August 2014
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Needlez by Shalimar Fancy Dresses 2014
Our fashion designers and clothing brands are doing fantastic work to promote latest trends in the field of fashion. That is why ; in these days most  stylish and sophisticated formal party wear are available. Due to the creativity and amazing work of designers Pakistani formal wear are famous across the world. In Pakistan there are many clothing brands ; who are providing latest style of designer formal dresses. Needlez by Shalimar is one of them which gives you modern style of Pakistani formal dresses,  party wear dresses and semi formal to evening wear dresses. Lately Needlez by Shalimar has disclosed its Needlez by Shalimar Fancy Formal Dresses 2014-15 Collection. This collection is exclusively designed for the upcoming Eid ul-Adha and midsummer festivals.

Needlez by Shalimar Mid Summer Collection 2014 For Eid
 The dresses of this Needlez by Shalimar mid-summer collection 2014 have been designed according to the modern fashion trends with skillful designer work and significant designs. This collection contains modish style of Pakistani designer dresses such as long shirts, front open shirts, frocks, double shirts, jacket suits,  ankle length shirts, and farasha dress. These fancy formal dresses 2014 are appropriate for wedding to formal and evening functions. Needlez by Shalimar enriched this eid dress designs 2014 collection with luxury work and soft subtle hues. These dresses also enhanced with mind blowing color combination along with  pearls, beads, Kora, Dabka and shining stones works. In short word we can say that this Needlez by Shalimar formal collection 2014 is designed beautiful and spectacular way. Lets have look on this amazing and elegant needlez by shalimar eid collection 2014.

Every girl desires to wear the most beautiful dress on her wedding day. It is the time when everyone wants to see the bride that is why girls want to wear a dress that is filled with colours, glitz and glamors. As wedding season in Pakistan is going on, and many designers have unveiled their collections of bridal dresses. Today a well known name of Pakistan fashion industry Umsha By Uzma Babar has revealed her mesmerizing collection of Umsha By Uzma Babar Bridal Collection 2014. Uzma Babar has introduced luxurious bridal wear ensembles for the shoot of Libas. Umsha By Uzma Babar is very famous for her adorable trousseau bridal collections. Umsha By Uzma Babar Bridal Collection 2014 is inspired from the golden era of Mughals. We can see the rich reflection of Mughals  style dresses in uzma babar designer dresses.
Umsha By Uzma Babar Bridal Wear 2014 dresses are launched with the contribution of Libas mag. We can find wide range of traditional Pakistani Bridal Wears designs. All the dresses are filled with intricate details of embroidery, motifs, sequence and zari work. From bridal wear gowns to lehenga, sharara and frocks have been introduced by Umsha.The colour scheme of Umsha By Uzma Babar Bridal Dresses 2014 is a perfect mixture of new and trendy shades.from unique colours to traditional colours all the shades are available. Moreover the dresses are embellished with traditional embroideries but the modern designs and cuts have made the dresses look modern yet ethnic.

Tawakkal Silver Storm Collection 2014
Couple of days ago Tawakkal  Fabrics again  has opened its fashion door to the public. This time tawakkal has brought highly luxurious mid summer collection 2014 with the tag of " Silver Strom" . This collection contains embroidered range of lawn dresses that nourished with bold intriate prints and blossom shades of summer. Tawakkal  Fabrics Silver Storm Collection 2014-2015 will give you a chance to explore fresh style and innovative trends in mid summer dresses. These tawakkal lawn 2014 dresses are adorned with natural color shades, rich textures and creative designer philosophy. Lawn designer filled this Silver Storm Mid-summer Collection 2014 with conventional and exciting embroidery work along with colorful thread and decorative design. 
Silver Storm Vol-1 & Vol-2 Collection 2014 for Mid Summer

Silver Strom Lawn 2014 Collection has designed with mind blowing and artistic concept of designer lawn. These embroidered lawn dresses are  ideally follow the modern fashion trends. Modern stitching styles, superior materials and stylish hues will make you personality shine in the mid summer season. Each and every designs of silver storm volume-1 and silver storm volume-2 is worth watching. Tawakkal Fabric brings modern and cultural feels together in both silver storm series 2014. We suggest our readers to check this occasion wear lawn collection 2014 for up coming eid parties, formal and wedding events. after wearing these luxury lawn 2014 attires you will look graceful and gorgeous. Lets have look on this stunning Tawakkal Fabrics Silver Storm Mid-summer Collection 2014

 Sherwani is a traditional outfit of men. This traditional attire is mostly worn by grooms on their weddings. The history of Sherwani is meets with the Mughals. Mushals used to wear sherwanis in their casual life. Pakistani Sherwani Designs are very different from Indian sherwanis. Pakistani designer brings such sherwanis for boys that are rich and has beautiful aspects of styling. Pakistan has many big names that are famous for their rich and luxurious sherwanis, and one of them is Junaid Jamshed. J. Couture recently launched his Wedding Sherwani Collection 2014. This collection features wide range of Groom wear sherwanis designed in a modest way. J.J has designed these sherwanis is a very modest yet traditional way and brought some luxurious yet ethnic designs of sherwanis. Junaid Jamshed Sherwanis 2014 are inspired from the golden era of mughals, some sherwanis are filled with heavy details of embroidery, stone work, zari work, cut work and sequences. While some are adorned with light embroidery. More over some sherwanis are embellished with graceful pin tucks, and piping designs.
We can see the clear reflection of our traditions in J. Couture Sherwani Designs 2014. All the sherwanis for men are designed according to the modern fashion trends but the rich essence of ethnic look has made the dresses look graceful.
Each and every sherwanis of J. Couture Wedding Sherwanis 2014 For Men is emerging. His inspiration from our culture and religion can be seen in these dresses too. If you are searching for a sherwanis that is not

Dawood Classic Lawn 2014
Dawood Classic Lawn Collection 2014 Volume 4 was introduced lately. It is an extremely stylish mid summer lawn 2014 collection which contain superior quality designer lawn suits with latest style. Dawood always brings quite luxurious  classic prints with unique designs for its customers in all seasons. These dawood classic lawn 2014 clothes are embellished with will composed swanky prints and modern stitching designs. Dawood has designed this collection specially for the occasion of mid summer that is why Dawood has introduced an extensive range of  summer colors from dynamic to light shade. These classic lawn 2014 suits  are adorned with beautiful neck line designs along with traditional yet modern sewing patterns. These mid-summer dresses 2014 are introduced in long shirt, straight shirts, drop corner shirts, panel shirts and Aline shirts patterns paired with churidar pajama and dupatta. 
Dawood Mid-Summer Classic Lawn 2014 Collection Vol-4
This is the 4th volume of Dawood Classicc Lawn 2014, which carries 3 piece embroidered and printed lawn outfits. Every single attire is filled with contemporary cuts and splendid silhouettes with conventional type of embroidery. Modern stitching style and lavish embroidery work has made the dresses very gorgeous. The color and print scheme of dawood classic lawn 2014 vol-4 is very breathtaking. Latest techniques and creative designer philosophy is adding more charm to the ensembles. This mid-summer collection 2014 is well suited for everyone. Lets have look on this extremely impressive and attractive dawood classic lawn mid-summer collection 2014.

Libas Embroidered Collection 2014
Shariq Textiles does need any introduction. This  is the dynamic fashion house of Pakistan ; which is providing us stylish and superior quality clothes. This brand is very famous for its different  seasonal clothing lines. As par the demand of season, Our designer and textile companies are still introducing lawn collections. Few day ago Shariq has revealed libas crinkle collection 2014 by shariq and now one more wonderful libas collection is going to be the part of our mid summer range 2014. This time shariq textiles has released its Libas Mid-Summer Embroidered Collection 2014 by Shariq. The features of this collection are 3 piece lawn suits including embroidered shirts, trousers and chiffon dupattas. Lawn designers has designed this collection very beautifully, from embroidery to color theme, and from prints to designs everything is incredible.
Libas Embroidered Collection 2014 for Midsummer

Libas Embroidered Mid-Summer Collection 2014 is enriched with full of refreshing hues, contemporary cuts, and modern silhouettes that will give you coolest feeling in the sunny days of summers. In libas embroidered collection 2014 you will find some unique and appealing colors contrasts. The astounding choice of color and embroidery has made these libas lawn  more captivating. These midsummer dresses are also filled with intricate bold prints along with digital pattern and sophisticated embroidery work to enhance the look of the dresses. Shariq mid-summer collection 2014 is designed for everyone who wants to add new trend. Lets have a look on this breathable Libas Embroidered Mid summer Lawn Collection 2014 by Shariq Textiles.

The summer season is half gone and heating sunny days are changed in breeze evenings. As the weather gets change, our designers start launching their collections according to the season. We have seen some blasting collections in spring and summer seasons, and now our designers are designing mid summer dresses. This mid summer season mostly designers and brands are promoting short shirts and normal length shirts with tights and capri pants. After Gul Ahmed Mid Summer 2014, Shariq mid summer and Ittehad Mid Summer Collection 2014, now Ethnic By Outfitters has also joined the marathon of mid summer dresses by launching Ethnic By Outfitters Mid Summer Collection 2014.  Ethnic By Outfitters  has also introduced short length shirts with skinny tight capris. Outfitters is a very famous fashion brand of young generation. It is very famous for its western dresses like jeans, tops and pants. Ethnic By Outfitters is a brand launched by outfitters for traditional Pakistani dresses. Outfitters brings pure ethnic attires under the tag of Ethnic By Outfitters. Ethnic By Outfitters Mid Summer Collection 2014 features three piece lawn dresses embellished with digital prints and traditional embroideries. Tough Ethnic By Outfitters Ready To Wear 2014 dresses are inspired from the western fashion tends but the rich essence of our traditional embellishments has made the dresses traditional and luxurious. Ethnic By Outfitters mid summer dresses are adorned with intricate ethnic embroideries like kashmiri embroidery, zari work and thread work. Ethnic By Outfitters New Arrivals 2014 are filled with self printed fabrics, moreover the colorful prints on the top part

Lala Textile is a proud name of Pakistan fashion industry. Lala sets to represent our traditional lawn dresses in a very modified and attractive way.  The most wearable fashion brand Lala was found in 1972, and since then this brand is providing one after another spectacular range of women's wear. Lala has many famous brands under its tag nd one of them is  Sensuous By Lala. To make this mid summer season more beautiful Lala has brought an enchanting range of Sensuous By Lala 2014-15. This collection features 6 eye catching prints available in four colour ways. Sensuous By Lala dresses are embellished with intricate details of embroidery, rich texture and beautiful prints. This collection is launched under the tag of Sensuous Embroidered Collection 2014 by Lala. As the name shows that this collection us inspired from our rich assets. The prints are unique and adorned with fine but luxurious designs.
Sensuous Mid Summer Collection 2014 by Lala is dedicated to those modern women and girls of Pakistan, who wants to wear something ethnic yet trendy. Lala has added all the spices of modern designing techniques as well as tailoring. Sensuous By Lala Mid-Summer 2014 dresses are inspired from the rich natural colours and beautifully adorned with sensuous designs.

 Sensuous By Lala Mid-Summer 2014

This collection features embroidered shirts, trousers and printed chiffon and crinkle dupattas. Lala's these mid summer apparels will be available in all the leading stores from 30th August 2014. If you are fan of lala and want to buy something simple yet luxurious than  Sensuous By Lala 2014-15 is perfect collection for you to check.

  Sensuous By Lala 2014-15

 Sensuous Mid Summer Collection 2014 by Lala

 Sensuous Embroidered Collection 2014 by Lala
 Mid Summer Lawn 2014

Gul Ahmed Chiffon 2014
Here is she-styles going to disclose an additional part of Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Cambric Collection 2014-15. This collection by Gul Ahmed represents something very close and familiar, something that comes our own background. It is then given a fresh and modern feel suited for our diverse members. Gul ahmed has formulated our traditional fashion trends each season with great respect. Gul Ahmed Midsummer Embroidered and Printed Chiffon Collection 2014-15 is distinctive flavor of chiffon collection which associated with a particular country, area, or social class. Gul Ahmed Chiffon 2014 dresses are enhanced with exotic contemporary yet classy patterns along with with chantilly lace and embroidery work. The features of this captivating and delicate gul ahmed embroidered chiffon collection 2014 are romantic, feminine and soft silhouettes with natural colors, tones, and styles in a mélange of fabrics.
Gul Ahmed Midsummer Embroidered and Printed Chiffon Collection 2014-15
 Pure chiffon, satin, and cotton fabrics was used with floral and intricate prints, depicting the poetic feel of the season. This Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Cambric Chiffon Collection 2014/15 has designed in a creative way with mystical and snazzy stitching styles and cuts. These midsummer dresses 2014 by gul ahemd  has installed with entrancing prints and luxurious embellishments. The structure of this gul ahmed chiffon collection 2014 is long shirts with capri pants, and chiffon dupatta. These Gul Ahemd Dresses 2014 are modernly deigned and stitched with newts designs and latest techniques. Lets have a look on this breathtaking and enchanting Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer 2014-15 Chiffon Collection.

Rujhan Cotton Collection 2014
Our today Pakistani Cotton Dresses 2014-2015 are appropriate for those who love to wear cotton dresses in midsummer season .Rujhan Fabric is the valuable fashion house that can help you to discover latest style of cotton and lawn dresses for you seasonal closet. Rujhan fabric is known for it's unique conventional collections. In summer Rujhan has launched extensive lawn range for spring / summer season and eid festival, and now the brand has brought  it's first Cotton Collection Vol-1 -2014 By Rujhan Fabric. This collection  is consist some most stylish and contemporary mid-summer cotton dresses. These cotton suits 2014 are nourished with elegant embroidery work and gracious color theme. Rujhan Cotton Collection 2014 is an artistic and imaginative mixture of designs, patterns and styles.
Rujhan Fabric Midsummer Cotton Collection Vol-1 2014-2015

In this collection you will find some evergreen  and magnificent shades of Pakistan cotton dresses with full of enriching prints and with intricate hues that add charm to these dresses. Rujhan Cotton Vol-1 Collection 2014 have been designed into beautiful traditional way along with modern technologies. In this collection Rujhan Fabric has introduced long embroidered shirts with detailed embroidery work on the neck line, border, sleeves and back of the shirts with digital print dupatta. These 3 piece cotton suits are suitable for mid-summer party wear and evening wear. Lets have a look on this breathable Cotton Collection Vol-1 -2014 By Rujhan Fabric.

Gul Ahmed Single Prints 2014
Gul ahmed is ready to take your attention with its Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Cambric Collection 2014-2015. As you know summer has invariably been the most awaited season of the year, bringing with it a certain kind of flare. In summer you can see the beauty of nature, along with magnificent lawn dresses. These lawn dresses has the capability to
 reduce the summer heat. Hence Gul Ahmed  has prepared one more summer lawn collection 2014 magazine for their fans and customers. This collection  is totally different  from the previous Gul Ahmed Lawn Collection 2014. Gul ahmed garnished these  mid-summer dresses for the formal and casual days. All the dresses are perfect to sets the new trend of summer. This cambric collection 2014 by gul ahmed  is giving you a chance to refresh your lawn wardrobe with seasonal prints and blooming colors.
Gul Ahmed Single Print From Cambric Mid-Summer Collection 2014

Here are we going to share Gul Ahmed Single Prints 2014 dresses.  The shades  and color of these single shirts are very bright and delightful. Mostly shirts are enriched rich, strong and full of energetic prints which gives us relief from scorching summer heat. Gul Ahmed Single shirts also the part of Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Collection 2014-15. These printed lawn suits has been designed in a modern way along with latest stitching designs and chic pattern such as long shirts, frock, tops, tunic, jumpsuits and tail kurti are present in this gul ahmed single prints cambric collection. Lets have a look this amazing Gul Ahmed Mid Summer 2014 2015 Collection.

Whenever summer season arrives it brings an unlimited array of colours and flare. People waits for summers to be arrived. The middle part of the summer season is more delighting and changes is weather attracts everyone. Mid summer season known for rain, rainbows, sunshine, and colorful blossoms. This natural combination of joy keep us fall in love with the beauty of nature. Today we are going to share style secrets of mid summer season that will surely make your fashion statement inspiring. Here are more than 82 fashion forward designs brought to you by Gul Ahmed under the tag of Gul Ahmed Mid Summer Collection 2014-2015. Gul Ahmed mid summer collection 2014-2015 features such rich prints that are the real assest of women's casual wear wardrobe. These prints can stylized with matching accessories for stunning and funky looks.
Gul Ahmed Mid Summer 2014 dresses are adorned with ever green prints with the amalgamation of sleek elegance and eye catching chic prints. Cool and Fun flirty colour shades emerged with classy styles will give you the most easy ways to make your personality effortlessly trendy. Apart from prints Gul Ahmed Mid-Summer Dresses 2014 are embellished with ,modern cuts and the most trendy designs along with rich colours to make these dresses the perfect fashion statement. You can find such patterns of long shirts and neck line designs that are unique and very beautiful. The dresses have sucxh charm that will snatch your heart in a very first glance.

Bridal Hijab Styles 2014
 The trends of Hijab & Scarf is very common now, especially in Muslim and middle east countries the hijab fashion has get extraordinary success in short time ; and now hijab is vital part of the fashion. The wide variety of stylish and contemporary scarf is available according to ordinary day and wedding day.  These trendy and chic scraf / scarves will grant you adorable look. Nowadays different hijab styles are in fashion. Hence she-syles has brought this Bridal Hijab Styles 2014 2015 collection. These Hijab design 2014 will accord you new ideas to wear scarf formally. Brides can opt these fancy scarf for their wedding. These scarf has made up with Satin, organza and Net. Hijab designer  has designed these Bridesmaid scarves 2014 in a modern and artistic way along with motifs work, fancy stuff and embroidery. Each scarf  design is quite unique and snazzy.  These Bridal Scarves Styles 2014 are adorned with beaded lace, net flowers, diamond, pearls and flower bunches which is showing the modernity and simplicity on the scarf. In this Scraf styles 2014 collection you can see white and half-white color scarf. These white shade scraf  is the symbol of purity, innocence, wholeness and completeness. These hijab trends 2014 are prefect to wear for any age groups. Lets have a look on this elegant and stylish these Bridal Hijab / Scarf Styles 2014 2015 Collection.

 J J Valaya is a bvery famous name of Indian fashion designing and  couturier from New Delhi. He entered in the field of fashion designing in late 1992, and opened a fashion house with the name of House Of Valaya. House of Valaya is a luxury fashion house  for men and women.  His bridal wear and evening wear dresses are very famous in India since 22 years. J.J Valaya provides wide range of luxury dresses in day wear and ready to wear form.  J J Valaya has got many awards for his great performance in the field of fashion designing. He also design dresses for Bollywood actors and actresses.
In the season of weddings recently J.J Valaya has launched his remarkable collection of J.J Valaya Party Wear Suits Collection 2014. In this collection you can find wide range of party wear dresses including long shirts, Anarkali frocks, lehenga, poncho and long drop corner shirts. All the dresses are designed according to the indian traditions but the essence of modern designing stuff has made the dresses worth watching. J J Valaya Suits Collection 2014 is filled with traditional embroideries like, cut work, stones, motifs, sequence and zari work, while the dresses are stitched in modern fashion demands. The shirts are adorned with heavy details of cut work and sequence work, while the bottom part of the shirts are embellished with light zari embroideries.  The colour scheme of J J Valaya designer wear is very attractive and includes such colours

Palazzo Pants 2014
 The trend of  Palazzo Pants is going on its peak. Markets are filled up with different kind of palazzo dresses. Women who want to adopt decent and elegant fashion. They are prefer to purchase palazzo pants & palazzo trouser. Palazzo is a woman's loose, wide-legged pants. This is a new form of bell bottom trousers and Dhaka pajama. As we know , The trends of Palazzo trouser  is increasing steadily. So, today we are going to disclose an exclusive Palazzo Collection with Short Shirts 2014-15. In this collection you can find dissimilar range of  palazzo styles. These palazzo trousers are suitable for summer season and it can wear it with all type of dresses. This Palazz0 Trends 2014-2015 collection will gives you new ideas of dresses. The perfect and most popular combination of Palazzo are Long Shirts, tops, Kurtis, Straight Shirts, tunics, choli with jackets (upper) and short shirts. In this collection you can find plain Palazzo pants which are enriched with light and soft color.  Each and every shade has its own charm and disparateness. These palazzo trousers has designed with simplicity and modernity. After wearing of these Short Shirts with Palazzo Pants 2014/2015 you will look ideal and attractive. So filled your wardrobe with these stylish and fashionable palazzo collection 2014 then you will no need to worry about attending parties. Lets have a look on this trendy and chic Latest Designs of  Palazzo Pants 2014-15.

 Shariq Textiles, a fashion brand that goes out of the way to maximize the charisma of its collections. This mid summer season Shariq is bringing you another blasting reason to enjoy the luxury and colours together. Shariq gives you a chance to cherish the colours and beauty of mid summer season by draping yourself in libas crinkle lawn dresses. Add Libas Crinkle Collection 2014 By Shariq in your wardrobe and make it inspiring. In Libas Crinkle Collection 2014 By Shariq, the designer has elevated the designs and colours of libas crinkle lawn dresses several times to fulfill our expectations of this mid-summer season.
 Now you can find such lawn prints that everyone desire to wear in tiring days of summer to make it cool right from this latest Libas Crinkle Lawn 2014 By Shariq Textiles. Libas Mid Summer Crinkle Lawn 2014 features three piece lawn dresses including colorful lawn shirts, trousers and printed crinkle dupattas. Shariq Textile has introduced majestic colours coupled with subtle and bright shades to enhance the look of the dresses. We can see some great and modern techniques of tailoring in Libas Crinkle Lawn Dresses. Shariq has introduced such designs that are unique and very appealing. No-one has introduced such designs in lawn dresses yet. Libas Lawn 2014 is available in all the leading stores nationwide. Grab

pakistani party wear 2014
Are you fed up by watching Lawn Dresses ? Well, if your answer is yes, then here are we giving you an opportunity to refresh your eyes with some stylish party wear dresses. Our today's collection consists a diverse range of party wear 2014-2015 dresses. These fancy party wear suits  are basically designed for evening parties and other formal to casual occasions. In this collection our designers done phenomenal job. They introduce traditional yet creative and modern designs of long  shirt dresses along with rich embroidery work. This collection carries various style of party wear salwar kameez like straight cut kameez,  front open shirts,  fancy dresses, long shirts, heavy embroidered suits and Aline kameez. These Pakistani party wear 2014 are decorated with luxury embroidery and colorful thread work, lace and motifs work, embroidery details on the front, neck lines, sleeves and border.  Each dress is designed in blooming colors scheme with dynamic and stimulate prints. Each Kameez is paired with dyed shalwar and digital chiffon dupatta. The stitching styles and decoration of these Pakistani Party Wear Suits 2014 is different  and unique from other one. In this Pakistani party wear collection 2014 can find chic and trendy style of dresses that modrenly designed and tailored.. This collection also gives you fantastic ideas of modern Party Wear Trends 2014-2015.  These pakisatni dresses 2014 for Parties are perfect for those who wants to follow fashion within the limit of tradition. Lets have a look on this elegant and remarkable Party Wear Dresses in Pakistan 2014 2015.

Fashion has got tremendous change because of globalization. As the national and international fashion has crossed all the boundaries of restriction and become more apparent then ever. We can see the impact of western fashion in our formal and casual wear dresses too. The modern technologies of designing has brought such designs that are very stylish and different. Our today's Yashfeen Lawn Collection 2014-2015 is a great example of creativity and uniqueness. Yashfeen Lawn Collection 2014  was one of the most awaited collection of the year, and its took long time to hit the markets. Burt finally Yashfeen Lawn Collection 2014 has been pulled out today.
Yashfeen Lawn 2014 features pure feminine designs adorned with eye catching colours and intricate embroideries. Yashfeen is back in limelight almost after one year, but like always Yashfeen has brought such prints that are innovative and far different then our other brands and designers. Yashfeen has introduced digital prints with the amalgamation of light and dark colors with the inspiration of natural beauty.
Yashfeen has chosen Ayeza Khan as the muse of their collection. Aiza Khan is a very famous Pakistani actress, she very famous in young generation for her innocence looks. Recently Ayeza Khan has got married with Danish Taimoor. We can see a very different look of Ayeza Khan in Yashfeen Summer Collection 2014. Her phenomenal skills of modeling has added an ever lasting charm to the dresses.

Alkaram Mid Summer Collection 2014
The breaking  news of today for the fashion lovers is ; the top Pakistani clothing brand Alkaram studio recently has disclosed it's Alkaram Mid Summer Collection 2014-15. This year alkaram has discovered an assortment of unique designs and playful colors lawn. Each AlKaram Catalogue 2014 has been designed with jolly prints, intricate shades, traditional crafts, and trendsetting styles. After spreading "The Joy Of Spring " alkaram textiles has brought some modernistic summer lawn dress for mid summer season. Al-karam midsummer lawn 2014 collection includes printed lawn and embroidered lawn suits. This collection is a mixture of divine colors with intricate conventional embroidery that is rooted in our culture. Each alkaram suits 2014 is based on high quality structure, All these midsummer dresses are adorned with modern technologies and digital print along with strong, healthy, and full of energetic styles and patterns.  Alkaram summer dresses 2014 carries 3 piece lawn suits with digital printed chiffon dupatta. These midsummer lawn suits by alkaram are beautifully garnished latest Pakistani fashion trends 2014.  These stylish yet  traditional lawn suits are tailored in mouthwatering pattern with chic designs and modern cuts. In this mid summer dress collection 2014 you can see all varieties of Pakistani dresses that specially stitched for the party wear, casual wear, formal and evening wear purpose. So enjoy every moment of mid-summer season by wearing Alkaram midsummer lawn range 2014-15. Lets have a look on this evergreen and stunning al-karam mid summer suits 2014-2015 collection.

Today when all the fashion trends are getting influenced by ultimate modern clothing style, some new trends are also getting very famous in all over the world. Kurtis are modern form of traditional kurtas, and today's modern Kurti has took a prominent place in our casual wear wardrobe. The traditional kurtas for women once again back in fashion with a modified and eye catching style. Our today;s Grapes Embroidered Shirts Collection 2014 is a perfect portrait of the hard work that has been done to bring these kurtas back in the limelight of fashion. These kurtis are so  flexible that they can be carried very easily by everyone with perfect adherence of modern fashion trends and grace. As we know that nowadays embroidered kurtis with leggings are the center of attention among all young girls. That is why Grapes Embroidered Shirts Collection 2014 is also going to get very famous in ladies because of its innovative designs adorned with different embroideries and other rich stuff.
Summer season has commenced and various kinds of summer dresses are available in markets but the latest designs of Koti Style Embroidered Kurtis For Girls are the most sold items of the current summer season. You can find wide range of Embroidered and Printed Kurtis embellished with thread work, embroidered koti, beautiful neck lines and tussles. The shirts are studded with piping on the neck lines along with buttons and embroidered and printed kotis. The bottom part of the shirts are adorned with lace and Satan pattis.

Zunuj Mid Summer Collection 2014
Lakhany textile mills already has introduced it's Komal Mid Summer collection 2014-15 and now the textile is back again with another stunning  section of Lakhani Midsummer Collection Dresses 2014. In this collection lakhany has displayed voguish lawn dresses with embroidery work and  modish neck-lines. In Zunuj Mid Summer Collection 2014/2015 all the scintillating shades and soulful prints are added with chic and fashionable dresses. The ideas and styling way of lakhani lawn 2014 collection is bit unique. Loose fit tailoring is applied on long shirts and capri trousers. Zunuj midsummer dresses 2014 is most trendy and fashionable package of lsm fabrics ; which reflects classy and luxury styles. All the latest technology have been used with rich and splendid designs and textures. Zunuj embroidered lawn 2014  are garnished with thread and motifs work along with lavish elements. The prominent thing of this midsummer lawn is sober and modern stitching with traditional craft and embroidery. The use of intricate embroidery ensures that the lawn range is very impressive. This Lsm Zunuj lawn 2014 collection is suitable for  midsummer semi formal wear, evening parties and formal gathering.   These luxury lawn by lsm fabric will give you a charming persona in parties. So jazz up your fashion sense with this breathtaking mid summer dresses 2014. In short this Zunuj midsummer collection  includes all worth watching party wear suits. Lets have a look on this amazing and quite heart touching Lsm Zunuj Midsummer Dress Collection 2014-2015.

Lsm Komal Midsummer Lawn 2014
During the mid summer season the temperature is very extreme  in Asian countries, that's why! in sizzling days of summer women desires to wear soft, cool and breezy dresses. Lakhany Silk mill is the only textiles that introduces its LSM Komal Midsummer Collection 2014-15. These Komal lawn 2014 dresses are designed for the high summer season to repress the exceptional summer heat. This collection is filled up with  most recent pakisatni dresses with best quality materials. In this Komal Vol-3 Lawn 2014 Collection the designer have disclosed luxury lawn and fancy lawn dresses for midsummer season.  Lakhani komal lawn 2014 dresses are embellished with intricate prints, astonishing colors and gracious designs. The decoration of lsm midsummer dresses are very rich and lavish, colorful thread work is used with luxury motifs and fancy ornaments like pearls, crystals, buttons and laces. These lsm komal lawn 2014 dresses has been designed in contemporary way along with delicate digital prints and embroidery and unique style of designing. Moreover, in this  komal embroidered collection 2014 you can find shoulder sleeve dresses  and long shirts dresses. All these dresses have a beautiful color contrast and latest neckline (Gala Designs. This collection carries beautiful long and medium length shirt paired with simple white Capri trousers and chiffon dupatta. All the dresses are mind-blowing and suitable for  any gate together functions and evening parties. Lets have a look on this remarkable Lsm Komal Mid-Summer Lawn Collection 2014 .

 Women of today’s age love to wear stylish but different dresses in parties. From formal wear to heavy bridal wears, all  Pakistani girls want to wear trendy and graceful bridal dresses to make their day more beautiful. There are many bridal wear designers in Pakistan that are providing modern yet sophisticated bridal dresses and bridal wears has reached its promising zenith in last couple of years. Maria B is one the designers that are providing wide range of dresses including casuals to formal and bridals. As the wedding season has started right after Eid-Ul-Fitr, Maria B has designed some breath taking bridal wears for the current wedding season. Maria.B Beautiful Bridal Collection 2014-15 features modern designs of traditional Pakistani bridal dresses adorned with the true essence of Pakistani wedding culture. Maria B has introduced a complete range of bridal dresses including mehndi, baraat and reception dresses. Maria b has shown her remarkable creativity and great experience in designing and introduced eye catching bridal dresses.
Maria B is aware of the demands of today's modern girl, that is why she has picked some unique and modern colors for her Maria B Bridal Collection 2014.  The color theme is very different from the typical bridal dresses. Maria b bridal wears are embellished with zardozi, aari work, zari work, motifs, stone work and traditional Pakistani embroideries. Maria b has introduced grey, maroon, peach, light pink, zinc, golden and many other creative colors with rich embellishments to enhance the look of the dresses.
Maria B Bridal Dresses 2014 are perfect combination of modernity presented in in a very graceful way. Maria b has used all the traditional rich fabrics such as organza, silk, chamois, velvet, chiffon, jamawar and

Flat Sandals 2014 Nowadays Flat Sandals are in fashion. Young girls and modern women prefer to wear flat sandals in casual and formal parties. These kind of women shoes/sandals are made with too much comforts and chic designs according to the taste of fashion lovers. So today she-styles has brought a very stylish Flat Sandals Designs 2014 2015 collection. Sandals of this collection are quite unique and different from the previous footwear collection. This  summer sandals 2014 collection contain latest style of flat sandals that can be worn in collages, universities and offices. These Pakistani flat sandals are garnished with sparkling colors, fancy ornaments and luxuriant styles with little effort you will make your foot  attractive. These women sandals and slipper are very popular in Pakistan and across the world because of its creative and impressive styles and pattern. These Pakistani best flat sandals 2014  can wear in daily wear and evening parties. In this collection we have chosen contemporary style of sandals that has been designed with modern technology and designs. Designer also designed some flat sandals for wedding. These  Pakistan Sandals 2014 for summer that fulfills women’s need and demands. All these women footwear are nourished with stunning and attractive designs that are definitely follow the latest trends of summer. Lets have a look this elegant  and stylish flat summer sandals 2014 2014 collection.

Previously we gave you an overview of Pakistani, Indian and Arabic mehndi designs for hand and feet. Today we are going to give you an overview of the New Mehndi Designs 2014 for Hands. Mehndi celebrations are the most awaited ones among all the wedding traditions. On this auspicious day, bride and groom both get Mehndi imprinted on their hands and feet and the color that appears afterwards is the depiction of the love and affection that exists between them. Groom gets simple random splashes of Mehndi on his hands by his friends but for the bride, printing various designs of Mehndi on her hands and feet in a proper way is very important. It adds to the beauty of the bride on her wedding day. To enhance this beauty, New Mehndi Designs 2014 for Hands have been put forward here in this article.
These new designs consist of such patterns and motifs that will keep the traditional bridal feel alive through Mehndi prints. You all might be knowing the simple old-fashioned Mehndi design with a bold circle in the middle of the hand and darkly stained finger tips. Using this basic style of printing Mehndi on hand, some extremely gorgeous and Special Mehndi Designs 2014 have been created by the mehndi experts. These designs can be called as the extension of the antique design used by our old ladies. This simple circle design has been embellished with wonderful and intricate details and has been turned into highly sophisticated Mehndi design that can be used for any occasion.
Mehndi Designs 2014 can be used with equal ease on front and rear side of the hands. Even if you try them on feet, they will look equally gorgeous. Some experts put such designs on your hands that match exactly with the prints and motifs on your outfits. After your hands and feet are filled with Mehndi, its your

Patiala Salwar Kameez 2014
The Patiala salwar is also called a" Pattian wala salwar" . This is a traditional and royal dress of Punjab which has its roots in Patiala city of Punjab India.  Patiala suits are looks very gorgeous with lowers as salwars and knee length top known as Kameez with duapatta. Patiala salwar / Patiala trouser have a unique and distinct styles of draft and cutting. In Punjabi Patiala Salwar so many plates are stitched with belt of the salwar which look very stylish when you wear it. The modern style of Patiala salwar kameez has the ability to catch your attention. So today she-styles has brought  Patiyala Salwar Suits 2014-2015 Collection. The printed salwar dupatta and embroidered kameez are looking very stylish and graceful. These punjabi dresses 2014 are designed with modern sewing techniques, chic and trendy designs, creative silhouettes and contemporary cuts are blend with traditional embroidery and latest neckline designs. All these punjabi suits are garnished with playful shades and pleasant prints. The color and prints theme of the salwar and dupatta are quite appealing and enjoyable. Dark floral and  leaves prints are applied with light base. For the patiyala suits designer have selected rich and colorful thread. Overall these Patiala salwar kameez designs 2014 are perfect to wear in parties and gate together evens. Lets have a look on these latest style of punjabi patiala  suits 2014-15 collection. These salwar suits has been designed according to the newest trend of summer.

Let's discover today some latest Designer Jumpsuits for Women 2014-2015. Jumpsuits are part of unique fashion wear used mostly by Western women. These outfits are majorly preferred for casual wear and look absolutely wonderful even with no accessories at all. The Designer Jumpsuits for Women 2014-2015 that we are going to present here today are all the depiction of suave western style trends and sophistication.
This jumpsuit collection by western designers is based on short sleeved or sleeveless shirts joined at the waist with a long trouser. Usually the waist joint is embellished with different kinds of belts and bows. Some waistlines are pleated while some have elastic band stitched inside. Generally, the upper short shirt area has V-shaped neck lines. But there are many variations added in the necklines and other areas of the outfit in the latest Designer Jumpsuits 2014 collection. You can also find strapless, one-shoulder and embroidered jumpsuits according to your occasion of choice.
These Latest Jumpsuits Designs 2014 are now being used frequently by our Pakistani designers in their clothing lines. They have introduced this outfit with gorgeously embroidered capes on top. Our ladies love

Gulabo Aazadi Dresses 2014
Gulabo by Maheen Khan is a well known fashion house of pakistan that is famous for truck art and  loyal Pakistan's  dress collection. In Maheen khan dresses you can see her truly love for Pakistani country. Maheen takes inspiration form the culture and landmarks of Pakistan for her seasonal and festival collection, Gulabo by Maheen khan brand is created a good name in Pakistani fashion field through its creative and artistic collection. This brand is providing us a vast range of pret wear dresses with matching  accessories collection. Gulabo Dresses for men and women has designs in modern desi way with touch of  mastery shape and sophisticated silhouettes. For the upcoming Pakistan's Independence Day 14th Gulabo has launched its fashion forward collection 2014 that gives tribute to the heritage, culture and landmarks of Pakistan, while saluting the heroes of Pakistan.  Gulabo introduce its lateazst Aazadi dresses with the tag of " Gulabo Dil Dil Pakistan Collection 2014". This is an exclusive edition of tee shirts and kurta which inspired by a vintage stamp commissioned in 1947 by the founder of the nation himself.. These 14th August Dresses has been designed in ready-to-wear format with modern and classy way of designing. Gulabo independence day dress collection 2014 are decorated with white and green color theme with green camouflage print in both gulabo dil dil pakisatn and Rangeela collection. Gulabo Rangeela Kurta are also designed for Jashan-e--Aazadi festival. All these flag printed kurtas and t-shirts ideal for jashan e aazadi celebration. These Gulabo by Maheen khan independence day dresses are amazingly designed and tailored that will give you comfy and attractive look. Lets have a look on this stunning Gulabo Dil Dil Pakistan Independence Day Collection 2014.

Its time to change our wardrobes with light and stylish lawn dresses that will not only look beautiful but also make you feel comfortable. Lawn dresses are very easy to carry in the season of summer hence these dresses gives us a chance to explore some new style and trends in lawn dresses. Pakistan is a country which has many big name in the field of fashion designing. From Pakistani designers to brands; all are vary famous in international market for their quality and innovative designs. Image Fabrics is one of them. It is one of the most wanted brand of Pakistan. Image Fabrics has brought many big collections in past and managed its uniqueness perfectly. Image Fabrics is a brand that is always brings such dresses that are adorned with natural color shades, beautiful textures and innovative designs.
This summer season after bringing exotic range of Image Fabrics Lawn Collection 2014; Now Image is back again in the limelight with luxurious range of Ready To Wear 2014. As the wedding season is already started, and every girl is thinking to buy a party wear dresses that is not only according to the modern fashion trends but also gives her the feeling of leisure. In this aspect we suggest you to check
 Image Fabrics Ready To Wear 2014. This collection features chiffon, cotton and chikan dresses neatly embellished with chikan kari, neck lines and thread work. Image Fabrics has adorned these dresses with  all the salient features of modern clothing trends.

Today we will give you a sneak peek at the latest Payal Kapoor Embroidered Cotton Tunics 2014. But first let us give you a brief introduction of Payal Kapoor. This promising designer is counted among the most style-loving and contemporary designers of India. She manages to amaze her customers with something new and unique every time. Use of premium quality fabric, balanced blend of colors and outclass cuts and trends are the salient features of her collections. This time, through Payal Kapoor Embroidered Cotton Tunics 2014, she has brought the Indian taste and shades forward in the form of beautiful tunics and kurtis.
Payal Kapoor has given a complete range of short kurtis and tunics made of pure cotton in her latest collection. These tunics and kurtis have been put together keeping them in complete conformity to the standards of comfort in this blazing summer. Along with cotton, you will find georgette, chiffon and net in these tunics, incorporated in the most natural way. Embroidered Cotton Kurtis are the highlight of this collection. Among this variety, embellishments like thread embroidery, laces, pipings, floral patterns, sequins-work and work of stones and crystals will be found embellishing the apparels most beautifully.
Along with these options, gorgeous Kashmiri Embroidered Cotton Tunic range is also a part of this collection. You will experience the natural beauty of the lush valley of Kashmir being presented elegantly through these tunics and kurtis. You can pair all these designer pieces with colorful or simple white tights and

Pakistani Shalwar Kameez 2014
Pakistani dresses are gorgeous and praiseworthy attire of men, women and kids. It's available in different style, designs and patterns. But the most popular and basic style is shalwar kameez. Pakistani shalwar kameez or Pakistani dresses are known  for their classic cuts, vivid hues,  sheer elegance and exquisite silhouettes. This is most common and timeless fashion trends  that will never go out of fashion. The base of Pakistani dresses remains same; just style is getting changed over the time. Nowadays a vast range of salwar kameez designs are available in pakistan. These outfits are designed according to the needs of latest fashion trend. today she-styles has arranged an exclusive Pakistani Shalwar Kameez Collection 2014-2015. This collection contains  simple and intricate style of salwar kameez which nourished with rich intricate prints and embroidery. The color scheme of these shalwar kameez 2014 is so fabulous, Designer have used most light and alluring  color shades with trendy and chic pattern. Long shirts paired with dyed trouser or pajama. To beat the current fashion trend designer used very simple and modish sewing techniques along with stylish neckline designs and lavish embroidery work. These pakisatni long shirt dresses 2014 are combined with chiffon dupatta and sleeves. Pakistani salwar kammez 2014 dresses are perfect for the causal wear, formal wear, evening wear and also independence day wear . Lets have a look on this elegant and breathtaking  Pakistani Salwar Kameez Trends 2014

Since the month of August has been started; it has boosted up our feeling for the independence day. Whenever the new season or festivals comes near our designers and fashion brands bring something new for the season. So this 14th August decorate your house and shops with flags and give other the message of patriotism by wearing Jashn-e-Azadi Special Dresses. After Gul Ahmed Jashn-e-Azadi Collection 2014 and Bonanza 14th August Collection 2014; now Vibgyor By Syra is back in action with her wide and stunning range of 14th august green dresses 2014. Syra Rizwan is the only fashion designer/ brand that has introduced a wide range of Jashn-e-Azadi Dresses 2014. While other designers and brands have introduced only few designs. Syra Rizwan Azadi Collection 2014 features 7 beautiful designs of independence day dresses adorned with beautiful patriotic prints and attractive neck line designs. Syra Rizwan has also introduced matching accessories to wear with these passionate green shirts. Vibgyor By Syra Jashn E Azadi Dresses 2014 are available in both light and subtle green shades and to give the dresses more Pakistani look; the designer has used crescent and star designs on the top part of the shrts to enhance the look. You can wear these dresses on 14th August to make your fashion statement graceful and patriotic. Syra Rizwan 14th August Dresses will add more charm in your personality and this

Gul Ahmed Independence Dresses 2014
What do you want this independence day? Simple style dresses or some unique and distinct styles 14th  August dresses? If your answer is 14th August Dresses then don't go anywhere. Here we are going to present very fashionable and up to date style National Dresses; which came up on the map of  pakisatni fashion by Gul Ahmed. Just few hours ago Ideas by Gul Ahmed has introduce its specially designed kurti collection for Independence Day 2014.  In this collection you can find white, black and green color Kurtis; which adorned with isolated variety of pattern. Ideas by Gul Ahmed Aazadi Dress collection 2014 includes long shirts and lawn Kurtis which paired with matching tight and legging. Designer of Gul Ahmed has used an artistic and innovative style of printing scheme for these !4 August Kurtis. Minar e Pakistan prints, Prints of Pakistan Stamps, eagle ( Shaheen) prints, Pakistani flag print and many other national prints are used in this Gul Ahmed independence day dress collection that made the dresses outstanding and adds a admirable impact on the each dresses. These 14 August national dresses have been stitched in modern way along with contemporary cuts and latest styles. So, enjoy the Independence Day Celebrations with Ideas by Gul Ahmed Latest Summer14 August Kurti Collection 2014.

Let's celebrate this independence day of Pakistan with a positive attitude and remarkable personality. 14th August is a big day for every Pakistani and to boost the passion and love of this precious day; A proud fashion brand of Pakistan is going to make this independence day memorable by launching an special Jashn-E-Azadi Collection 2014. It is none other than Bonanza Garments. This 14th August wear Bonanza 14th August Special Kurtis, gift your friends and family members these shirts and make everyone look refreshing. Green color represents freshness and class and when we combine white with green; These two colors looks like freshness with grace. Bonanza Jashn E Azadi Dresses 2014 are also presenting the love for our country. Bonanza jashn e azadi shirts are available in pure green and white colors and a part from green and white some other colors are also available for those who dont want to wear green and white. Bonanza Jashn-E-Azadi Collection 2014 features single green color shirts embellished with eye catching moon and star prints. On the other hand other single shirts are adorned with different ever green prints and traditional Pakistani embroidery. pair these Bonanza Jashn-e-Azadi Kurtis with white tights pants and trousers and dupatta to look like a perfect Pakistani Girl. Green and white

Pinkstich Independence Dresses 2014
 Pakistan Independence Day is held on 14th August. Pakistani people celebrate independence day with joy and unity. After Eid festivals 14th August is the second large and most beautiful occasion of our life. On 14th august many people wants to wear white and green color dresses  and Pakistani flag dresses, especially kids and young generation of Pakistan likes to wear independence day dresses. This year Pinkstich has launched its Independence Dresses 2014 Collection for women. In this collection you can find white and green contrast dresses. All the dresses has been designed in a simple way along with Pakistani flag pattern. Simple Long shirts paired with white legging and tights. Pink stitch not use extra and unnecessary craft and color for this collection. Pinkctitch national dresses 2014 are quite stylish and trendy without any fancy work and embroidery. Young girls can wear these Independence day dresses with green and white Bangle. After wearing of these these stitching aazadi dresses you feel proud. Lets have a look this stunning Pakistan Independence day dresses 2014 by Pinkstitch

Let us introduce you to a dynamic new collection of evening formal wear by a promising fashion house of Pakistan called Palette. This brand has been introduced by a wonderful designer Sara Qayyum and has been running successfully since 2012. Its main branch is in Karachi but its elegance has spread all around Pakistan. This year, Palette has come up with its gorgeous Palette Party Wear Collection 2014 for Women. This collection is solely based on the elements of elegance and sophistication. It has lined up a complete array of stylish evening wear for ladies that they can carry trendily to all their formal occasions. Palette Party Wear Collection 2014 for Women is ready to make this festive season all the more classic.
Among Palette Party Dresses 2014, you will find beautiful long shirts, Angrakha Dresses, long kurtas, pishwaases and caped suits in soft and soothing shades like white, sky blue, mauve, gold, black, tea pink, white, golden brown etc. Laces and other embellishments have been applied in dark shades of red, magenta, purple etc. Latest Designs of Angrakha Style Dresses can be seen in this collection. The embroideries and embellishments given to these dresses include stone-work, sequins-work, banarsi brocade, floral motifs and dark shaded laces.

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