November 2013
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Today she-styles has brought an exotic range of indian designer salwar kameez, which is the most worn dress code of South Asian women. This collection carry designer trendy shalwar kameez ,with churidar pajama and dupatta. The theme of this collection is for parties, and all the Salwar Kameez dresses are made for evening functions, high tea parties and events. In our this post you can see some embroidered salwar suits which are designed according to the Bollywood fashion and trend. The collection is included long embroidered shirts, straight shirts and frocks. These  Readymade shalwar kameez dresses are nourished with high class embroidery work, rich royal pattern and modern cuts. All the readymade dresses are looking awesome with balanced mixture of modern fashion with traditional clothing rules. Check this exclusive Best Indian Designer Dresses 2014 trend only on she-styles | Fashion Blog and  do not forget to appreciate our work by your precious likes on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

In Pakistan fashion industry every brand compete with others to see who is leading and incomparable. It is a good competition between fashion, styles and quality. Take a part in the race of winter fashion each and every brand constantly delivers its fresh and ultra-modern winter dresses 2013. In previous months She-styles shared numerous winter embroidered and printed catalogue 2013-14 but still winter fashion never ends. I'm really glad to hear that Orient Textile going to launch its Linen Collection 2013 and eventually Orient Textile released its embroidered and printed linen collection 2013-14. Today i'm feeling pleasure to share this colorful  and  fresh winter linen collection-13 by Orient Textile for our lovely visitors. The dresses of this collection incorporate with long shirts, medium length shirts, short shirts, linen tops, open shirts, double shirts, combined with capri, tights, flapper, trouser, shalwar and Churidar pajamas. The collection is carry three piece embroidered and printed lined dresses.In this winter linen collection you can see so many Eastern style and western style artistic dresses. The dresses are adorned with modern designs, unusual cuts and stunning patterns. All these dresses are decorated with ravishing embroidery work. The color theme of Orient Embroidered Linen Collection 2013 is very alluring and attractive. In this collection we also mention the fabric designs, dress color and price.

Readymade Indian Frocks 2013-2014India is a country which is diversified in numerous culture and traditions. There are lots of fashion and clothing styles are followed by women. These clothing trends and styles are changing gradually , and traditional dresses are being replaced by latest designer dresses.  A large number of Indian women prefer to wear Indian designer dresses. However the brightness of  Indian fashion lies in its traditions. Indian designers are transforming modern  Indian dresses according to their culture with foreign fashion touch. Today we have brought sensational Ready-made Anarkali Frock for our frock lover girls and women. Our today's collection contains stylish Indian designer frocks with churidar pajama. The frocks are nourished with delicate embroidery on neck line, top part of the frocks and on sleeves. This Readymade Frocks 2013-2014 are perfect to wear on nay party or wedding ceremony. The color theme of this Frock collection 2013 is very attractive and eye catching. Red, lemon, green, red, bright yellow, luxury white, graceful blue, orange, pink and many breath taking color are available in these frocks. Check she-styles exclusive Indian readymade Anarkali frocks 2013-2014 pick your favorite designs and shine like a star.

A slight nip in the air calls for appropriate outfits to fight against the chill in the air. Sheer and light fabrics are good choice choice for the season of winters. In order to look stylish and keeping yourself  warm and during winters, it is best to choose dresses which are made of rich and thick fabric. Well designed dresses in such  freezing weather exquisite  fabrics makes your personality impressive along with  comfort and warmth feelings. Today She-styles has a brought a captivating fall winter collection which is presented under the tag of Bonanza Satrangi 2013-14. Bonanza Garments is known for quality dresses for men, women and children.  It would not be wrong if i say that bonanza is the most leading clothing brand of Pakistan. Bonanza does not compromise on quality of the fabric and designs. This is the main reason why it is so much popular. Bonanza Satrangi collection contains one piece, two piece and 3 piece stylish winter dresses for women. All the dresses presented in bonanza winter collection 2013-2014 are very impressive. The dresses are nourished with captivating Kashmiri embroidery and multicolor theme. Satrangi by bonanza 2013 dresses are the symbol of color, happiness and the warmth feelings. Check bonanza satrangi collection with kashmiri embroidery and colorful only on She-styles | Fashion Blog.

Shariq Textile is back one more incredible winter collection 2013. This winter dress collection is cooperation with Rabea. Rabea Designer is a sub brand and associated with shariq textile. Recently shariq textile and Rabea inaugurate Winter Linen Collection 2013. The collection is called "Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection 2013-14". This is an amazing Embroidered Collection. The collection carry stitched and unstitched linen dresses. The collection is comprises numerous western wear and eastern dresses. Modern women and young girls are specially like these stylish, trendy and elegant embroidered linen outfits. This Rabea Designer Collection includes Shalwar Kameez, Long shirts, maxi, trouser, tights and dupatta. All these dresses are garnished with beautiful designer embroidery such as motifs work, lace work, strip work and thread embroidery. In this Rabea Designer Embroidered Linen Collection you can see all glaring and dazzling colors like black, red, grey, yellow, blue and many more. These linen prints are very sensational. This is unsurpassed winter collection of  year 2013.

Lakhany Silk Mills already established its Winter shawls collection 2013 and after the unusual success of Zunuj Shawls lakhani is back and released its LSM Gorgeous Winter Collection 2013 few hours ago. In this winter season mostly fashion designer and fashion brand has been introduced embroidered and printed winter dresses. Lakhani is first textile firm who present Traditional Ralli Work in their winter collection-13. All the dresses are designed very brilliantly. This collection consists long shirts, frocks, double shirts, shorts shirts, tights, fit pajama, and dupatta. The Long shirts are nourished with beautiful embroidery work on the neckline, back, bottom part of shirts, daaman and on sleeves. Moreover some long shirts also have applique work on neck. Some duppata's are embellished with Sindhi Handicrafts and Colorful Ralli work. All the dresses are adorned with silk prints. The color theme of Lakhani Winter Dresses 2013-14 is attractive and mesmerizing. The collection has dark and light both color combination. These dresses  are perfect combination of  modern style with traditional art. No doubt it is Gorgeous Winter Collection 2013-2014 by LSM. 

Khaadi Unstitched Viscose13
Most of the women like to buy Unstitched dresses. Today we share Unstitched winter range for you. It is good news for those fashion lovers who like embroidered and printed unstitched  dresses. In this winter season Khaadi has released its seasonal Unstitched Winter Viscose Collection 2013.
Khaadi Khaas is no need to introduction. It is one of the famous fashion brand of Pakistan which provides ethnic and cultural men and women dresses and accessories. This time Khaadi introduced Polyester Viscose winter dresses. This collection carry bright and attractive colour variation such as blue, pink, red, black, white, green and brown. Khaadi has brought very beautiful and charming prints. These Polyester Viscose dresses nourished with traditional embroider work on neckline, sleeves and borders. Moreover this collection consist long shirts paired with trouser and dupatta but all the dresses are available in unstitched fabric. If you love small prints, Polyester Viscose fabric, and traditional art then it is and ideal collection. The collection is mixture of modern and classical ethnic touch. In this collection you will find out some Sindh art and embroidery designs.Lets checkout this Khaadi Khaas dresses.

After successful presentation of Firdous Khaddar 2013, Gul Ahmed Winter 2013 Vol-2, Nishat Winter 2013, and many other today Alkaram has come up with his Aks Winter Hues Collection Vol-2. Alkaram has launched his collection today and the designer added all the spices of modern designs, prints and nourishment to give tough time to other fashion brands and designers. Alkaram Winter Collection 2013-2014 Vol-2 carry stylish alkaram embroidered khaddar dresses with  luxurious shawls and plane trousers. All the dresses in Alkaram Aks winter 2013 Vol-2 are designed very delicately. The prints of Al karam aks winter khaddar 2013 are very attractive. The shirts are nourished with mesmerizing prints and phenomenal embroidery work. She-styles feels great to present one of the most demanded winter collection of the year alkaram winter collection 2013 with price with our valuable fans and visitors. We will always try our best to keep you updated with all the latest collection that come and hit the fashion market. Stay connected with us to get more update about fashion and life style. Check Alkaram Aks winter khaddar collection Vol-2 below and do not forget to join us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Fashion is never constant and it keeps on changing every season or rather every day. When we talk about women, they love to look stylish and updated with modern fashion trends. It would not be wrong if we say that fashion is the weakness of women and young girls. That is why in every new season our fashion designer and brands come up with their attractive and innovative new ideas of fashion and clothing. Today one of the leading brand of Pakistan fashion industry, Firdous Fashion has revealed its Firdous Khaddar Collection 2013-2014. Firdous Fashion winter collection carry embroidered khaddar dresses with exotic prints. Firdous has produced short embroidered khaddar shirts with trouser and shawl. Firdous fashion winter collection 2013 nourished with delicate embroidery on the neckline of the shirts, buttons and different patterns and cuts. Firdous cloth mills presented both short and long shirts fashion. The color theme of firdous embroidered khaddar 2013 is attractive and contains dark and and bright color combinations. The prints are classic with floral, check, zigzag, and square designs. Firsous fashion has given an amazing winter clothing Ideas for women. Check firdous khaddar prints

Charizma Winter-13  Vol 2
Mostly people think in winter season we need dark and deep colors but i don't agree with those people. It is my opinion in winter season  we use attractive and colorful dresses. If you want to update your wardrobe with colorful winter dresses then select Charizma Winter Collection Vol-2. Charizma already established its Winter collection 2013 and after getting the positive response of 1st edition Charizma back again and bring something new. Recently Charizma By Riaz present its Charizma Winter Collection-13 second edition. In this collection you can see embroidered and printed colorful dresses. These dresses are nourished with delicate embroidery work on the neckline, back, bottom part of shirts and on sleeves. All the dresses fulfills the modern requirement, techniques, and latest trends. The color theme of  Charizma Winter Vol-2 edition is colorful and attractive. The collection consists dark and and bright color contras dresses. Moreover the Long shirts has been paired with trouser and floral printed dupatta. Mostly fashion designer and fashion brand is trying to make their collection different from others but  the long shirts fashion still active in all Winter collection 2013-14. It is very stylish and classic winter collection.

Gul Ahmed Winter-13 Vol-2
Gul Ahmed already deliver its winter collection-13 Vol-1 and after getting a huge success it's back again with fresh and new ideas. Gul Ahmed recently introduce quite new Winter Catalog 2013-Vol2. This collection have stunning and exclusive range of Shawls. If you want to adopt a new and stylish look for fall \ winter wedding parties and events then it is an ideal and absolutely perfect winter party wear and also casual based collection. Gul-Ahmed Winter dresses-2013 Vol-2 have different fancy dress and embroidered dress variety. She-styles team taken these Gul Ahmed Winter-13 Vol-2 dresses pictures from Gul Ahmed official site. It is our responsibility that is why we mention that all these Gul Ahmed dresses are available only on official store. In this winter collection vol-2 you can discover the large numbers of product. Here are we share all the fabrics name for your information.  You can see Black & White dresses, Cashmere Digital, Chantilly De Chiffon, Embroidered Khaddar, Fancy Embroidered Khaddar, Fancy Khaddar, Pali Collection, Pali Embroidered, Pali Single, Pashmina Shawls, Single Twill Viscose, and Viscose collection. These dresses are accessible in two piece, three piece and four piece. The collection carry lots of unimaginable modern designs long shirts, casual, Salwar Kameez, Angrakha designs, double shirts, open shirts, dyed salwar or trousers, dupatta and shawls.

Changing in season always makes people to think about the changes in their clothing style and wardrobe. Mostly during the summer and winter season they need a must have change in their outfits and fashion. because we can not use the same lawn and linen inventive summer dresses in winters. Today she-styles has something very colorful and trendy as the season of winter. You might be thinking now what she-styles has in their collection for us? Well the answer of your question is Shawls. Yes today we have some sensational and attractive Nishat Linen Shawls for the cooling days of winter. Make Your Winter Dresses trendy and stylish with mesmerizing NL shawls. Nishat Linen Shawls 2013-2014 consist of Jamawar shawls, silk shawls, woolen shawls and silk floral made shawls. The silk shawls are very beautiful. The pints of silk shawls is floral but the color scheme is just awesome and the perfect choice of colors has enhanced the look of shawl. Jamavar shawls are also very pretty and designed very creatively.

Lakhany Winter Shawls Collection
What sort of designs and dress are you adorning this Fall Season? It is very common question and usually women buy winter sweaters, jackets, dresses and shawls. The shawls are used for a long time. Some areas of Pakistan shawls are a cultural dress. It is a rectangular piece of cloth and covered the upper body. Kahmiri shawls and Sindhi Shawls are very famous for their designs and fabric quality. Men and women used to warp shawls around the shoulders. In modern era women like to wear shalws to keep warm and stylish. Today She-styles present a unique winter seasonal collection by LSM Fabrics. Lakhany Winter Shawl Collection 2013-14 by Zunnuj is very stunning and elegant. This collection carry stylish 3 piece with woolen shawls, silk shawls, and pashmina shawls. The dresses and shawls are nourished with embroidery and beautiful prints. This is a luxury dress collection. Long shirts fashion is still in the fashion. This collection is a perfect combination of  modern style with traditional clothing designs. This collection carry all the attractive and eye-catching colors. This shawls is best for evening parties and any event. This Winter collection is perfect for all age of women.

Ayesha Somaya Bridal Collection
Wedding Season comes again with more fashion senses. So! ladies Are you ready to wear the stunning and modernly designed Bridal dresses this season? If your answer is No then wake up and Visit your favorite and number one fashion blog  She-Styles. You can find out so many heavy embroidered bridals wedding attires. Here are we share another stylish Ayesha Somaya Bridal Dress Collection 2013 for upcoming Wedding seasons. They designed this collection in quite creative way. It is  very exclusive and mesmerizing Bridal Collection of 2013. Ayesha Somaya does not need any introduction. The brand of ayesha somaya famous for their modern techniques, luxury variety, creativity and ethnic designs. The collection consists lots of western and eastern trendy pattern fancy dresses. Ayesha Somaya show some unimaginable dresses like lehenga choli, Capes, long shirts, jackets, open kurti, double shirts, maxi and angrakha shirts. They also add some wonderful trousers, churidar pajams and gharara which gives fancier and modern look. All the dresses nourished with beautiful embroidery, kamdani and beadwork.

Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection
Hadiqa Kiani is very beautiful and popular singer, model and actress of Pakistan and now she is very famous Pakistani fashion designer. In the year 0f 2013 she started its own clothing brand with her real name. The brand name is Hadiqa Kiani Fabric World. In very short time this clothing brand gane huge fame all over the world. Hadiqa Kiani fashion brand is famous due to their color, inspiration and fusion. Today she-styles has brought Hadiqa Kiani Winter Collection-13 for men and women. In this Winter catalog all the menswear dresses are traditionally designed. You can find out many menswear Kurta shalwar designs which have fresh color and elegant look according to winter season. Hadiqa Kiani used bright multi shades for women. These winter dresses has classic and charming prints which all brilliantly stitched with modern techniques. In this collection Hadiqa Kiani also introduced Long-Shirt Fashion for girls. All the dresses fulfills the modern requirement and latest trends.

Sitara Sofia Khaddar Dresses
Sitara Textile has recently presented its Sitara Sofia Khaddar collection 2014 for winters. Sitara Textiles is not a very big name among famous and high demanded fashion brands and designers of Pakistan. But when i saw Sitara Textile Winter Collection 2013-2014, i realize that the prints and designing of sitara textile is astonishing. The designer has used good  quality cambric fabric and classic prints to gain our attention. Over all whole collection is awesome but some dresses are very attractive and designed in a such way that can snatch your heart at first glance. Lets come to the nourishment and other specifications of the dresses. All the Sitara Textile Khaddar Dresses 2014 are embellished with sensational prints with neck line designs and border effect on the lower part of these winter dresses. One thing that is common in mostly dresses is ever green black color theme, almost every dress is printed with black color classic prints. The basic color shades of Sitara Textile Winter Collection 2013-2014 are dark and attractive, like black, magenta, red, maroon, blue,brown, grey, orange and some light colors, like baby pink, yellow, lemon,white, purple and peach colors are also can be seen in the collection. Khaddar dresses are not only make us feel warm in the coll and freeze days of winters, but also gives us a graceful look. She-styles this winter collection 2014 is specially presented for those women and girls, who always gives priority to their grace and clothing style. Check Sitara Sofia Winter Collection full collection only on she-styles | fashion blog and be the first to wear stunning sofia winter khaddar dresses in your family, friends and colleagues.

Modern Anarkali Frocks
The wedding season is going to start after few days. Lots of girls and boys are getting marry soon. and many people will be invited in wedding parties. Our weddings are the box of colors and attraction. Everyone wants to look more beautiful than other.  If you are not an Asian residence you must marvel when you visit any Pakistan or Indian marriage. that how colorful the dresses of the women band bride are. This is part of our rich culture and traditions. She-Styles this collection carry Modern Anarkali Frocks with churidar pajama and dupatta. The trend of party wear dresses keeps on changing but Anarkali Frocks are evergreen party wear outfits with timeless class and charm. Now several designs are available in anarkali dresses. In this collection you can find awesome double anarkali frock, Anarkali frock with choli, koti style anarkali frock and long embroidered frocks. The stunning bollywood heroin Diya Mirza added more attraction to these Indian Frocks 2014. Her bold and exotic personality has enhanced the look of dresses. This anarkali frocks with churidar collection is perfect to wear on any wedding party or event. The right selection of accessories and make can make you look phenomenal. and now can divert his attention after the first glance on you.

Avalon Lehenga 2014
Lehenga is very wonderful Indian ethnic dress. Indian Women's love to wear Lehenga or chaniya choli. It is most demanding and tempting formal wear in India. Indian and South Asian girls are widely wore Lehenga and Saree in wedding parties. These Indian cultural dresses are popular for their embroidery, color and designs. Modernization and technology also affects this ethnic dress and now  various Lehenga choli designs are available like Fish Lehenga, Straight Lehenga and Rani Lenghas so on. Today She-styles has brought Bridal lehenga designs. The collection has been taken form Avalon clothing store.Avalon is very popular and famous online clothing store of India. It is providing Indian dresses across the world. This collection you can see beautiful and traditional embroidery work such as lace, zari, stone work, motives, thread and kundan work. This fine tuned embroidery make the lehengas stylish and fancier. Lehenga blouse and dupatta have been nourished with beautiful embroidery  fancy embroidery which gives which gives luxury dresses look. The collection has composed of bright colors and multicolor scheme. This Girl's Lehenga Choli is perfect to wear Diwali and weddings parties. These Bridal Lehenga has been draped as a saree. After  Draping the Lehenga you look awesome than others in the wedding.

Front Open Frock

Fashion is getting change constantly and everyday new and latest designs dresses are flashing in the screen of fashion. Today She-styles | Fashion Blog has brought modern designs of Panel Frocks. The old concept of frocks has been updated with attractive and exotic designs. Embroidered panel frocks are the latest designs of frocks. Now a days Panel frocks are very famous in women and girls. These panel frocks designs are exclusively presented for she-styles young fashion follower girls. who always keep an eye on hottest fashion and trends. This collection carry beautiful designer frocks embellished with delicate embroidery, lace and awesome neck designs. The color theme of all frocks is bright and attractive. The color theme of all frocks is bright and attractive. moreover the mesmerizing embroidery and color contrast has added more charm to these party wear frock suits.A wide range of designs, colors, patterns and cuts are available in fancy long frocks and shirts. Personally i loved this collection in first glance and right after that i decided to share my favorite designs with you guys. I hope you will also like my favorite collection and give us positive response. Check Full Collection of panel frocks and panel shirts, pick your design and become your own fashion designer.

Kiran Komal Winter Prints
Shabbir Textiles is one of the superior textile firm of Pakistan. It is producing fabric since the period 2000. Shabbir Textiles manufacturing different high quality fabrics for winter and summer seasons such as lawn, chiffon, cotton, khaddar, and silk. In this winter season Shabbir Textiles assembling Kiran Komal Collections. Khaddar and linen is usually used in winter. Kiran Komal also allocating both prints. Kiran Komal has arrange three piece winter dresses which all decorate classy designs and quality attires. This collection has composed of some attractive and bold colors. The winter dresses has beautiful and charming prints which all brilliantly decorate with embroidery. This Kiran Komal winter collection has been designed with embroidered dresses. Shabbir Textiles has focused on different embroidery work. Embroidery has been done on shirts, neckline and borders. Most of the dresses are nourished with laces work and needlecraft. Moreover the shirts has been paired with trouser and shalwar.

Party Wear Salwar KameezShe-styles feels proud to unveil an exotic collection of Indian Embroidered Salwar Kameez for women. Indian women loves to wear colorful dresses and they prefer bright and attractive color scheme. Our today's Indian Salwar Suits are perfect confluence of traditional clothing style with modern fashion spices. Indian TV actress Sanaya Irani also known as Khushi is flashing her innocent and bold looks in these  fancy party wear dresses.
As you can see that Long shirts fashion is also getting famous in India and now Indian designer are presenting their collections in long shirt style with some modification in designs and embellishment.  This collection contains georgette embroidered dresses with choridar pajama and printed duaptta. The shirts are nourished with delicate embroidery on neckline of the shirts and the lower part of the shirts is garnished with  heavy border effect with lace and embroidery work. These party wear dresses are presented with ith minimalism embellishment and vibrant color theme. Diversified your personality and looks by wearing Exclusive Party Wear Salwar Kameez 2013-2014.
and get ready to face the limelight of any party, event of casual get together. Check Khushi Dresses full catalog only on your favorite fashion blog.

anarkali frock designs
Fashion designing is highly esteemed and valuable art across the world. Fashion designers made the simple clothes spectacular. Women are crazy  crazy for their dressing and the like to wear stylish and attractive outfits. In this era frocks and long shirts is highly demanded outfits. Today She-Styles have brought such a beautiful and elegant Anarkali dresses which will dazzle your personality. This Anarkali Embroidered Forks has been presented by famous actress and fashion model Nargis Fakhri. She has been appeared on different designer collections. She is very beautiful and popular fashion model and young girls like her dressing. These Nargis Fakhri Frocks are beautifully designed which gives you a tremendous look in parties. This party wear collection contains various type of Indian cultural dresses. These Anarkali Frock Designs are available in vibrant and multicolor scheme. This collection include complete color range such as black, pink, yellow, white, orange, blue, red, green, sea green and half-white etc etc.

Motifs Work Sarees Designs
Modernization is effect the fashion industry. Its gives new trend and ideas to fashion field. Now fashion designers and clothing brands creates incredible changes in cultural clothing. In this era technology allows us to emerge traditional trends and creates some new cultural fashion. Saree is one of the traditional and cultural dress. Indian women worn sarees in daily life. Indian Saree and blouse has multiple styles, designs and patterns. Today She-Styles presents Motifs Work Sarees Designs 2014. In this collection you can see lots of embroidered and motifs work saree. Saree pallu and borders are adorned with shiny strip. Designers used heavy motifs work at borders to make the sarees bit fancier. The blouse pattern is influenced by western style. The designs of blouse gives more elegant look. These indian sarees are nourished with lovely fancy work such as stones, resham embroidery, sequins work, zari work, kundan work, cutdana work and  zardozi work. All the sarees has beautiful and lovely prints. The color contrast of this Indian Designer Fancy Sarees Collection 2014 is very vibrant and attractive.

Indian Tunics Indo Western Fashion 2014
What sort of dress would you wear with tights / leggings? Mostly young girls like Kurtis, Tops, Tunics with tights and lagging. Legging and tights are very soft, stretchy and comfortable dress of ladies. Pakistani and Indian girls are commonly wear tights / leggings as a Casual wear with Short Shirts, Kurti's and tunics. Tunic or Kurti look like a Kameez or frock but Length is Short. Tunics/Kurti Fashion is basically comes form India and we adopt this Indo Western Fashion. Fashion is a relationship between your personality and your mood. Stylish women's like to wear Tunics/Kurtis because they want add more charm and style in their personality. Today She-Styles has brought a stunning Indian Designer Tunics/Kurti Fashion for  working women's and young girls. The designs, cuts stitching of these Tunics/Kurti are quite modern. These Indian Designer Tunics/Kurti  are perfect to wear as a party wear, office wear and casual wear. We share this Indian Tunics Indo Western Fashion 2014 for those girls who want short frocks designs.

Party Frock Designs 2013-14
 It is an old concept that winter dresses are dull and boring. In present era our fashion designers and clothing brands introduced stylish and beautiful winter dresses. This collection is evidence of their work. Nowadays embroidered frocks and fancy frocks are in fashion and women like to wear frocks in parties. Indian frocks designs are very famous due to their designing with unique cuts and embroidery. Frocks and salwar kameez are highly demanded women dresses. Our previous posts we shared lots of casual and formal frocks collections. but each passing day the fashion getting broad. Now women does not wear similar and uninspired dress designs. In every new collection we present upcoming fashion and ethnic designs. Today She-styles team decided to share some of stunning Party Wear Frocks 2013-14. All ages of women easily wear frock in parties due to their comfort. This collection included lots of  Indian Frocks variety with different  patterns and rich colors. Each dresses have embroidery on neck, borders, sleeves and back which give an elegant look.

Pakistan Embroidered Salwar Kameez
Salwar Kameez is most demanding and traditional dress of Pakistan. It is very easy to wear outfits and can be worn anywhere. The fashion of  Salwar Kameez is never end. This is an ideal dress which can be wear in colleges, universities, offices and occasionally. If you are searching latest salwar kameez designs then don't waste your time just visit She-Styles| The Fashion Blog and you get different types of Indian and Pakistani salwar kameez collections 2013-14.
Nowadays multiple salwar kameez designs are available in wide range but long kameez \ shirt is most demanding attire in Pakistan. Today She-Styles has Stylish Pakistan Embroidered Salwar Kameez 2013-2014. This collection carry long embroidered kameez with plane choridar pajama and dupatta. The collection embellish with heavy embroidered and light embroidered Salwar Kameez Designs. These Pakistani Embroidered Salwar Kameez follow the modern trends and fashion. Embroidery and color combination is very attractive and add more charm in this collection. These Pakistani Embroidered Salwar Kameez 2013-2014 especially presented for winter occasions. This collection consists all traditional but quite innovative Pakistani salwar Kameez Designs. Check the full catalog and you can easily pick your favorite Pakistani Salwar Kameez which suits your personality. Join our Facebook page and write your precious comments..

Wedding is a day which is the most important day in every girls life. In old days brides use to wear typical red lehnga, sharara or saree. But now the old concept is totally changed because globalization is happening in every aspect of life and our fashion and clothing style is also getting change as the demands of modern era. Our fashion brands and designers are showing their creativity and giving a new concepts to the bridal dresses. She-Styles today's collection is a great example of experiment and unique ideas. After watching the whole collection you will realize that this collection is not a typical bridal lehngas or saree. Our today's  Indian Bridal Dresses 2013-2014 are the  perfect blend of traditionalism, glamor and modernity. When it comes to Indian fashion designers, they are creating bridal dresses which are not only  modern in style but  closely rooted to Indian  traditions. Check  these Stunning Indian Bridal Dresses

Salwar Kameez are always in the fashion. This is the outfit which can be wear as a casual wear and as a formal and party wear too. In present era a wide range of attire is available not only in salwar kameez but in other dresses too. Today She-Styles has Modern Salwar Kameez Designs embellished with embroidery and attractive prints. Well these dresses are available in cotton fabric, which is comfortable to wear in winters and give women a graceful look. If you are a salwar kameez lover, and  searching for  an outfit that is either loose fitting and comfortable or is more form-fitting but still very comfortable to wear then you are on right  blog and on a right post. Check This Awesome Cotton Salwar Kameez collection suitable to wear in any season specially in winters. The colors are solid with Phenomenal but simple prints,  nourished with embroidery on neck line and on the border of the shirts. The dresses are paired with straight trousers designed with lace work on the border of

 Bollywood Fashion and glamor are the words about which when a common women thinks, she see the mesmerizing world of fashion and style. Indian fashion industry is on nascent stage as compared to the global fashion industry. But the development and success of Indian fashion is not only because of Indian fashion designers. We can not ignore one biggest name which is the base of Indian fashion and style. I am talking about the Bollywood. Bollywood is not only a successful film industry of India but also it is contributed majorly in bringing the Indian fashion on a well recognized stage of international fashion. The glamor and attraction of Bollywood and hard work and innovations of Indian designers added more charm and class to the Indian fashion. Bollywood heroin are the third thing because of those Indian fashion is blooming on its peak. Today She-Styles has brought Karishma Frocks 2013-2014. This collection carry Embroidered Long Frocks with churidar pajama and dupatta. All the dresses in today's collection are designed according to the demand of Bollywood and Karishma Kapoor is showing her model lok and style. Attractive black, fiery reds,stunning yellow, citrus oranges, girly color pink, snazzy blues and exotic greens and many other eye catching colors can be seen in

The Bollywood Fashion is getting  popular broadly. It is completely up-to-date Indian fashion trends.
Indian fashion designers design their collections for Bollywood actresses that's why they get huge success, almost 90% Bollywood heroine are connected with Indian fashion industry. The dressing of Bollywood heroine is very popular across the world. The trend of Bollywood fashion is never end. Today She-Styles has brought another brilliant  Indian Designer Dresses Collection With Soha Ali Khan. This collection include assorted types of Embroidered Frocks. The collection comprise with long embroidered f rocks, short embroidered frocks, churidar pajama and dupatta. These frocks are properly designed according to the latest Bollywood Fashion. Soha Ali Khan is a features model of Indian Designer Dresses Collection 2013-14. Soha Ali Khan is very popular Bollywood actress. She was born in Muslim family and Saif Ali Khan is her older brother.  Soha ali khan is very famous model and host.The fans of  Soha Ali Khan likes her dressing.

  She-Styles team always bring mesmerizing and exclusive collections for their  visitors and fans. The collection which we share on She-Styles are rare to find on other fashion blogs. We give so much time to find something that can attract you towards our blog in a single glance. I am very glad to let you guys know that today also we have something very classy and stylish for our beloved members. As we know that the season has been changed, and we are getting ready to accept the cool and freeze air of winters. Some people do not like winter because in their perception, they could not wear stylish attires.If i talk about myself then i love winter season and in perception we can look more stylish in winters as compare to summer and other seasons. She-styles feeling very happy to unveils the brilliant Winter Shawls and Wraps collection for the cool and snowy days of winter. This Exclusive shawls collection 2014 carry embroidered shawls, hand crafted shawls, silk stole, woolen stole, rayon stole, silk and rayon stole, jamawar shawls, jamawar shawls with hand embroidery, embroidered jaal shawls and many other attractive shawls and wraps are the part of our this collection.

In old ages there was no concept of fashion. People worn simple and homemade stuff in winter but the every passing day the winter fashion getting comprehensive, now we choose different types of fashionable winter dresses. Fashion is reflects our personality and people especially women are very conscious for their dressing. Winter winds going on and we need warm clothes to protect our bodies from the swear cold. In winter various types of Sweaters, jackets, shawls and uppers comes in market. Today She-styles has brought Latest Winter Sweater Collection 2013-2014 for our lovely visitors. It is quite stunning and trendy Women's Winter Tops. These winter sweaters are innovative and funky. The collection include lots of stylish woolen tops, sweaters,  hoodies and tunics. These Winter Sweaters are soft, light and stretchable. The color theme of these Winter Sweaters is attractive and eye-acting. The designs, cuts and stitching of  these winter sweaters are modern. This Latest Winter Sweater Collection 2013-2014 is perfect for casual wear , office wear and evening parties. These Winter Tops will add more glamor graceful look in your personality. Check this brand new  Women's Winter Tops 2013-14 only on She-Styles.

House Of Ittehad is is well known fashion brand of Pakistan. Our fashion industry is the only field on which we can feel proud. Pakistani fashion designers are very famous across the world for their unique prints and designing techniques. Pakistan is the  only country which provide high quality fabrics. Their are many big names that are contributing to provide sensational collection for women and men both. These are not only words, our previous collection and this collection is also the proof that we have the best fashion brands and designers.  She-Styles always promote new designers who wishes to present their collection on our blog as well as we share the collection of big star of our fashion industry. This winter dresses collection is related to one of the top rated textile industry of Pakistan called House Of Ittehad. This collection carry elegantly designed Winter Khaddar Dresses 2014 for women with trousers and dupatta.

She-Styles is sharing one more winter collection to our beloved fans and visitors. Well being the admin of and blog or web site is really a tough job. We always try to publish the latest collection as soon as possible but sometimes when collection comes one after another we get blank because it is not easy to write attractive articles rapidly. Well i always to to describe collections as much as i can. Now i have one more latest collection of winter 2013-14. This collection is belongs to one of the most recognized textile company of Pakistan. I am talking about Five Star Textile Mills. Five Star Textile is a big name in the field of textile designing. Today on 5th Novemver 2013 Five star has launched its Five Star Textile Exclusive Luxurion Khaddar Collection 2013-2014. This Five Star Winter Collection 2013-14 carry stylish khaddar Long shirts, frocks, short shirts, A-line shirts and double shirts paired with trousers and shawls for women. The prints of the dresses are very attractive.

Five Star Textile Classic Linen Collection 2013-2014
Hey Ladies! Today we share another brilliant winter collection 2013-14. If you are not set winter your wardrobe yet then don't take tension. This collection gives you some new ideas for winter shopping. This winter linen collection is associated with Five Star Textile. Five Star Textile does not need any introduction. It is very famous for their high quality fabrics, design, prints etc etc. On 5th November 2013 Five Star Textile has launched its two mesmerizing winter collections 2013-14, one is Luxurion Khaddar Collection and 2nd is Classic Linen Collection. She-Styles brings both Five Star winter collection for our beloved visitors. This Five Star Textile Classic Linen Collection 2013-2014 carry stylish 3 piece  linen dresses. The collection comprise Classic Linen long shirts, open shirts design, A-line shirts, short shirts, double shirt design and frocks paired with trousers, pajama and capri  pants. The dresses are cherish with beautiful prints and charming colors. Five Star Textile has designed this Classic Linen Collection in a very skilful way. Five Star put some new innovative styles,  isolated cuts, and unique patterns in this winter collection 2013-14.The color theme of this Five Star linen collection is very appealing and eye-catching.

As the hot season of summer has pased and cool and breeze air of fall winter started touching our evening, lots of people have opened their winter wardrobe and some are still stinking to open it. As the new season of winter is going to start very soon in Pakistan too so how can our designer forget to designs their winter collections. She-Styles is sharing one after another mesmerizing winter wear collection with our visitors and fans. Today i have brought Needle Impressions Luxury Pret Collection 2013-2014. This collection of needle impressions carry stylish 3 piece dresses. The dresses are nourished with embroidery and beautiful prints. This is a luxurious collection of needle impressions and dressesv are presented very elegantly with all the accessories from purse to foot wear. Sunita Marshal can be seen as a model of the collection and her attractive looks and modeling style has added five stars to the collection. Mostly women loves to go for shopping and how they can control when our designers present this type of appealing and eye catching dresses for every season. 

Alkaram Digital Print Collection 2013-201Alkaram has recently launched its Winter Digital Print Collection 2013-2014 and Alkaram Winter Collection 2013-2014 designed by Umar Sayeed. She-Styles has published both Alkaram Winter Collection 2013 For Women. This is Alkaram Digital Print Collection 2013. It Includes embroidered 3 piece dresses nourished with attractive digital prints and appealing designs and cuts. Alkaram Studios is a very big name in the field of fashion designing. People buy their dresses just because of their tag which carry, class, quality and unique style. After successful launch of alkaram Eid Collection 2013 this is their 2nd collection, and we can see the difference in all three catalogs. The model name of Alkaram Digital Prints 2013 is Sadia Khan. She is a new actress and model of Pakistan. She got fame from her first drams serial named Khuda Aur Mohabbat. Which was telecast on Geo TV  network. Full collection will be uploaded soon. So stick around to

Umar Sayeed Winter Collection 2013-14
Umar Sayeed has presented its Winter Collection 2013-14 2 days ago under the tag of Alkaram. Umar Sayeed Winter Collection 2013-14 By Alkaram Textiles carry stylish and inspiring fusion of modern abstract prints embellished with embroidery. I always like Umar Sayeed designer dresses because he always brings some innovative color theme with perfect color combination. His prints and color are always breath taking and make you fall in love with the dresses.  Alkaram Winter Collection 2013 By Umar Sayeed is a perfect combination of glamorous prints and luxurious designs for winters. These dresses are based on long shirts, trousers/choridar pajama and shawls. Khaddar fabric is used to bring out the warm feeling in the freeze air of winters.  Grab your favorite attire from the sensational collection of umar sayeed in collaboration with alkaram studio and look stylish in winter too. She-Styles feels proud to publish this kind of collection which truly deserve praise and promotion. Check the full collection of Alkaram Winter Prints 2013-2014 Designed By Umar Sayeed only on She-Styles |  The Fashion Blog.

Muslim women prefer to wear abaya / Hijab because abaya is well complement of Islamic fashion. Abaya is an outer outfits and it is an indispensable wearing of Arabic women but now it is immensely popular in pakistani fashion. Abaya trend expand day by day. A large verity of abaya designs are available in market but the most popular abayas are Arabic Abayas and Dubai Abayas. Today She-Styles has brought Gulf Designer Abaya Collection 2014. The Gulf Abaya exclusive known due to their  designs, cuts, pattern and styles. These Gulf abaya have a distinctive touch of Arabic traditional fashion.This abaya collection carry stylish colorful abaya  nourished with  motifs, bead work and stone work. The Gulf abayas are getting fame for the variety of cuts.These Gulf Abaya 2014 have various types of cuts and designs such as butterfly cuts, open front cuts, side open cuts, balloon designs and umbrella designs. The gulf designers done an excellent work to grab your attention in a first glance.You can wear these Gulf Abaya 2014  for casual wear  and formal wear to. After wearing of this abaya you look pretty and graceful. I hope you will like our this Gulf Style Abaya. For further details regarding any fashion stay tuned only on She-Styles | The Fashion Blog.

Maria B Winter Collection 2013
 In the past few days we shared lots of winter collection 2013. Today She-styles has another very stylish and classic winter collection 2013 by Maria B. We know in winter seasons mostly designers and brands introduced linen fabric. Linen is basically woven fabric and women wear linen dresses in cold days of winter to keep their self warm and stylish. Maria.B gives you favorable chance to look great and stylish in winter. So! ladies get ready to change your wardrobe with gorgeous prints, comfortable linen fabric and stunning embroidery. Maria B has designed Linen Collection 2013 very perfectly and she add all the luxurious elements that can make her collection wonderful. The collection contains 3 piece linen outfits with terrific price rate. The dresses are beautifully nourished with mesmerizing prnits, attractive colors, delicate embroidery, modern stitching, cuts and design. Maria B Winter Collection comprise Long shirts with full sleeves, dupatta, trouser and pajama. In this collection Maria.b introduced upcoming fashion trends such as innovative Neck designs and different sleeves designs. It is an elegant winter collection 2013-13Check the whole collection here and and write your comments. 

Jalabiyas are probably the simplest types of  attire you'll ever find. It is an elegant and stylish dress that drapes down the body. Jalabiya or Kaftans are basically known as a Arabic dress but because of the popularity and stunning look even with the simplicity this dress is derived from Arabic women and girls to many other countries. Jalabiyas are usually made withe flowing fabric worn by women to cover their body with tight or legging. Kaftan looks  breezy and cool because of its draping effect. Kaftan or Jalabiya is not only simple but also stylish and can be wear as casual wear and as formal or party wear too. In my perception  Jellabiya dresses are perfect to wear in any party or event with your favorite accessories Like stylish clutch and long ear rings and neckless and shades can enhance your look instantly. Bracelets and funky bands and bangles can refine your look nmore and make you looks like a pretty doll with perfect fashion sense and clothing style. Check these Exclusive Jalabiya Designs 2014 only on She-Styles your favorite Fashion Blog.

Kurti Collection 2014
Kurti / Tunics are very famous outfits of young girls. Girls like to wear stylish Kurtis in collages and universities. Working women also wear Kurtis in offices. Kurtis and tunics are very comfortable and easy to carry outfits. Grils want to look pretty and stylish in daily life that is why they wear Kurtis. Kurtis and tunics are available in various fabrics and designs but usually girls wear cotton Kurtis \ Tunics. Today She-Styles has brought the Kurti Collection 2014. The collection include lots of stylish tops, short Kurtis, formal tunics and cotton tunics. As we know Kurtis / Tunics are usually paired with tights, legging and jeans. The designs of these Kurtis \ Tunics  are very latest and quite modern. The color theme of these Kurtis are very eye- catching and attractive. These Designer Tops are perfect to wear as a casual wear, party wear and office wear. The designs, cuts stitching and color are stunning and innovative. We share this Kurtis Collection 2014  for those girls who want short kutis. These Short Kurtis are funky, attractive and sleeveless which gives girls stylish and graceful look. Check these elegant Tunics Collection 2014 and stay tuned only on She-style. Write your comments if you like these Designer Tops \ Kurtis.

A dress which can makes you look stylish, fashionable and graceful, is called a perfect attire. Abaya is a dress which makes Muslim girls looks different from other girls.  In my perception abaya does not only make us feel comfortable but also it give us a classic look. In present era a large verity of abayas are available in different designs and style. Arabic Abaya and Saudi Abayas are the most favorite abayas of women. When we talk about the nourishment of these abayas then in embellishment also we can find huge designs, cuts and pattern. Now a days embroidered abayas are getting fame in Pakistani girls. Today She-Styles has brought the Classic Saudi Abaya Designs 2014. This abaya collection carry stylish Arabic designs abayas nourished with lace work, embroidery, motifs, and belt designs on west. These abayas are designs according to the latest demand of Arabic abayas. Apart from all other thing let me tell you that mostly the designer abayas are available in very high price, that is why it is not possible for every girl to buy designer abayas. But after checking these abayas you can also pick the ideas and easily ask your tailor to stitch your favorite abaya designs for you. It will not be very expensive and you can also get it in your favorite colors and patterns. The

A dress which is known for grace and elegance is always considered to be the perfect attire. Saree is undoubtedly an outfit which make girls look stunning and stylish.  Today She-Styles brings to you an exclusive and lavish range of georgette sarees 2014.  This saree collection carry plane georgette sarees along with stylish blouse and floral prints. The attraction and Versatility of Georgette Sarees is the key element that is why women and young girls loves to wear georgette sarees. Apart from all other benefits, these kind of sarees are very easy to carry for even those to do not wear sarees normally. She-Styles today's sarees are very easy to wear and impressive in looks. The color theme is very very attractive. Personally i just loved this collection at first glance, and i was eager to share these sarees with my beloved visitors and saree lovers. The prints of the saree are forever favorite with perfect combination of colors and floral prints. As the festive season is going on for our Indian visitors so i am pretty sure that our female Indian members must love this Exclusive Saree Range 2014. For me this collection is one of the best casual saree collection ever and precious and must have collection to a woman's wardrobe.

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