Kamal Cambric Fall Winter Collection 2014-2015 are adorned with exceptional colours and rich digital prints that are modified in a very unique style. The second part of this collection based on classy printed dresses that are available in ready to wear version. So Kamal Winter Pret 2014 includes wide range of long and short length shirts embellished with rich hues and captivating designs. So Kamal Winter Dresses Dresses 2014 are awesome and perfect to wear in cold weather of winter.

Ayesha-Somaya Fall/Winter Formal Collection 2014
 Right after festival of Eid-Ul-Azha the season of weddings has been started. Almost every second person is busy in attending wedding parties. When we talk about Pakistani wedding parties then our wedding parties are incomplete without shopping, colours and lots of fun. Right now several styles of Formal Wears are available in markets, that give us liberty to explore new trends and styles that we want to adopt. Today we have brought a special collection of Luxury Formal Dresses that are designed by a legend fashion icon of Pakistani fashion industry called Ayesha-Somaya. Ayesha Somaya is considered to be the brand of luxury dresses, these two girls are very famous for their formal, semi formal and bridal wear ensembles. Newly Ayesha Somaya has launched their Ayesha Somaya Winter Collection 2014. This collection features contemporary designs of bridal dresses embellished with very rich and detailed description of embroideries, motifs, crystal stones and sequins. Ayesha Somaya bridal dresses are inspired from the west and amalgamated with our rich traditional designs. Ayesha Somaya Bridal Winter Collection 2014-2015 includes very unique and heart touching styles of Bridal Wears, From short length shirts to bridal gowns and long shirts many patterns are the part of this amazing range. Ayesha Somaya Fall Winter Collection 2014 dresses are filled with traditional embroideries and other stuff but the western styles and modern trimming twists have given a new life to the collection. Ayesha Somaya Formal Wear 2014 dresses will not only meets the modern styles but also compatible with our traditions and heritage.

Gul Ahmed Linen Winter Collection 2014
 Today she-styles has brought an exclusive Gul Ahmed Digital Linen Fall-Winter Collection 2014-15. When ever the weather gets change unlimited range of seasonal dresses hit the markets. These seasonal dresses are famous for their distinct flavor, creative styles and relaxing materials.  Few days ago we have published Gul Ahmed Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection and now we are going to present Gul Ahmed winter linen collection 2014-15 . This collection comprises on three piece Twill linen dresses adorned with embroidery and digital prints. Gul ahmed ditial linen dresses 2014 can be worn in formals and semi-formals events because of soothing and rich colors, luxury embroideries and captivating prints have made these dresses perfect for parties. The designer of Gul Ahmed has embellished these twill linen dresses with modern techniques, digital embroidery and colorful thread work.  Gul Ahmed Fall Collection 2014-15 Digital Linen Dresses are the perfect reflations of our conventional designs and modern fashion trends.  This winter gul ahmed has introduced both long and short length dresses to give you the liberty of whatever styles you want to adopt. All the modern and creative stitching designs are beautifully blend with sleek and subtle hues and cuts that made the dresses more elegant.  These Gul Ahmed twill linen dresses will not looks trendy and lavish but also gives you the warm feeling in breezy days of winter. Lets have a look on this charming Gul Ahmed Digital Twill Linen Fall Collection 2014-2015.

Gul Ahmed Winter Catalog 2014
Gul Ahmed is the name of quality and styles. Whenever Gul Ahmed appears on the sky of fashion, they bring something different from others. Gul Ahmed doesn't believe in launching seasonal collections one by one, they always bring complete catalog at once. This season Gul Ahmed has brought huge variety of clothes put in single catalog instead of dividing them in two parts in fancy and normal. Right now She-Styles is going to share Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Collection 2014. This collection features both formal and informal dresses that are sleek, cozy and elegant. Pali is considered to be the rich fabric of winter, like Linen, khaddar and silk. It made from 100% genuine Linen fibers, but Gul Ahmed has experimented Pali Winter Dresses 2014 by mixing silk and Linen fibers to add luxury effects in the dresses. This season Gul Ahmed Winter Pali is sheer, lustrous and cozy Gul Ahmed have introduced three parts of this Pali range. Gul Ahmed Winter Digital Pali Collection 2014 includes fancy embroidered dresses embellished with intricate digital prints and colourful hues. These dresses are inspired from the beauty of digital printing techniques and ideas. The second part of Gul Ahmed Pali range 2014 is based on Gul Ahmed Winter Single Pali Collection 2014. In this range you can find beautifully decorated pali shirts filled with bold digital prints and luxurious digital embroideries. The third and final part of this exciting collection comprises on Gul Ahmed Winter Pali Embroidered Collection 2014. These embroidered dresses are specially designed for the informal meetings and parties of winter season. Gul Ahmed Pali Embroidered Dresses 2014 are adorned with exceptional geometric and digital designs along with rich details of embroideries and captivating hues. Each and every dress of this collection has it's own style and designs.

Chinyere Winter Collection 2014/2015
 Need a new formal dress Or a wedding dress for this fall winter season? Chinyere has made wedding hopping easier than ever before through its stylish and trendy fall / winter 2014 range. Freshly Chinyere has released its "Chinyere Le Magnifique Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection " that designed in distinct and unusual way. This collection features ready-to-wear dresses including printed plus embroidered shirt designs dyed capri, gharara and skirt clubbed with  dupatta. Chinyere fall / winter Collection 2014-15 is filled with thread and gold embroidery along with our traditional crafts, fancy stuff and intricate hand work like tilla, dori, resham and gota work. These kinds of luxury embroideries goes well on cottons, silk, linen and  raw-silk fabric. If you’re looking fancy formals and party wear outfits then gold embroidery is look delicate and sleek and suits rich darker colors outfit then gold embroidery is look delicate and sleek and suits darker colors like maroon, navy blueand forest green. It’s a spectacular winter trend 2014 that surely will stay! Chinyere Winter Collection 2014/2015 dresses are the rich reflection of our traditions and even more modern yet ethnic in look. In this Winter Dress 2014 Collection you can find latest trends of Formals Fall/Winter 2014 dresses that are dominating the markets like coat shirts, front open shirts, jacket suits, double shirts, back tail frocks, and many more.  Chinyere Formals Fall/Winter 2014 Dresses  are inspired by the clothing styles of Turkish, Iran and urban countries. Chinyere has adorned these wedding winter dresses 2014 with its own designs, and signature hues to make the dresses lavish and beautiful. 

Threads & Motifs is considered to be the formal wears brand. The main reason for this perception is that Threads & Motifs always bring fancy dresses. This fall and winter seasons also Threads & Motifs has followed the theme of bringing luxurious dresses for the evening parties and get together of winter season. Threads & Motifs Fall Formal Wear Collection 2014 features wide range of party wear dresses, that are garnished with rich oriental designs and modern trimming ideas. Moreover Threads And Motifs has brought diversity in the collection by adding western inspired outfits as well as Fancy Sarees. Moreover the designer has made the collection more demanding by adding all the most popular style of Formal Wears, Like Open shirts, long shirts, double shirts and many other dominating styles are the part of this remarkable collection. Threads & Motifs Winter Collection 2014 dresses are inspired from the beauty of Turkish clothing styles and Mughals. We can see the strong touch of our rich heritage in these dresses evolved into trendy style beautifully. You can wear these simple yet fashionable formals in any evening parties or wedding ceremonies to have a glamorous look.

Karam Winter Collection 2014/15 by Jubilee Jubilee karam winter collection 2014 vol-4 is an outstanding addition to your wardrobe this season. It will make you feel like a sovereigns with its timeless obscure embroidered borders. Jubilee karam autumn collection 2014 is a blend of breathtaking prints and spirited colors endowed with serenity and bloom.  This dazzling winter collection of jubilee is garnished with vivacious hues and fresh patterns that will make the dresses more elegant. Karam winter dress collection 2014 gives you the chance to feel special and feminine this season. The dresses of this jubilee karam autumn collection 2014 vol-4 dresses are inspired by French floral and creative motives patterns that will add sophistication in your personality.  These urban elegant feminine prints of karam collection 2014 vol-4 collection will keep you feel light in this autumn season and its unique style of stitching will undoubtedly set you apart from the crowed. So this season add some colors and vibrancy to you winter wardrobe. Lets have a loon on this luxuriant jubilee karam autumn collection 2015 vol-4.

Warda Fall / Winter Collection 2014
Here we have a breaking news for those women who love to wear Warda designer collection. This winter Warda prints back in action with its stylish and smart winter ranges. In Warda Winter's Grace Fall/Winter Collection 2014-2015 you will find wide range of ready-to-wear and unstitched dresses that made with thick and rich fabrics like Khaddar, linen, cotton karandi, silk karandi, and cambric. Warda Fall/Winter Collection 2014-15 is based on single shirts, 2 piece and 3 piece suits format that adorned with playful prints, eye catching colors, delicate hues and Karandi embroidery. The prints are very unique and  lavish and emerged with modern techniques. Warda Winter Grace Collection 2014 includes long shirts, short length shirts, frocks, coat shirts, front open shirts and kurtis designs clubbed with straight trousers tights and Capris. Warda Ready To Wear Winter Dresses 2014 are the perfect reflection of our traditions and latest fashion trends. Warda RTW Collection 2014 has designed in a  modern and sophisticated way along with finest embroidery work and creative ideas of tailoring. The designs and embroideries are quite unique, simple yet contemporary stitching, and exciting hues has made these winter pret wear 2014 dresses more beautiful. Warda Winter Collection 2014-2015 will surely set new trends and styles. This winter dress collection  will give a warm feeling and bold look  in cool days of winter. Lets have a look on this dynamic Winter's Grace Fall/Winter Collection 2014-2015 by Warda Saleem. 

Khaadi Cambric Autumn 2014 Volume 2
 After amazing everyone by their first edition of Khaadi Cambric Autumn 2014, Now Khaadi is back in action with one more scintillating volume of cambric dresses. As we have seen the previous volume of khaadi cambric 2014 was a complete package of modernity, elegance and beauty. This volume is also make you realize you can look fashionable even in the cozy days of winters too. This autumn and winter seasons khaadi has brought phenomenal range of pure cotton suits embellished with intricately printed chiffon dupattas and matching trousers. Khaadi Cambric Collection 2014 Vol-2 is inspired from the central and south Asian prints. Khaadi has filled the dresses with detailed but very fine embroideries and modern neck line designs. If we take a look on the colour theme of this whole catalog, then we will find an eye catching array of pure wintry hues evolved into a classic style. Khaadi Cambric Autumn 2014 Volume 2 dresses are perfect blend of sophistication emerged with grace and creativity together. Khaadi Winter Collection 2014 Vol-2 will compliment the mood of winter season perfectly. Try these modern yet luxurious outfit to make your personality amazing. Now you can buy Khaadi 2016 dresses and other branded and designer wear dresses from She-styles online store the first and reliable store of Pakistan that offering quick service.  

Sana Samia Khaddi Winter Collection 2014
Let's experience the new and refreshing trends of winter season by wearing Lala Textiles Sana & Samia Khaddi Collection 2014. This winter season Lala has brought a never-before range of winter dresses that are  made with woolen on Khaddi by hands. If you know what is Khaddi, then you will must realize the worth of these dresses. Lala Sana Samia Winter Collection 2014 includes three piece woven dresses embellished with intricate details of embroidery and beautiful laces. Lala Sana Samia Khaddi Fall Winter 2014 dresses are perfect blend of eastern prints clubbed with oriental textures. Lala has sat a very huge and inspiring trend by designing their upcoming seasonal collection in a very traditional yet rich way. Many big names of our fashion industry did not come up with such unique ideas yet. We suggest our valued fans to check this absolutely phenomenal collection of Sana & Samia Khaddi Collection 2014 By Lala to steal everyone's attention in a very first glance.

Rabea Designer Embroidered Collection 2014
Shariq Textile is back again in the glamorous lights of fashion with their famous range of Rabea Designer Embroidered Collection 2014. Few days ago Shariq has unveiled its casual wear collection of Egyptian Cotton 2014. And today they have showcased wide variety of Formal Wear Dresses. Shariq Textiles Rabea Winter Collection 2014 includes fancy embroidered shirts coupled with matching trousers and colourful printed chiffon and silk dupattas. Shariq has priced these Rabea Designer Embroidered Dresses 2014 very low. This formal wear collection of Rabea Designer Winter Collection 2014 will compliment all kinds of formal and semi formal occasions, you can wear these embroidered dresses in evening parties too. Shariq Textiles have brought more than 20+ dazzling designs embellished with intricate details of thread work and sewing techniques. The colour scheme of Rabea Designer Embroidered Winter Collection 2014 By Shariq Textiles is a perfect blend of light and soothing hues highlighted with classic prints. Moreover this collection will surely make you fall in love with the designs and adorable colours. Let's have a look below.

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